B&B Friday Update 4/20/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/20/07


Written By Dani
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Pictures by nz85

While struggling for the gun Shane holds to his head, a shot is fired that rings out throughout the building at Forrester Originals. Shane and Ridge fall to their knees staring hard into each other’s face. Stephanie and Ashley hear the shot but Stephanie passes the noise off as the freight elevator acting up. Upstairs in Ridge’s office Shane rises to his feet leaving Ridge on his knees in shock. Shane takes a step or two back and collapses dieing. Ridge’s first reaction is to call the police but has a flashback to his trial for shooting Grant Chambers. Ridge decides to handle the matter himself. Ridge reaches for a garment bag and places the body inside and drags the bag down the halls of Forrester and to his car in the parking garage. Stephanie is getting into her car to leave for the evening and sees Ridge struggling with the bag and placing it in his trunk. Curious she follows him, undetected.

Ridge drives recklessly trying to figure out where to take the body to dispose of it. Ridge remembers a conversation he had recently with Phoebe talking about the Santa Monica Bay. Ridge drives to the docks still unaware his mother is right on his tail. Ridge drags Shane’s body to the Shady Marlin, cranks it up after finding the keys and heads out to see. Ridge takes one last look at the body to ensure Shane was dead but catches a patch of hair in the zipper before tossing the body and the gun overboard.

While tragedy is befalling Shane Taylor and Nick discuss the obvious growing problem of Shane stalking Phoebe. Nick is confidant that his man handling of Shane at his office took care of the problem . They are approached by Lt. Baker who is just stopping by to say “Hi” and is brought into the conversation about Shane reappearing in Phoebe’s life. Lt. Baker feels he is probably a problem but there is a process they must go through . Nick gets an aggressive almost threatening attitude with Lt. Baker telling him not to worry about it he will take care of Shane himself. Nick tells Taylor he will see her later but he needs to go check on the Marlin and clear his head.

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