B&B Monday Update 4/23/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/23/07


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Stephanie waits in wonder for Ridge to return to the docks. Ridge fumbles around in the dark to put everything back in place the best that he can. Thinking that he has gone undetected ridge slides behind the wheel of his car and returns to Forrester locking himself in his office. Stephanie notices right away Ridge does not have the large bag with him when he returns. Following ridge back to Forrester Stephanie pounds on the door demanding Ridge to let her in. Ridge panics thinking he was alone in the building and covers a stain of blood on the rug with a stool.

He answers the door pretending he had been asleep. Stephanie wastes no time telling what she knows of the events of the evening and expects Ridge to fill in the blanks. Ridge tells her everything without question or hesitation. Stephanie’s first question was why Ridge didn’t call the police if it was an accident. After explaining he feared his past coming back to haunt him . Stephanie understands completely but Ridge is having second thoughts about not calling the police and picks up the phone receiver. Stephanie won’t let him do it pointing out it was an accident is one thing but when the body ends up dumped into the Santa Monica Bay that looks like murder. Stephanie and Ridge begin to put their plan together to cover their story. They determine no one should be looking for Shane for a while at least and they need to locate his car that he has been living out of. Ridge reveals the blood stain on the rug and Stephanie is set to help him get rid of it.

Nick takes the Shady marlin out for a cruise to clear his head and have some down time. He calls in to the harbor master about his trip. Once out to sea, Nick discovers there isn’t a chain for his anchor and decides to head back in to the docks. Before docking Nick remembers the times he and Brooke shared on the old shady Marlin.

Brooke is visited by Bridgett and without regard for Bridgett’s feelings about the matter Brooke banters about her need and love for Nick and how she must get him back before Taylor gets pregnant. She goes on to admit she regrets not having a baby with Nick when he had asked her to. Bridgett tries to comfort her mother but does advice her to face the fact that Nick is gone and they are never going to be together.

After Bridgett leaves for the evening Nick shows up at Brooke’s. he admits he still loves her and he can’t stop loving her.

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