B&B Tuesday Update 4/24/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/24/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

So happy she is almost in tears, Brooke takes Nickís face in her hands and vows her love to him, telling him she always knew he felt the same about her as she had about him. Brooke and Nick kiss leaving Brooke with the wrong impression about what Nick is telling her. Nick goes on to explain he does love her and always will but he will never be with her or have her again. Nick sees what she has and will always have being intertwined with Ridge and the Forresters and he refuses to live his life always wondering and waiting for her to end up in his arms or bed. Brooke swears that will never happen again. When Nick doesnít believe her sudden commitment to him and a future for them Brooke asks Nick if she can have his baby. Nick doesnít fall for this latest ploy and tells her if she really loves him and wants him to be happy she will leave him alone. Brooke canít believe what she is hearing.

Nick gets a call from Taylor who is crying and asks him to meet her at his house she has some troubling news. Concerned Nick questions her about what has got her so upset. Taylor confesses she has just learned from Bridgett that a fertility test has come back and her chances of conceiving are next to nothing. Brooke over hears and rushes to the hospital to get the low down on Taylorís medical condition from Bridgett. Knowing enough already Brooke puts the pieces together with very little being filled in by Bridgett. Still wanting Nick for herself Bridgett becomes upset when her mother will not back off and leave Nick and Taylor alone. Brooke begs Bridgett to run the same test Taylor had so she could be sure when she goes to Nick to tell him she can still have his baby.

At Nickís house he comforts and promises Taylor he still loves her and is devoted to her even if she canít have his child. Nick tries to lift her spirits by bringing up past cases of couples who were told they couldnít conceive and later they would get pregnant and it was a blessed surprised.

Stephanie and Ridge stay hold up in Ridgeís office cleaning the rug and coming up with a game plan. Ashley knocks at the door to check on Ridge after seeing the light is still on. Stephanie assures her everything is okay and any problem that had come up is taken care of. Stephanie gets rid of Ashley as soon as possible. Ridge doesnít believe they can cover up what happened but Stephanie takes complete charge of the situation promising to be with him through anything that comes up and she will take care of everything.

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