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Is it blue? Nick and Taylor stare at the little pregnancy test stick and she asks if she is pregnant?

Phoebe is sitting at the bar at Insomnia when she realizes that Shane is following her. She gets up and goes to a table, but he politely follows there too. She’s disinterested but listens to him ramble on and on about how he’s been thinking a lot about her. How she used to believe in him, and what a mess his life is now. It would be great if someone was in his corner again. He thinks he could turn things around like he has before. But he pleads he can’t do it alone, he needs her help.

Brooke goads Stephanie to call Taylor and find out if she is pregnant. Stephanie vows that she won’t do that, won’t interrupt their evening. If Brooke wants to know so badly, then call them herself. She offers that she will, better yet she will go over. Stephanie tells her, “don’t you dare do that!” Brooke asks her to give her a good reason not to.

Nick and Taylor dicker over that it should be blue, but what color blue – baby blue or sky blue? But, it’s not blue at all, just a little darker than it was. She’s very disappointed, she is not pregnant; it didn’t work. He wants to wait one more minute, give it a chance. Ok, it didn’t work this time. Taylor doesn’t know why she is crying, or why she invested so much time in thinking she could get pregnant this time. He tells her he’s disappointed too, but it’s not like it’s the end of the world. They can keep on trying, that’s not a bad thing, is it? “You better give me an answer to that, or you’re gonna be hurting my feelings here.” She says she is sorry but she is sad. She doesn’t know why, it’s just the first test. But, she was just thinking of a baby again, something so precious and beautiful…..first words, first steps….and that would mean so much to her to give him his first child. He cajoles her that it will happen, just not this time. And all this stuff that she is feeling – the disappointment, the joy, the excitement like a roller coaster ride…..that’s them having their baby and they will share that experience and he wants to share that with her.

Phoebe laments to Shane that she is sorry things are so hard for him right now but she doesn’t think there is anything she can do. He encourages her just to be there for him like she used to be. She says she can’t, not like that, but she does believe in him. He pressures her to try to get her family to set up an account at the Recycling Center, all he needs is one big account. She seems temporarily relieved that is all he wants, her to help him with his job. He knows her family is still mad at him that he screwed up at her mother’s trial. He feels like an idiot. He had one chance and he blew it. He reminds her how they used to hang out at the house and her pool, the fun they had and he wants to feel that way again. He’s really making the moves when Ridge walks up and asks what is going on? Phoebe assures him nothing and Shane says he was just having a conversation with Phoebe which he didn’t get to finish at her house. Ridge is not happy to hear that, that he was at Taylor’s house. And that he followed her. Is he stalking her?

Stephanie takes the bait and quibbles to Brooke that she has to give her a reason to call Taylor, some incentive or guarantee. Brooke thinks that is very funny. How will Stephanie believe a word she says? Stephanie agrees, she probably won’t. But, she will take the chance if Brooke promises to stay away from Nick. If she will, she will call Taylor. Hesitating, Brooke finally says ok, but only if Taylor is pregnant. Stephanie calls and she can tell by Taylor’s disappointed and irritated voice that she isn’t happy so not pregnant. And especially when Nick grabs the phone and tells her that it is not a good time and Taylor doesn’t wish to talk to her. Taylor tells him that he said some very wonderful, reassuring things a few minutes ago and she knows he would honor his commitment…..even if she is not pregnant and even if in his heart of hearts he still had feelings for Brooke. She’s giving him an out…..if there is the slightest feeling that he wants the chance to be with Brooke and spend the rest of his life with her and Hope and R.J……now is he time to say so.

Shane grumbles about Nick, not knowing him at all but he threw him out of the house. He tells Ridge he didn’t mean to cause a scene, but it really got to him driving over here that he’d been treated like a nobody, and he’s not a nobody. He is somebody, he matters. He used to matter to his daughter. Then he proceeds to ask about Rick. Is he gonna be there for her? Does he understand her the way that Shane does? No, he doesn’t think so. He was the one who was there at the worst moment of her life. Ridge points out that he might not want to hear this, but Phoebe has worked hard to put all of that behind her. They both tell Shane that he needs to go. He pleads that he just wanted one more chance with her. They insist so he marches off, knocking off a waitress’s tray she is carrying and not bothering to stay and straighten things out. Ridge comforts Phoebe.

