B&B Thursday Update 5/3/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/3/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Ridge begins to get all his personal matters in place before he turns himself in. Calling all the kids for one last good-bye but doesn’t explain why he is being so emotional. Taylor reads the headlines and panics believing Lt. Baker’s first suspect is going to be her and she is on probation so she will go back to prison. Stephanie tries to call Ridge over the phone and tries again to convince him not to turn himself in. After talking to Nick who takes the news of Shane’s death as good news and thinks his wife is overreacting. Things just don’t settle right with Taylor. Taylor goes to Stephanie and expresses her fears and asks for Stephanie to use her influence with the police to help Taylor. Stephanie already knows the truth is curious why Taylor is so upset over Shane’s death.

Taylor tells Stephanie of all the events and her and Nick’s involvement with Shane just days before his death. The wheels in Stephanie’s scheming head begin to turn putting the pieces together. Stephanie listens with a kind ear and like Nick passes Taylor’s concerns off as an over active imagination. While at Stephanie’s Lt. Baker and three uniformed officers visit Nick armed with a search warrant. Nick is smart mouthed and confidant that they will not find anything as he had nothing to do with Shane’s murder. Unaware that the police have five hairs recovered from the Shady Marlin II belonged to Shane.

Ridge sits distant and silent with RJ and begins to tell Brooke why he will be going away for a while and unable to see or be a father to RJ. Just on the brink of incriminating himself Stephanie rudely opens the front door “You’re car is blocking the driveway.” she says to Brooke. Sneering at Stephanie Brooke leaves. Stephanie quickly tells Ridge all that she learned from Taylor. It takes Ridge no time to see the potential he may not spend the rest of his life in prison and he will finally be rid of half-brother and arch enemy Nick for good.

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