B&B Wednesday Update 4/25/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/25/07


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Taylor waits for Nick to join her in the living room after a sleepless night. Taylor tells Nick after thinking almost all night she has come up with a solution . Nick assures her that a solution is not necessary he loves her and is committed to her. Taylor persists knowing that a baby is what Nick wants most in the world. At first Nick believes she is suggesting adoption but Taylor corrects him and explains she was thinking more along the lines of in vitro fertilization. Against the idea Nick tells Taylor that a baby should be made out of love not procedures. Taylor feels horrible seeing a baby is more important to Nick than he is letting on. Realizing Nick has hurt Taylor’s feelings he gives in and agrees to give in vitro a try.

Bridgett has run the appropriate test though it was against her will. Brooke is insistent and impatient to get the test results back. Upset that it will be one to two days Brooke pushes for a rush, she wants the results immediately. Bridgett is annoyed with her mother and lectures her on how wrong and extreme her latest action are. The lecture goes in one ear and out the other. A fertility doctor comes to Brooke’s hospital room to clear her for discharge. Calling her Mrs. Marone, Brooke corrects her and asks that she get the results as soon as possible. The doctor notes the change in Brooke’s chart and promises to get the results as quickly as she can.

Brooke goes directly to Nick’s house to give him the news that she can give him a baby. Disgusted at what he is hearing and her audacity to come to him about such a private matter Nick tells her in no uncertain terms they are over and they will never be and they are definitely not having a baby together. Nick stands by his fiancé, reiterating his commitment to Taylor and them having a child together. Brooke is taken aback correcting Nick, “she can’t have a baby” Pointing out that the entire subject is none of Brooke’s business he tells her they are going to try in vitro.

Stephanie has the rug removed from Ridge’s office and has taken care of all the loose ends surrounding the accident that resulted in Shane’s death. Ridge is falling apart. Stephanie tries to calm him and make him start thinking straight . Ashley comes to Ridge’s office and asks to speak with him in private. Ashley explains she knows what happened when Ridge cancelled their date. Ridge becomes jittery and nervous thinking that Ashley knows what happened but Ashley continues to sympathize with him understanding that he is just not ready to get out and start dating again. Ridge tries to convince her that is not the cases but she has herself sold on Ridge simply not being ready to move on.

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