Brooke can barely contain her glee – she knows Taylor is not pregnant. Stephanie says she did not say one way or the other. Brooke says yeah but Stephanie knows and now she knows. What a relief! And she is not ashamed to say this. If Taylor had of been pregnant, Nick would have felt obligated to stay with her. But, now that she’s not, he’s not and he’s free! He’s free to have a life he has always wanted with her and Hope and R.J.

Nick is surprised, that is what Taylor thinks he wants, an out? She says she can’t know what’s in his heart but he does have options now. He says he can’t believe they are having this conversation. She tells him this is not her insecurity; it’s about being realistic. When they first started talking about having a baby, Brooke and Ridge were going to get married. Now that isn’t happening and Brooke has even come to him and told him she wants him back. Nick wonders then if this is about what Brooke wants? Well, it is not what he wants because what he wants is to be right there with her. She reminds him that his marriage to Brooke wouldn’t be over if it hadn’t been for Ridge, and now he is out of her life. He points out that Brooke is out of his life too, she made her choice.

Ridge wants to make sure Phoebe is okay before he leaves. He thinks Shane is completely gone. He’s a little concerned when he finds out that Phoebe is going to go spend the night at The Marlin alone, to give Taylor and Nick some space. She knows he hates Nick but he makes her mom really happy…..just like he will be again.

Seeing the gleam in her eye, Stephanie shakes her finger at Brooke and warns her whatever she is thinking and planning, don’t do it, please, Nick and Taylor are happy. Brooke exclaims oh really, she just told her Taylor was upset on the phone. Stephanie quips perhaps the shrimp was bad, that’s all. Then the bad shrimp will give Nick time to think, says Brooke. Stephanie states that if he is thinking at all, he won’t let her anywhere near him. Brooke gloats, “oh, but I am near him, Stephanie……all the time…..right here in his heart.” Stephanie snorts what an ego!

Nick asks Taylor if she really is giving him a choice? Ok, she’s let down for a moment when he says maybe it’s a good thing she is not pregnant. Maybe they need to think about this whole thing. They did kind of rush into this baby thing. Now that the pressure is off, they can stand back and really look at it. She asks what is he doing when he drags out an electronic calendar. He tells her she gave him a choice so now he’s taking it. He points to a date and says it is their wedding day. Does that work for her? She’s so relieved. She says yes. It won’t give her much time or a lot of time to plan and he knows she wants her entire family there. She beams that is fine, its wonderful, she loves him so much! They embrace and he tells her that he loves her too. So would she please stop giving him these outs and no more Brooke, baby or no baby. He’s in this for good.

Outside in his car, Shane looks for a pen to write Phoebe a note to leave. He starts pulling all sorts of things from his glove compartment…..even a gun which he lays on the seat beside him. He starts to write, then spies Phoebe and hollers after her until Ridge stands in his way and blocks him getting out of his car. He insists that Ridge move and let him out. Ridge tells him to just calm down and listen to him. He lectures that he sees that he has problems, he’s down on his luck, living out of his car. He knows he has problems at work, if he even has a job. He doesn’t want to be a jerk about this, but his daughter can’t do anything for him. Shane smirks because Ridge won’t let her. Ridge says because she has no interest in him. Shane points out that she did. She was the one who took him in and helped him.

Ridge tells him that Phoebe is off-limits. Hear that, off-limits and he wants Shane to stay away from her. And if he doesn’t, then the troubles he has here will seem like nothing compared to the hell he could bring down on him. Shane asks if he is threatening him? His hand inches toward the gun. Ridge gets firmer that this is a warning and it’s the only one he’s going to get. He wants him out of his daughter’s life…..permanently. And make no mistake, hear him clearly when he says he will do WHATEVER it takes to get rid of him.

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