B&B Wednesday Update 5/9/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/9/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

A new day has dawned in LA, Nick awaits word on his bail hearing and Stephanie continues to keep Ridge in check. The judge feels that Nick is a flight risk, Storm sees the logic in the judges concerns. He continues to work with the judge and DA to get bail granted. Taylor is anxious to see her husband and worms her way into the room designated for meeting with counsel where Nick is waiting. Storm is on his way out just as Taylor is on her way in, Taylor gives Storm Nick’s passport. Storms believes that relinquishing his passport is going to be a step in the right direction when trying to convince the judge Nick will not flee. Nick is so angry at the thought that he would run. Nick has integrity and would never do such a thing but more than that; Nick slams a chair proclaiming his innocence.

Nick is glad to see Taylor but would rather she be at home resting and not worrying about him. Taylor asks about bail and for further information on the evidence the police has on him. Nick doesn’t want the stress to interfere with the growing embryos and changes the subject. On a better note Taylor tells Nick all about the procedure and shows him the ultrasound photo of the embryos. Taylor explains how kind Bridgett was and gives him details about the procedure. Nick listens intently hoping she could be pregnant. They joke about how long nine months is to wait. Taylor feels confidant that at least one embryo will take because she has three implanted in her uterus.

The subject can’t help but come back to the murder of Shane and Nick being blamed. Nick warns Taylor ,he doesn’t want to upset her but he has reason to believe someone is framing him. They talk over who it could possibly be. Taylor assumes someone from Nick’s past but Nick tries to lead her towards drawing the same conclusion he and Storm have arrived at. Taylor isn’t picking up on the vibe Nick is sending. She ponders over someone from the fashion industry, but who? She wonders. Nick has no problem putting the obvious together, the Foresters. Specifically ,the dastardly duo Stephanie and Ridge. What? Taylor can’t believe what she is hearing. Taylor isn’t so quick to fall into line with Nick’s way of thinking. The Forresters framing him is the only possible solution. What Nick does know for sure is Shane’s dead body was on his boat and Ridge was on his boat as well. All of a sudden it hits Nick, if he had only looked at the fuel gage he would have known if someone took the boat out before he arrived at the docks that night. Storm arrives with good news, bail has been granted. Nick’s bail was set at a million dollars but Jackie is taking care of it. Storm returns Nick’s personal belongings that was taken during booking. Nick sends Taylor home to wait for him he has one stop to make first. Nick calls Stephanie, “Good you’re home. Stay there.”

Stephanie jokes upon hearing what Nick had to say “I hope you didn’t waste you one phone call to call me.”

Before receiving the call from Nick, a knock at the door sets Stephanie and Ridge on red alert. Their nerves are calmed when it is only Ashley. Ashley is concerned, with a newspaper in hand with a front page, above the fold, story about Shane’s death and Nick’s arrest. “Why would you be concerned for Ridge?” Stephanie asks not seeing how Ashley is making any kind of connection. Ashley lays out what few facts she knows. Lt. Baker wanted to speak to ridge about Shane. Shane was stalking Phoebe. Nick is Ridge’s brother…. Stephanie cuts her off there pointing out Nick and ridge are not close and never have been. Still, Ashley stresses this can’t be easy for Ridge.

Ashley asks Ridge to get away with her, she has nothing to do today in the lab and she is free. What about a drive up the coast ? Stephanie likes the idea and practically pushes them out the door together. Ridge seems to warm up to the idea as well. Stephanie is happy again at the thought of Ashley and Ridge making a go of a relationship. Stephanie insists they go and enjoy themselves; and by all means talk about something else other than Shane and Nick. Ridge walks Ashley out. Ridge returns just in time to learn that Nick called Stephanie and is on his way over. Ridge’s concerns returns believing Nick knows what is going on. Stephanie, again, tells ridge everything will work out just as it should. Ridge is ordered to wait upstairs out of sight.

Nick arrives banging on the door. Stephanie is cool exchanging quips with Nick. Nick is certain of Stephanie’s involvement somehow. He admits he doesn’t believe she pulled the trigger but she knows something. Ridge listens from the top of the stairs, Stephanie waves him away when Nick has his back turned. Nick turns back to Stephanie demanding to know what it is she isn’t telling.

Rick and Phoebe enjoy coffee at Insomnia discussing Nick’s arrest. Some teenagers who saw Rick and Phoebe sing a few nights ago interrupt, so that they can meet the awesome duo. CJ stops by their table to second the thoughts of the kids. CJ looks at the front page of the paper and makes small talk with Rick and Phoebe about Shane and how unstable he was. CJ remembers and shares a recent incident when Shane was harassing Phoebe in Insomnia and he almost stepped in but Ridge arrived before CJ could act. “Anyway…” CJ changes the subject. CJ has a favor to ask of his oldest and dearest friend and Phoebe. Karaoke has hit a lull he tells them, but when Rick and Phoebe sang together the other night they were a hit. CJ asks if they will become a regular act to boost business. Rick and Phoebe agree to think about it. They talk about it for a minute but don’t come to any decisions. Rick tries, again to talk Phoebe into taking an overnight trip to the honeymoon location he found. They talk about that more while holding hands and gazing, lovingly into each other’s eyes. CJ comes back by the table joking, how cute they were but what would be better is if they put all their cute and cuddly on stage. Rick is up for the gig but Phoebe doesn’t feel comfortable, they decline the offer for now.

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