B&B Thursday Update 5/10/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/10/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Nick presses Stephanie for her to admit to what ever it is she knows about the Shane McGrath murder. Ridge emerges from the top of the stairs to defend his mother. Ridge firmly tells Nick that she doesn’t have anything to do with Shane. Willing to be open-minded Nick turns his accusations towards Ridge. “Well what about you?” Nick asks. Nick tries to pry the truth from Ridge but Stephanie interferes. Ridge is rattled after Nick leaves. Stephanie comforts ridge telling him Nick deserves to pay for what he has done to their family.

Eric, Felicia, Thorne, Bridgett, and Ashley prepare for a press conference at Forrester. Felicia believes the press will specifically want to speak with Ridge, yes, Eric agrees. Eric phones the house to ask Stephanie and Ridge to please join them for the press conference. Stephanie agrees but coaches Ridge on what to say before they leave. Stephanie advises Ridge to keep anything he says simple and to be sympathetic to Shane and his family wherever they may be. Stephanie warns, do not ,under any circumstances, say anything that could incriminate him. At the press conference Eric leads his family and Ashley Abbot to the podium where he makes a simple, sympathetic statement. Eric extends the families thoughts and prayers to Shane and his family but does not acknowledge Nick and his involvement in any way.

“Mr. Forrester…?” A reporter calls out. Eric turns his attention but learns the question is for Ridge. Ridge approaches the mic to take the question. “Do you think Nick killed Shane? Did he do it?” Ridge stares at the reporter in silence. After the awkward pause Stephanie comes forth and reiterates the exact sentiment that Eric had just said. Ridge remembers bits and pieces of conversations he has had with Stephanie regarding Nick and what Nick should pay for. Ridge breaks his silence, cutting Stephanie off. Ridge too, sends his sympathies to Shane’s family but, Ridge goes on to tell the press that he feels nothing for Nick. Ridge lies all his faith in the justice system. Ridge feels confidant that the police have concluded their investigation and they have arrested the correct person. All they can do now is let the justice system to take things from here. Lt. Baker is watching and listening from the back of the room.

Rick is hanging out with Phoebe at insomnia trying to keep her out of the media storm per Eric’s request. They can’t believe the head lines and the still shocking news about Shane and Nick, of all people, being arrested. Brooke is in utter disbelief as she sits with her son and his new love. Without even talking to Nick or knowing anymore than the citizens of LA Brooke is certain Nick didn’t do it. As a matter of fact, she is going to go to Nick’s house and make sure he knows that he has her full support. Rick doesn’t think it’s a good idea but Brooke goes anyway. Phoebe becomes frustrated seeing through Brooke’s guise. Rick tries to smooth over Phoebe’s hurt feelings. They plan to get away and do something fun a picnic or day at the beach; anything to keep their minds of their parents and Shane. Heading for the door they are stopped by CJ who is on stage. CJ announces that Rick and Phoebe are going to sing a song. The patrons of Insomnia roar with delight. Feeling committed they go on stage and sing “You’re the one that I want” from Grease. Singing close and touching a lot the crowd eats it up. After their song, Rick and Phoebe cuddle in a back corner complimenting each other on their performance. CJ records the act and uploads it to the internet without their knowledge. CJ is certain the video will show the world how great the Karaoke at Insomnia is and business will be boosted.

Nick returns home to Taylor from the Forrester’s house. It is good to be home and he is worried about Taylor. Brooke arrives shortly after Nick to offer her help and support. Taylor rolls her eyes when Brooke rushes through the door. Nick down plays the charges knowing that he is innocent. Brooke and Nick don’t have much time to talk before he gets a call from the PI that he hired. Brooke is confused as to why he would hire his own PI. Taylor and Brooke chat about the possibility of Nick going to prison. How will she mange Taylor wonders if she is carrying his child. Brooke doesn’t like what she is hearing but tells Taylor if she needs anything, anything at all for Taylor not to hesitate to ask. Taylor appreciates the support.

Nick returns to the ladies. Brooke asks him questions about the case. Nick doesn’t hold back anything and is clearly accusing Ridge of the murder and framing Nick. Brooke and Taylor believe Nick is taking his theory too far. Neither can believe what Nick is thinking. He can’t believe they don’t see it as plainly as he does. Nick points out that ridge had much more motive than Nick who has none.

Later, alone in his house, Nick puffs on a cigar at the top of his stairs thinking intently. Nick says to himself with absolute certainty that “Ridge, did it.” Nick vows to get to the truth and it will be Ridge rotting in prison for the rest of his life, not Nick.

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