B&B Thursday Update 4/26/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/26/07


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Taylor tells Phoebe of her plans to have a baby with Nick be in vitro fertilization. Taylor goes on to tell her that she is already looking at potential donors on line. Nick drops by and they cruise the donor catalog together until Nick gets a call concerning work.

Bridgett calls Rick to meet her at the hospital. Bridgett tells her brother about their mother’s latest scheme to get a man and asks him to back her in persuading Brooke not to have another child. Brooke shows up to see if her test results are in yet and breaks the news to Rick and Bridgett she has finally faced the fact that Nick is really committed to Taylor and she will never be with him again. Brooke also goes to Taylor’s office to tell her she will no longer be an issue in her relationship with Nick. Shocked Taylor listens and offers Brooke hope saying not to worry she always lands on her feet.

Rick finds Phoebe at Forrester and apologizes again telling her that she was right. He and Brooke now know Nick really is in love with Taylor not Brooke.

Ashley and Ridge kiss and begin to get heated making plans for another date later . Their office make out session is interrupted by Lt. Baker who has come to speak with Ridge about Shane McGrath. Ridge becomes worried again until he hears what the Lt. has to say. Lt. Baker tells Ridge about the conversation he had with Nick and Taylor concerning a restraining order. Lt. Baker feels a drifter like Shane may pop up from time to time but they usually move on, so he doesn’t think there is much to worry about but if Shane continues to be a problem the department will be on top of it. Lt. Baker goes on to mock Nick who said he would take care of the problem himself. Just before the officer is ready to leave a cell phone rings and it isn’t Ridge’s, Ashley’s, or the lieutenants. Ridge searches the office for the ringing phone and finds it on the floor behind a plant. Shane’s photo is on the display of the phone.

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