B&B Tuesday Update 4/10/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/10/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by nz85

Phoebe drops by Nick’s office to express concerns for her mother. Nick kindly listens as the young Forrester fears for her mother’s happiness. Phoebe explains how hard the last year has been on Taylor and she deserves happiness and Phoebe wants Taylor to finally find safety and happiness. Nick tells Phoebe all he can tell her is he loves Taylor and he thinks Taylor loves him. Phoebe thinks for a minute and Nick continues “if you think about it that’s the only thing that really matters” Phoebe is satisfied with that answer an feels she can trust Nick. After seeing Nick Phoebe stops by Rick’s office but finds Brooke there instead. Earlier Brooke told Rick she was resigning from Forrester because when she was with Nick he had a great issue with her working day in and day out with Ridge. Rick is resistant to his mother leaving a company she has dedicated her life to but understands her point.

Brooke asks about his relationship with Phoebe now that they have returned from Australia. Rick says they are fine but there is not much to report. He tells Brooke they are going to wait to have sex, Brooke being the sex addict that she is, is intrigued by this idea and questions why he would make that agreement. Brooke pushes on almost encouraging him to take Phoebe to bed. Rick makes the comment that she should talk to Ashley because they sound just alike on this subject. Brooke is shocked and a little agitated to learn her son talks to Ashley about his sex life. They talk some more about Rick, Ashley, and Phoebe. Brooke lets it slip that Ashley was the one who reached out first looking to work with Forrester. Rick is surprised as he thought Brooke was the first to contact Ashley. Rick goes to the lab to see Ashley.

Ashley and Ridge wait, locked in the store room discussing lost loves, past regrets and mistakes. Ashley confides that she had an abortion years ago. The father was Victor Newman, Ashley wonders how her life would have been different had she kept the baby. {they showed a great flashback clip of Victor confronting Ashley in the rain} Rick arrives calling for Ashley, alas help has arrived. Ridge doesn’t stick around after being let out of the store room. Rick gets right to the point. He asks Ashley why she didn’t tell him she was the one who wanted to come to LA. Ashley keeps her secret no longer, she tells Rick that she came to Forrester wanting to pick up where they left off in Paris. Rick was under the impression that she didn’t want any strings attached. That was the case then but after Rick left Paris she missed him. Rick sighs feeling trapped. Rick tells her he is committed to Phoebe now, she should have said something months ago because it is too late now. Ashley moves in close and asks if he has with Phoebe what they had and if he could see spending the rest of his life with her. Yes, he answers . Ashley kisses him.

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