B&B Monday Update 4/9/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/9/07


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Taylor and Brooke continue their argument from Friday’s episode in Nick’s office. Brooke tries and tries to convince Taylor that Nick will leave Taylor for Brooke. Taylor really holds her own and appears to believe in what she and Nick have now and will have. Brooke presses on and Taylor has an answer for every pathetic comment Brooke makes about her relationships with both Nick and Ridge. While Nick’s ladies of love argue over who is more entitled to him Stephanie comes to Nick with advice and a request. “Ridge left Taylor for Brooke. Don’t make the same mistake.” Stephanie advises. They speak for a bit back and forth over Brooke being set on Nick now and her flakiness that Nick wants no part of but Stephanie asks “if you are going to let her down {referring to Taylor} do it before there is a baby” Nick reiterates his commitment to Taylor.

Brooke warns that Taylor should be aware of the reality of the situation. Taylor changes courses on Brooke. “This is about Ridge or Nick. I think you are obsessed with me. You want everything I have.” Taylor ticks of a long list of things and people that Brooke wants or has tried to take from her over the years. Taylor yells “Stay the hell out of my life!” Taylor orders. “Or what. Are you going to run me over with your car?” The women began to scream at each other not hearing what the other was saying. Nick breaks up the argument and kicks Brooke out of the office. Taylor cries as Nick holds her and comforts her assuring Taylor they will have a future and a baby together.

Ridge mopes around Forrester complaining and feeling sorry for himself. Ashley evades Bridgett’s questioning about an affair between her and Rick but does confess to a relationship in Paris that was not going anywhere. It was what it was she explains, but it was great. Bridgett pushes forward about the possibility of Ashley and Rick rekindling what they had now that she is in Los Angeles. Ashley tells Bridgett she doesn’t think that will happen and turns the table on her. Ashley asks Bridgett why she is not dating a wonderful eligible bachelor of LA.

Ashley remembers intimate moments with Rick in Paris. Ridge comes to the lab to check on the new fragrance production and startles Ashley who is filing a vile of liquid in a store room. Ashley drops the vile breaking it. Ridge rushes for paper towels to clean the mess and accidentally locks himself and Ashley in the storeroom together. They must sit and wait for someone to come help.

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