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Taylor tells Nick that she just wanted him to be honest with her. Did he feel anything at all when he was just there with Brooke in bed? Foolishly, he replies yes. She braces herself and asks can he tell her what? He replies “fear” – on every level, of the past repeating itself. Because he is not about the past, but just about the now. And she is the “now”. He feels good about that. He feels alive and he feels that because of her. She makes him a better man and he’d like to keep it that way. Misty eyed, she says yes that answered her questions.

Phoebe is trying on some clothes when Rick walks in and he asks if she is avoiding him? She replies no, she just thought he’d be busy too getting ready for tomorrow. He remarks that the only thing they know for sure is that the sun will come up tomorrow. They have enough colors and designs to sell, if people are willing to buy. And the wedding, not sure. Brooke and Ridge have always had problems before but managed to get back together.

Ridge is sitting at his desk with his dobber down when Felicia walks in all bubbly about tomorrow’s launch. She mentions Brooke’s wedding dress and he has to inform her there will not be a wedding. She questions him, saying no one ever thinks there is going to be a wedding between the two, but there always is. Didn’t she come home? He replies yes she is back, just not home.

Brooke snarks to Stephanie that guess Taylor couldn’t wait to tell her the news. With glee, Stephanie responds that Taylor was as surprised as she was. Who would have dreamed that Brooke would strip down and show Nick the “catch of the day” just hours before she was supposed to marry Ridge. Further she shakes her finger at Brooke and says that Eskimos have fifteen words for snow. “I bet you have twice as many for dropping your pants.” And that Ridge was with her when she was on the phone with Taylor, but she didn’t tell him. Is she surprised? He was heartbroken enough already. She further advises that Brooke has overplayed her hand this time. With both of those men, she is out of luck.

Nick gives Taylor a quick peck and assures her that he had nothing to do with Brooke coming here. She knows that and says she trusts him. Still it’s a little unsettling that she would show up here and do what she did. And to tell him what she had done to Ridge. Especially when they all know that she is just taking a breather off the merry-go-round……but, what if Ridge doesn’t want to take her back this time?

Phoebe and Rick discuss their parent’s situation. Rick thinks Brooke finally understands what Ridge is about. Phoebe is appalled – her dad is not a bad person. She knows Rick thinks he is and is glad they aren’t getting married. Rick argues that things weren’t right between them. She thinks it was until he walked into the honeymoon suite. What he did then was wrong, but maybe what they did too was wrong! And they have loved each other for so long that she doesn’t want to be the reason it ends. He grants her that they loved each other, but that doesn’t guarantee a happy ending. She doesn’t get the point. They love each other too, but they aren’t more important or smarter, but if that doesn’t count for much……

Ridge laments to Felicia that Rick could have done just about anything – bad mouthed him from here to Hong Kong or robbed a liquor store, anything and he could have taken it in stride…..but, the one thing, the one thing he couldn’t allow. And then the one thing that Brooke couldn’t live with, turns out to be exactly what he did. She tells him the bruises and black eyes will go away. What he has with Brooke won’t. As much as some of them wish it would….. he needs to track her down. Glumly, he says he knows exactly where she is and there is no next thing to do now, but he needs some air first.

Brooke snorts that she isn’t going to discuss this with Stephanie. She wants to know where Eric is? They need to come up with a plan for tomorrow. Stephanie is happy to tell her that shouldn’t concern her. The best thing for her and Rick would be to clear out their offices by tomorrow morning. Brooke reminds her she has a financial stake here too. Yes, Stephanie answers, but what are they going to do, end up in fistfights out in the hall? This is not a joke, but Rick did get his comeuppance. She knows Brooke knows damn well that he was single-mindedly after that young girl’s virginity. Brooke spits that is a lie. Not that Stephanie would ever believe it, as viciousness and violence is all she understands. She is the source of everything that went wrong between her and Ridge. Stephanie counters with does she think she is so innocent? Running back here, getting straight off the plane from Sydney and running right back to Nick? That’s what broke her son’s heart tonight. She knows she will want him back one of these days, and he’s not going to take her back. Not after that.

Rick responds and tells Phoebe they did everything in their power to honor their parent’s feelings. What broke them up, they can not fix. She still feels like they broke it, but he says they were just witnesses. It’s been broken half a dozen times and when something is that fragile, accidents happen. She hates him talking that way, like love just doesn’t matter. He says of course love matters….but just look around. Love is something you get for free….everything else you pay for. She questions – what if they don’t have what it takes? He answers that he hopes they do, why not find out? Starting now.

