B&B Friday Update 5/4/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/4/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Lt. baker has put a rush on all forensics and lab work involved in the Shane McGrath case. Stephanie continues to convince ridge not to be so hasty in turning himself in with this new information. Lt. Baker calls and asks both Stephanie and Ridge to meet at the Forrester house. Mother and son weigh the possibilities of letting Nick take the fall. There has never been any kind of brotherly devotion in the past why start now, Stephanie argues. Taylor tells Nick he had better lose the attitude and cool off when talking to the police. Lt. Baker calls and asks both of them to meet at the Forrester house as well. Jackie insists on tagging along as well as Storm since Lt. Baker was vague about why he wanted to meet at the Forrester’s.

Phoebe and Rick talk about Shane’s death but Rick changes the subject inviting Phoebe to a honeymoon location up the coast. Rick hints it might be the perfect opportunity for them to have sex. Phoebe gets scared and doesn’t think it is a good idea until they are more committed. Rick’s sexual frustrations are really beginning to surface. Rick promises not to hurt her and he wants to be with her in every way now that they don’t have to sneak around. Before Phoebe can put up a fight Lt. Baker calls her and asks that he speak with her at Eric’s house.

While everyone is on their way to the Forrester house to meet with Lt. Baker Ashley and Rick talk about his problems with Phoebe. Ashley sticks with her original assumption that Phoebe is much to young and immature for Rick who is more worldly and experienced. Rick believes in their love but wants the relationship to move past where it is now physically and does not understand why Phoebe is so resistant. Ashley looks at the brochure for the honeymoon location and asks if she can hold on to it. Rick asks if there is a man in her life and she confides there is but she doesn’t want to divulge the name just yet . Ashley admits she is very interested in this person and believes he is just as interested even though they have not been on a date yet but they have decided to get away from LA. Rick pries for the name of Ashley’s new man. Finally after persistent badgering Ashley tells Rick that ridge is who she is interested in. “Oh no, no, no, that is stupid! …” Rick goes on to tell her almost in hysterics what a bad idea it is for her to get involved with Ridge of all people.

Eric having no idea about what is going on listens as Bridgett fills him in on what has been going on and how Brooke is handling Nick’s relationship with Nick. Everyone requested to appear at the Forrester house begins to gather. Eric does not know about Shane’s death but is more confused as to why his death would impact the family and the Marrones. Lt. Baker arrives Nick gets an attitude right off acting as if he does not have time for this. Lt. Baker announces he knows who killed Shane and the person is in the room.

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