B&B Friday Update 4/6/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/6/07


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Phoebe discovers a photo of her and Rick in Sydney after Rick had been hit and neither had much on by the way of clothing. Rick tells her not to worry about it now that they are no longer keeping their relationship a secret. Ashley passes by the office and sees the young couple kissing. Rick decides to visit Taylor and talk to her about his relationship with her daughter. When Rick arrives at Taylor’s office she is not very receptive to what Rick has to say but listens as Rick promises not to hurt or take advantage of Phoebe. Taylor tells Rick she cannot help but look at him and see Brooke who has no respect for any relationship or person only herself. Rick tries to set himself apart from Brooke.

Phoebe and Bridgett meet with Ashley to nail down the fragrance that will be Forrester Originals signature perfume. Ashley has an attitude with Phoebe as she rambles on about how great Rick is like a teenager. Ashley wants to reschedule the meeting for another time when Rick can attend since introducing a perfume was his idea. Ashley pulls out a photo of her and Rick and remember an intimate evening they shared in Paris. Bridgett walks in after taking a phone call in the hall and startles Ashley causing her to drop the photo. Bridgett picks it up and asks “Is something going on with you and my brother?” Rick returns to the office to tell Phoebe he didn’t win Taylor over but he made head way. The begin to bicker about whose mother has more rights to Nick’s affection and love. Taylor gets a pregnancy test delivered.

“I’m in the middle of something.” Nick barks at Brooke. “Whatever it is, IT can wait.” Brooke tries to seduce Nick. Nick gets a message that he has a conference call in five minutes, Brooke tells his secretary to hold all of Nick’s calls he is busy. Nick tells her to leave he said all he had to say last night. “I would never have come here if I wasn’t absolutely certain I was through with Ridge” Nick asks her to leave again. Brooke does not abide to his wish for her to leave she just starts trying to sell him once again on her and them as a couple. When Nick doesn’t buy and stands by his love and engagement to Taylor Brooke uses Hope as a sympathy plea. Nick shuts Brooke down after Brooke brought up Hope claiming he already has a child, he is Hope’s father. Nick firmly tells her he does not want her and he is in love with Taylor and he is going to marry Taylor and leaves to attend his conference call. Taylor had come to see Nick but heard the familiar whine of Brooke begging him to take her back and even using the “Hope card” when she saw she wasn’t going to get her way. Brooke tries to cast doubt about how Nick feels for her and that Taylor probably won’t be able to have Nick’s baby. Taylor listens to Brooke grasp as Nick slips farther away from Brooke’s control. Taylor has a knowing smirk as she watches Brooke wiggle with her words.

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