B&B Thursday Update 4/5/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/5/07


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Stephanie, Eric, Felicia, and Bridgett discuss the fiasco of the boutique launch over breakfast. Stephanie doesn’t care she is confident in there ideas but is happy Brooke is out of the family and company for good. Eric and Felicia head for the office to take care of damage control. Bridgett stays with Stephanie at her request. Stephanie attempts to enlist Bridgett in helping her keep Taylor and Nick together and Brooke away from both. Bridgett does believe Brooke is wrong for trying to interfere when Nick and Taylor are engaged and trying to conceive but knows there is nothing anyone can do to stop Brooke when there is a man that she wants.

Brooke sits alone in her house remembering the good and the bad about her time with Ridge in Australia. Rick comes in and urges her not to be sad but fight for what is best for her and that is Nick. Brooke tells Rick that Taylor and Nick are trying to have a baby. This doesn’t change Rick’s idea of what he wants for his mother. He encourages her to hurry and win Nick back before Taylor gets pregnant.

Jackie is thrilled when she hears Nick’s version of what happened with Brooke the day before. Jackie disregards all the promises and support she offered Taylor just 24 hours ago and assumes Nick will take Brooke back. Nick refuses claiming “What I have with Taylor is real….” Taylor was listening outside the door and enters upon hearing the continued devotion to their relationship. Jackie apologizes for what Taylor may have over heard but Taylor says she isn’t worried, she knows what she and Nick have.

Rick visits Nick in his office after Taylor and Jackie leave. Rick argues his mother’s case but Nick doesn’t bite. Taylor goes to see Brooke who is still feeling sorry for herself. The two begin to bicker right away first over the children then they jump right to the heart of the matter Brooke’s move for Nick knowing he is engaged to Taylor. Taylor tells Brooke for years she stomped over her relationship with Ridge until she finally got him and that stops today. Taylor orders Brooke as Nick’s fiancé to respect her relationship with Nick and stay out of it.

Brooke fixes herself up in a provocative black and fuchsia dress, more make up than she usually wears and big hair. Brooke marches into Nick’s office who is not pleased to see her “”What do you want Brooke?”

“You.” she replies in her most seductive whisper.

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