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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/30/07


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Taylor rushes around with dress and make up bag in hand to get to the chapel for her pending wedding. Before making it to the car Lt. Baker phones her to let he know the department has come through for her and they have issued a restraining order for Shane McGrath and any place Taylor or her daughter would be is covered in the order. This is more good news on an already good day. Jackie and Donna wait for the blushing bride at the chapel curious about where Nick and Taylorís secret honeymoon. Taylor confesses with glee that they are actually going to the hospital right after the ceremony to begin the in vitro treatments. Jackie is thrilled Nick will finally get to be the father he has always wanted to be. Jackie is so happy that her son has finally found happiness she goes to express her feelings with him. Phoebe and Taylor are both glowing with happiness as they finish getting ready.

Rick arrives a little late explaining Brooke is not handling today as well as she had previously put on. Without respect for Taylor Rick makes one last plea for his mother and Nick but isnít surprised when Nick tells him they will never be together again. Rick gives Nick and Jackie a moment alone when she arrives. Jackie remembers Nick as a baby and boy . The guests and family begin to gather and wait for the ceremony to begin.

Before leaving for the chapel Rick calls Bridgett over to stay with Brooke feeling she shouldnít be alone today. Rick is hesitant to be Nickís best man after seeing how upset Brooke really is. Brooke admits she thought she could take today better but she canít. Rick leaves at Brookeís insistence. Brooke and Bridgett talk about her feelings for Nick and his true feelings for her. Bridgett tries to dissuade Brooke from her line of thinking but Brooke becomes more and more upset beginning to cry and rushing out the door explaining itís not to late, Nick and Taylor arenít married yet. Bridgett is concerned her mother isnít in her right mind.

Nick is surprised and angry when Brooke arrives in the room he is getting dressed in. He demands she leaves but she doesnít even respond to that. Brooke starts in on the same verbiage she has been trying since returning from Australia. She loves him, he loves her. She made mistakes, they both made mistakes but all they have to do is see past that now. She is done with Ridge and he doesnít love Taylor. They were meant to be and could be happy again. She is committed to him now more than ever. Brooke tells him eventually he wonít be able to hide his feelings for her and will have to tell Taylor and itís better to tell her now than later. ďTell me, Tell me now you arenít going to go through with this.Ē Nick kisses her and Brooke whispers ďPlease, please donít do this.Ē

Ridge daydreams about the night Shane was accidentally shot. Felicia pulls him out of his deep thoughts and questions as to why he has been so distant lately. Before Ridge can answer Stephanie answers for him that he is just distracted because today Taylor is marrying Nick. Felicia knows Ridge is over Taylor and mourning Brooke so why would he be so upset. Realizing Stephanie has been acting odd also Felicia opens her questions to both of them. Stephanie makes excuse after excuse especially after a phone call comes in from the police. Felicia answers but Stephanie takes over getting a high and mighty attitude when after telling her the restraining order has been issued they ask if Ridge would have any idea where to find Shane. Felicia is convinced more is going on than Stephanie and Ridge are admitting to. Felicia gives up not buying the story but agrees to let the issue go. Stephanie warns Ridge he had better get his act together.

At the police station the detectives trying to locate Shane to serve him with the restraining order have no luck and can find no evidence he has been in contact with anyone for a while. Lt. Baker begins to believe foul play is afoot.

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