B&B Thursday Update 4/12/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/12/07


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Phoebe and Rick are getting dressed to go out on their first official date. Both are excited until the conversation turns to Brooke and her decision to leave Forrester Originals and the possibility she will return to Forrester Creations to be near Nick. The young lovers disagree about who Brooke belongs with and how Brooke should go about what it is she really wants. The argument escalates to a yelling match and Phoebe runs out of the room showing her true age and maturity. Rick wait’s a lone in his office thinking.

Ridge comes on to Ashley in the lad who is very receptive but he takes back his insinuation that they have a wild night together. He apologizes at first thinking he offended Ashley but she says no problem and pushes for not a torrid one night stand on the floor of the lab but she would enjoy a night out on the town. Ridge tells her he would love to take her out and knows a lot of great places but he has already taken Brooke to each one and he just can’t handle that yet. Ridge leaves to sulk.

Ashley tracks Rick down in his office and immediately notices he is upset. Rick opens up about the argument and how childish it was that Phoebe ran out of the room rather than talk the problem out. Ashley offers advice but Rick doesn’t want to talk about Phoebe anymore and turns the conversation to business. The report Rick needs for a meeting first thing in the morning is back at Ashley’s hotel. Ashley offers to fax it to him or he can give her a ride and pick it up himself.

Nick tells Brooke she is making a mistake but Brooke still doesn’t see it that way. Brooke tries everything and every memory she can trigger to convince Nick he still loves her and still wants to be with her. Nick prepared to leave to go home and join Taylor for dinner tells her, it’s not love it’s that she can’t take no for an answer. Headed out the door Nick is stopped by an excited Hope. Nick takes time to sit down with the tyke and plays card tricks with her. When Donna takes Hope to get a glass of milk Brooke plays the “Hope card” (no pun intended) . Nick is disgusted at how low Brooke will stoop to get what she wants, after Brooke asks him if he could ever love a child more than Hope. Nick begins to leave once again anxious to learn if Taylor is Pregnant. Brooke tells him as he is walking for the door Hope loves you and she knows you love. Nick turns angry this time “Stop, stop trying to manipulate me. What do you want to do?” Nick clears the conference table with fury “Come on” he grabs Brooke by the arm “let’s have sex right here, that will fix everything right” Brooke acts like she is surprised by Nick’s outburst. Nick calms enough to tell her firmly “You broke my heart. I won’t let you do that again” Nick goes home to be with Taylor.

Stephanie drops in on Taylor who is preparing a romantic dinner and setting for her and Nick. At first the two rehash old business but put their anger aside. Taylor opens up she has thought about her and Nick and having a baby long and hard and realizes this is her second chance for a fresh start because she missed out on so much of her own children’s child hood and had so much taken from her by Ridge and Brooke. Stephanie understands and agrees she will stand by her friend. The first move Stephanie makes to keep her promise is to go to Brookes house and tell her she WILL stay out of Nick and Taylor’s life.

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