B&B Thursday Update 4/19/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/19/07


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Taylor is not surprised to be visited by Rick, who once again argues Brooke’s bid for Nick. Rick has the audacity to ask Taylor to break off her relationship with Nick to protect Brooke from Ridge who he sees as a danger. Brooke also has come to visit the doctor and listens outside the door to Rick and Taylor. Brooke interrupts and sends Rick home. Taylor not pleased or surprised to Brooke braces herself for the self righteous argument that is imminent. Brooke however is not in Taylor’s office to fight for Nick but rather to ask Taylor’s professional opinion about sharing a dark secret with Rick. Brooke wants to tell Rick about ridge pleading guilty to a crime that Rick committed when he was a small boy. Brooke thinks that telling Rick of Ridge’s sacrifice all those years ago will lighten his hatred of Ridge and see something good in him. Taylor doesn’t believe bringing up such a tragic memory will not be helpful or healthy and personally she cannot understand why Brooke is so concerned about Rick and Ridge mending fences if Brooke never intends on being with Ridge again.

Stephanie drops by the lab to express her delight in Ashley going to dinner with Ridge and invites her to dinner with herself and Eric in the near future. Ashley and Stephanie chat about Ridge and the launch of the new boutiques while Ridge is held at gunpoint by Shane. Shane screams hysterically at Ridge about the injustices he has had to endure and the luxuries that Ridge has had his entire life. Facing facts Shane turns the gun on himself because he has no one who would ever notice he was gone. Ridge tries to stop him and they struggle with the gun. In the fight the gun is lowered between their bodies and goes off. Both stare into each others eyes and falls to the floor. Stephanie and Ashley hear the shot in the lab.

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