B&B Tuesday Update 5/1/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/1/07


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Brooke holds Nick close to her, begging with tears in her eyes for him not to go through with marrying Taylor. Nick pulls away refusing to go through this again. Brooke’s teary eyes turn out real tears. Crying she begs and pleads promising to give him the life they she once promised him. Nick refused to give in and told her once and for all, though when it comes to Brooke and a man nothing is once and for all, that he is committed to the life he is going to have with Taylor. He goes on to point out, once again, that Brooke will forever be tied to Ridge and he can’t live with that. Nick walks out on Brooke leaving her to mourn what was and cry. As soon as Nick arrives at the alter the bridal procession begins.

Brooke lurks at the back of the church until Taylor and Nick begin exchanging vows and she sees he is going to really marry Taylor. Brooke runs out of the church. The ceremony was short and uneventful with the exception of Jackie reading a passage and phoebe singing a song. Nick and Taylor are pronounced man and wife. After walking back down the aisle as husband and wife Taylor tosses the bouquet over her shoulder and it lands in Phoebe’s hands. Everyone has a good laugh. The irony of the Marone wedding was Brooke had more biological guests in attendance than Nick and Taylor had put together.

Ridge finally lightens up and relaxes when Ashley pays him a visit and they decide to finally make their date a reality. Ashley suggests Catalina but Ridge doesn’t want anything to do with boats right now and suggests flying to San Francisco. Ashley agrees without hesitation. As Ridge calls to have the jet ready and waiting on them Lt. Baker arrives with grim news. Ridge tells Lt. Baker no one has seen Shane, if that is why the detective is there. “And you won't,” Lt. Baker reports “Shane McGrath is dead.” Ridge is stunned with fear, Ashley stunned in surprise.

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