B&B Friday Update 4/13/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/13/07


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Taylor is nervous about taking the pregnancy tests and asks Nick if they can please wait until after dinner. Nick knows the cause for Taylorís nervousness, she fears if she isnít pregnant she will lose Nick to Brooke who has made it clear she will continue to go after Nick. Nick agrees wanting to comfort and bring her to ease. Just as the tension letís up over the pressures Brooke has put on the couple Phoebe storms in obviously upset. Taylor and Nick quickly try to get to the bottom of Phoebeís problem. Phoebe is hesitant at first but tells Taylor her argument with Rick was over Brooke making her move for Nick. Phoebe feels bad for ruining Taylor and Nickís evening and just wants to be alone still upset over her argument with Rick. Nick offers his boat as a place to be alone and relax. Phoebe takes him up on the offer. Phoebe opens the front door to revel a dirty Shane standing on the other side.

Surprised Phoebe listens as Shane apologizes for walking out on her at Cafť Russe . Shane tells her how he really wanted things to turn out differently but they didnít and it is her fault. She didnít take him seriously and after thinking about it he deserves to be taken serious. Shane pushes his way in but before he can say much more Taylor and Nick enter and Nick throws him out. Before being tossed out the door Shane asks Phoebe if she is dating Rick, showing her a magazine with a photo of the two in Australia. When she doesnít answer he asks for her help but is not given the opportunity to say what it is he needs from her.

When the coast seems to be clear Phoebe leaves to go stay on the Marlin. Taylor worries about her daughter but Nick is convinced Shane is long gone. Taylor is ready to take the pregnancy test now that all seems to be normal again. The couple waits nervously. When it is time to see the results Taylor closes her eyes, Nick picks up the stick staring at it. There is no hint as to the outcome to the viewer.

Rick is hanging out with Ashley in her hotel suite. Before long they open a bottle of wine and begin to reminisce about there good times together in Paris after having a small argument of their own about Ridge. It looks like the one time lovers are getting close again but Phoebe calls Rick interrupting the magic that was sparking. Phoebe apologizes and wants to talk to Rick about their argument rather than yell. She tells him she is spending the night on the Marlin and asks him to come to her. Rick declines the invitation but forgives phoebe and promises to call first thing in the morning. Shane peers through the window watching phoebe call Rick.

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