B&B Monday Update 5/7/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/7/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Rick speaks rationally with Ashley about her budding relationship with Ridge. Ashley confesses that it is Rick that she wants, but if she can’t have all of him, she will not settle for a fling or to be used for sex. She goes on to say that if she isn’t with Rick, than she wants more than a fling with Ridge. Ashley is at a point in her life where she wants to be involved and settled more. Tonight the decision must be made one way or another. Rick admits he wants both Ashley and Phoebe. Ashley interrupts to say that while he loves her, he loves Phoebe more. All that is left to say has been said, so Ashley leaves the office but is called back by Rick, who asks her not to leave the subject or conversation the way it is. They kiss.

Keep in mind, Eric learned of Shane’s death only seconds before Lt. Baker arrived, yet he is the first and most vocal about disputing that Shane’s killer is in the room. Lt. Baker relays the facts as he knows them and fills in the holes with his theories and logical assumptions. Everyone has motive, but Lt. Baker determines that only two people from the suspect pool could have actually had the physical ability to dispose of the body:  Nick and Ridge. Nick is defiant and very vocal while Ridge stares and listens instead. Stephanie tells Lt. Baker, after a long-winded trail to his point, to state his accusation. Lt. Baker turns his attention to Nick. In a foggy black and white reenactment for the viewers, Lt. Baker goes into detail about how and why Nick killed and disposed of Shane. The only thing missing was that Lt. Baker didn’t say it was Miss Scarlet in the library with the revolver…..

A detective arrives in the middle of Lt. Baker’s wrong accusation with a paper bag. Excusing himself for a moment to examine the evidence in the Forrester’s foyer, rather than at the police department, Taylor has just enough time to get a call from Bridget.  Taylor is told that the donor eggs have all fertilized and are ready for implanting as soon as possible. Preoccupied with Lt. Baker and his theories, Taylor cuts the conversation short. Upon returning to the group, Lt. Baker has a bloodstained shirt with Nick’s monogram on it. Nick and Jackie verify that the shirt is Nick’s. The blood on the shirt has tested positive for Shane McGrath’s blood. Nick is handcuffed and arrested.

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