B&B Friday Update 4/27/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/27/07


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The front page of the Style section in the newspaper displayed a photo of Nick and Taylor announcing their wedding that will take place tomorrow. Brooke stairs at it and mopes around. Nick gives Taylor a new name plate for her office door, Dr. Taylor Marrone. Taylor tells Nick about her conversation and visit with Brooke then they talk about their wedding. Taylor has decided to ask Phoebe to be her maid of honor and asks if Nick has picked someone yet. The good news keeps coming for Taylor and Nick when Taylor gets a call from Bridgett telling her the egg donor that was their first choice is available. Bridgett explains they must act immediately so Taylor and Nick will need to come to the lab as soon as possible. Before meeting Taylor at the hospital Nick stops by his office. Rick stops by to congratulate Nick on his upcoming marriage and Nick asks him to be his best man. Rick is honored but must decline out of respect for his mother. Rick goes to check on Brooke and tells her about Nick asking him to be his best man. Brooke think Rick should reconsider. At Brooke’s insistence Rick calls Nick and tells him if the position is still open he would like to be Nick’s best man.

Ridge claims the phone is his mother’s. Stephanie enters his office surprised to see Lt. Baker. After making pleasantries with Lt. Baker and Ashley ridge hands her the phone showing her Shane’s photo saying I found you phone and it looks like you have some messages. Lt. Baker leaves the family to get back to work. Ashley makes mention that Shane sounds like a pretty bad guy and Ridge becomes visibly upset . Stephanie sends him to the cutting room to check on a problem after seeing he is coming unraveled. Stephanie and Ashley talk about Ridge’s apparent downslide mentally and emotionally. Stephanie feels Ashley is just the thing Ridge needs to get his mind off everything. Ashley doesn’t discount a future with Ridge and admits they are trying to see each other and they do get along well but there is still a lot that is off limits concerning Ridge.

Ashley returns to the lab and Stephanie waits for Ridge. Stephanie coaches Ridge on how he must start acting to save himself. She assures him that if he will listen to her no one will ever know a thing. Ridge still not believing he can get away with dumping Shane’s body expresses his concerns. Stephanie promises Shane is dead at the bottom of the Santa Monica Bay and he is going to stay at the bottom of the Santa Monica Bay....

The episode fades away to the garment bag containing Shane’s body has surfaced and one arm is exposed leaving no doubt that there is a body inside the bag.

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