Stephanie tries to hasten things by telling Brooke that she can just get her things out of her office that she needs immediately and she will have them pack the rest and take over to her house. Brooke offers – the house that she recently mortgaged to give them seed money for Rodeo Drive? She asserts she has as much right as Stephanie does to be here at Forrester’s. Stephanie maintains they shouldn’t get into the right’s issues. She just doesn’t think even she would want Ridge to see her there working day in and day out. Brooke extols that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do about that. All she does know is she is not taking her marching orders from Stephanie. Felicia waltzes in and tips off her hand that brother dearest headed for the rooftop. Stephanie comments, “thank you, Miss Loose Lips.”

Nick confides in Taylor that it’s like this little roller coaster/merry-go-round that Brooke and Forrester are on. He chases her down, she gives in. It’s his ego, it’s too big to let go. She tells him about Stephanie just calling and how she told her what she walked in on. He replies he wished she hadn’t done that. And they both know Stephanie will go straight to Ridge and tell him and make it even worse, if that is possible. He tells her all he knows is that ‘these people’ do not have the power to turn their lives upside down any more. Not if they don’t let them. They need to make sure they don’t get drawn in. And no matter what happens with them, it has nothing to do with them. Ok? He gives her another quick smooch. She strokes his face and says that is what she wanted to hear.

Brooke walks onto the roof and Ridge sees her but remains silent. Finally he asks how did this happen to them? He sure didn’t see it coming. He thought they finally had it all. How many times had they said they wouldn’t let anything……….? She begs him to please don’t. They both know something has changed and what. He answers that she doesn’t love him anymore? It was like all those times he wanted her to, and when he didn’t, it was still there. “It’s kind of like that thing that helps a compass find its way north." It’s the way he found his bearings in life, and suddenly it is just gone. She says it doesn’t disappear that easily. He wonders then how she could just go to Nick?

Phoebe tells Rick that she doesn’t know how she can go on when such a terrible thing has happened. He explains this is what will set them free. The worst case scenario has already happened. There is nothing to be afraid of any more. Their parent’s decisions were their decisions and they’ve had to live by them….but, no more. No more hiding or pretending. She asks if he means that? He says he does. Her father already knows how they feel. And now he wants the whole world to know. He says he loves her. He loves everything about her. He loves the way she makes him feel, and he loves who they are together and he doesn’t care who knows that. They kiss and she tells him she loves him too, it’s just that she has gotten too used to it being impossible between them. He nixes that, nothing is impossible….not now….just watch!

Felicia is astounded that Brooke went to Nick’s…..no wonder Ridge was so upset. Stephanie warns her that she didn’t tell him any of the details, so she’s not to either. Felicia says he’s no fool, but what about the launch? Stephanie says they will simply put on the best face possible and lots of smiles and say the wedding was called off for personal reasons. Felicia wonders who will buy that? Stephanie says she will. She’s so happy she could pop a champagne cork right now. Felicia admonishes her that she can be a cold, cold woman. Stephanie wonders if she’d rather this happen a month after the wedding? Felicia says she would have lost a bet last night as she would have bet Nick would have taken Brooke back in a heartbeat. She is stunned when Stephanie tells her that Nick wants to marry Taylor, they are going to try and have a baby. Felicia mulls it over and says then that is it. If she can give him a child that he would never look back. Brooke knows that too. So she’s probably trying to patch things up with Ridge as they speak.

Brooke tells Ridge she sees no reason to continue to discuss this. He comments that he doesn’t need to discuss it, just understand it. Is it like changing a channel for her? If it’s not him, then it’s Nick? She says she doesn’t know how to answer that, any more than him telling her how she got her son’s blood on her hands. He points out that she ended it with Nick because he slept with her daughter….and now she is ending it with him because he doesn’t want her son sleeping with his daughter. She tells him no, that is not it. There is a gap between them. She’s on one side and he’s on the other. And they are calling and pleading but somehow the message gets lost. He sighs then asks how many stories down does she think it is? She cautions….he says don’t worry, he’s not a jumper. And he reminds her they need to make sure R.J. makes it through this, he wanted to help raise him so much. She says she did too and so many other things they dreamed of.

He says they have said goodbye so many times before. But he always knew that it would never really end. Now he just doesn’t know how to say it. Maybe that is the way a jumper feels. “Don’t really know how you would ever do it. Then, you just…….go.” Abruptly he turns and leaves her pondering.

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