B&B Tuesday Update 4/17/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/17/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by nz85

Working in the lab, Ashley takes a call from Ridge who half way apologizes for the earlier kiss and asks for a chance to make up for it. She tells him there is no need to make up for anything, but he thinks there is since he kind of kissed her. She agrees that she kind of kissed him back, and they are both adults so no harm, no foul. He invites her out for dinner if he’s on his WORST behavior, and she does finally agree to that if he can pick her up at the lab so she can finish up some things first.

Brooke walks in and overhears and mentions her having plans for the evening. A tense moment when finally Ashley tells her it’s with her ex-husband. Touché when Brooke says she has several of those so that doesn’t narrow it down much. Ashley proclaims that she too has several ex’s too, but her dinner is with Ridge.

On The Marlin, Phoebe tells her dad that she can’t believe that Shane followed her to Insomnia. He is sure he would have followed her there to the boat as well if he hadn’t stopped him. He’s desperate, living out of his car, he’s close to hitting rock bottom. Another reason he didn’t want her spending the night on ‘the tub’ last night. And if he shows again, he’ll get a restraining order on him. Phoebe thinks he’s already read him the riot act, he wouldn’t dare do anything else or he knows the police would be involved. On the phone, Shane pleads with his boss to give him another chance to get that one big account TODAY. He promises him that he will not let him down. He kisses a photo of Phoebe and says this is “for us, sweetheart.”

Jackie, Storm and Donna are discussing the worldwide boutiques and the fabulous profits and they can start paying down the debt they owe to acquire them. Without having an appointment or even bothering to knock, Shane bursts in wanting to sell them on his recycling management products. Storm politely asks him to leave as they are in the middle of something important. He also reminds him who he is – Taylor Hayes’ attorney so he knows all about Shane McGrath, best to just leave. Besides they already have a contract for recycling. Shane still doesn’t take no for an answer and continues on. He loses his cool and says ‘damnit’ they need to make time for him, he doesn’t have leprosy. Nick walks in and says he doesn’t know what he DOES have, but what he doesn’t is an invitation into his office.

Brooke seems a bit jealous and surprised that Ridge and Ashley are dating. She assures her it is not a date, more like two old friends sharing dinner. He’s sort of taking pity on her since she doesn’t know many there in L.A. She tells Brooke she needs to get back to work to finish the fragrance. Brooke remarks that she doesn’t want to leave her with the wrong impression (or perhaps the right one). She is really happy that Ridge has her to turn to……as a ‘friend’. It’s just that he could be very vulnerable right now, and it wouldn’t do if there was any attraction. She asks outright if Ashley has an attraction to him?

Ridge wants to get Phoebe off Popeye’s boat, it’s giving him the willies. Phoebe shares that she loves it, it’s so beautiful, just the Santa Monica Bay for company. You couldn’t go swimming there as it’s just a black hole graveyard for old cars and stuff. Ridge knocks over a tin can and Phoebe comments she thinks it holds the key to The Marlin – Nick’s high tech security system, a coffee can. (somehow you get the idea this little clue might play an importance in future scenes).

Shane stands up to Nick and tells him this is not about Phoebe. He just wants his business. Nick remarks that not only is he into recycling, but into trespassing. The chump had stopped by Taylor’s house last night and harassed Phoebe. Shane differs, he only wanted to talk to her. And he wasn’t bothering anybody, he loves her. Nick tells him he thought he made it plain to him, stay away from Phoebe, stay away from the house ……he slams the briefcase up under his chin……or he answers to him. Shane squares up and looks him in the eye, toe to toe, and asks who in the hell does he think he is, some big shot? “Well, let me tell you something, Big Shot, you can go straight to hell.” He swings around to all of them and tells them they can all go straight to hell. Nick gruffly grabs him by the collar and delivers his message to his nose, “stay away from Taylor and her daughter, or I will have you put in cement shoes and have you dropped in Santa Monica Bay.” Shane retorts if he doesn’t get him first. In front of witnesses, Nick grabs his sorry carcass and hauls him out to the lobby and shoves him into the elevator and slams him up against the wall, bloodying his nose. Shane charges him and Nick hits him in the choppers, telling him he never wants to see him in this office building again.

