B&B Wednesday Update 5/2/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/2/07


Written By Dani
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Shock and surprise ripple through ridge’s office when Lt. Baker tells Ridge and Ashley that Shane is dead. He explains that Shane’s body washed up on Venice beach. “Oh, he drowned” Ashley says believing it was just an unfortunate accident. “No, he was shot and put in a bag of some kind and thrown into the ocean never to be seen again.” Lt. Baker corrects her. Ridge stands by in silence not knowing yet if Lt. Baker knows the whole story. The detective asks Ridge when was the least time he saw Shane, vague Ridge answers “A couple of days ago I guess.” satisfied with that and with his mind on another suspect Lt. baker thanks Ridge for his time and leaves to get back to work on the investigation. Stephanie becomes concerned and curious when she sees Lt. Baker leaving Ridge’s office for a second time in just 24 hours.

Alone with Ridge Stephanie tells him the police don’t know anything and any evidence they could have gotten off the body has been compromised because it has been marinating in salt water. Ridge confesses he can’t handle keeping this secret. Stephanie begins to realize Ridge isn’t as strong as she is and he is falling apart more and more everyday. At the police station more and more details of the investigation are unfolding. Following his gut Lt. Baker calls the harbor master to see what the recent activity of the Shady Marlin II has been. He learns that the boat went out night before last with no destination for only a small amount of time. Lt. Baker secures a search warrant and gets the forensics team in place.

Ridge’s guilt becomes to much for him he has resigned himself to the fact that the police are closing in on him and his secret. At the same time Nick and Taylor are at the hospital working with doctors to try and get pregnant all the tests have been run and needed procedures have been completed. All they need now is Nick’s contribution. In a room alone he is unable to produce a sample. Taylor knocks at the door and slips in to “give him a hand” the mood heats up and everything is in place. Bridgett tells the couple that the donor eggs are ready and they should be able to implant in just a couple of days. The newly wed couple are swimming in bliss unaware that the Shady MarlinII is being turned inside out looking for anything to link Shane to the boat.

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