B&B Wednesday Update 4/11/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/11/07


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Brooke has called a meeting with everyone at Forrester Originals to formally announce her resignation. Before the meeting Bridgett tries to talk her mother out of walking away from a career she has put before anything her entire adult life. Brooke tells her daughter that this is not what she wants anymore, the only thing she wants is Nick and she must leave Forrester to prove to Nick she committed to leaving Ridge in the past once and for all. During the meeting Brooke goes around the room and gives a personal good bye to each member of the Forrester family and Ashley Abbott, everyone except Stephanie and Ridge. Stephanie pushes for the meeting to come to an end and for everyone to accept her decision.

After the meeting Ashley and Rick talk about the kiss they shared the night before. Rick insists he is in love with Phoebe and what they shared in Paris is over. Ashley believes Rick is trying to recapture something he feels he lost when he was with Amber. Rick listens uneasy but says nothing and simply walks out of the lab. Ridge goes to Brooke’s office with one last plea for their relationship. Ridge warns Brooke he waited for her when she married Nick but he will not wait any longer, if she walks out the door he is moving on. Moving on is certainly what Ridge does, Brooke isn’t out of the building yet and he drops in on Ashley in the lab who has just been turned down by Rick. Ridge thanks her for the talk and uses something she said to him about beginnings coming from endings to move in and hint that there could be a new beginning for them. They kiss.

Brooke and Stephanie have one last confrontation saying the same things they always say to each other. Brooke runs straight to Nick’s office. Brooke sells him the same line that she did last time she was in his office. Nick gives her the same answer, he is committed to Taylor and does not want Brooke involved in their lives. Brooke kisses Nick who pulls away and demands she stop doing this.

While Brooke was in her meeting with the Forresters Taylor came by to see Nick and tell him they would be having dinner at her house and she was going to take a pregnancy test.

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