Ashley tells Brooke that she’s not being coy, she and Ridge really are just friends. Brooke says for now, but she is sure Ridge will want more. And not that it is any of her business, but it is difficult since she’s been consumed by this man most of her life. And then it is over, not that it will ever really be over as they share a child. They’ve loved each other fiercely and she wants what is best for him. They’ve hurt each other as well and she just wants him to find lasting happiness when he has time to heal. Ashley asks if she thinks he is on the rebound? Brooke answers that she is glad he has found Ashley as a friend. But, don’t rush into things, for both of their sakes.

Nick returns all shaken and Jackie asks if he is okay? He replies that he warned Shane to stay away from Phoebe and now he’s stupid enough to show up here at the office. He was stuck at sea with a guy like that. And he disappears and no one is the wiser. He means it, he’s been warned!

Ridge makes mention that the place is deserted. He’d better go pick up Ashley at the lab. Phoebe points out that she is very dedicated…..and beautiful in case he hasn’t noticed. Her phone rings and she’s hoping it’s Rick, but discovers it is Shane. Ridge tells her to put him on the speaker. Shane is relieved that she answered and tells her to be quiet and just listen. She is the only one that can help him now. He panics as he rattles on that he’s going to lose his job, he HAS to get an account or they will fire him. She has to come through for them. “Just come through for us one more time.” She tries to talk and he keeps saying that her dad is filling her head with all these things that are untrue. He’s trying to make it seem like he’s a wacko. But, he’s not. If she will just listen to him, this is for their future. Ridge has heard enough, he comes on the line and tells Shane that he told him to stay the hell away from his daughter. But, he doesn’t seem to understand that. Shane pounds his fists into the headliner of the car, talking to himself that how can they do this to him. He’s trying to turn his life around. He beats on the car again and almost crying determines that he has to do something, he’s gotta do something right now.

Brooke drops by on Nick and asks if it has been a bad day? He’s had better. She laments that she is sorry for the disappointment he must be feeling. She knows Taylor is not pregnant and she is sorry for him. But, she is not sorry for them. There’s a family she knows he really wants…..right here.

Shane suddenly appears before Phoebe, really wanting to talk to her old man, to explain to him. She asks if this is about what happened at Insomnia? On edge, he tells her that this has nothing to do with Insomnia. It has to do with them, the two of them. Everything he does is for her, ‘sweetheart’. He points out that he has changed. He is a completely new person. And it’s all because of her. But if he doesn’t get her family’s account……he’s done. He’s beligerent and out of control as he shakes his fist and tells her not to say that. Then he says he’s sorry, he didn’t mean to scare her. She tells him to go, and not come back or she will have to call security. He does leave but vows that he will always love her. She calls security and tells them that Shane McGrath is leaving the building and he’s never to return.

Nick feebly tells Brooke that he wants her to go. Just because Taylor didn’t have this child doesn’t mean they are going to stop trying. In fact they have set a wedding date, so his commitment is stronger than ever. That should be clear to her or anyone else. She’s amazed that he loves Taylor that much! She knows that is what he keeps telling himself and her too, but if he’d only give them a second chance. They have some wonderful, magical memories and she knows he hasn’t forgotten them. She knows he has them right there in his heart…..and that he still loves her. He concedes that no matter what they could have, what his feelings are for her, he is marrying Taylor. He’s going to try to have a child. “So for your sake, I’d let this go. I’d let us go.” He walks away. A tear rolls down her face. She finally seems to get it.

Shane comes back, thinking he is still talking to Phoebe when Ridge walks in. He demands to know what McGrath is doing there? Shane points a finger at him and tells him it is all his fault. He’s the one who keeps turning Phoebe against him, making him out to be some freak. Ridge tells him he can make this real simple for him. Just get in his car and keep driving. Don’t stop until he comes to another state, understand?

Shane blathers that all he ever wanted was to be his family’s friend. He could have blackmailed them. He could have brought down the almighty Forrester’s. But, he didn’t because of his daughter. She’s the one. But Ridge doesn’t think he’s good enough for her. All he sees is this guy in some cheap suit, this loser, nothing but bad news. When Ridge turns around to call Security, Shane pulls a gun and aims it at his face. How does that look on that end? He’ll show him just how bad he can be!

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