B&B Tuesday Update 5/8/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/8/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Taylor frantically follows the police with her husband in it. At the police station Nick asks Taylor to go to the hospital and follow through with their plans to implant the fertilized eggs. Taylor worries but Nick assures her that this is a mistake because he didn’t kill anyone. Storm stays at the station with Nick. Taylor heads for the hospital. Bridgett is shocked to learn of Nick’s dilemma but encourages Taylor to proceed with the invitro. The doctors prep Taylor and perform the implantation while on the other side of town Nick is being booked and waits for a bail hearing. Storm believes the Forrester’s specifically Stephanie has set Nick up. The more each man ponders that idea they become more convinced that is the truth. Either way if this is a set up or bad coincidence there is a lot of physical evidence linking Nick to Shane's murder. Lt. Baker informs them that he could not locate a judge so there will not be a bail hearing until in the morning. Nick is angry that he must spend the night in jail. He calls Taylor who has just completed being implanted with the embryos. Nick doesn’t let his anger show, to keep her calm and as stress free as possible. Lt. Baker glares at Nick in his empty jail cell as he sits, paces, and thinks trying to make heads or tails out of this perdicament.

Ridge is racked with guilt and wants to turn himself in. Stephanie wants him to stay quiet and convinces him to do so, at least for now, for two reasons. One she doesn’t want to see her favorite son’s life ruined and two, the most important reason, it is time Nick pays for what he has done to the Forrester family. Stephanie, knowing the truth, explains to a frightened Ridge that Nick will probably get off because he wasn’t the one who killed Shane so no harm done. But if he gets convicted, he is getting exactly what he deserves and can rot in prison. During the conversation with Stephanie Ridge finally after years comes clean with Stephanie about who really shot grant Chambers. Ridge tells her he admitted to shooting Chambers to save a very young Rick. Stephanie is intrigued but at the moment more concerned with the matter at hand.

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