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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/3/07


Written By Sue
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In the bedroom, Taylor asks Brooke what is she doing there.  Brooke asks her the same thing and asks Nick why he didn’t say that Taylor was there.  While struggling to get up Nick says he didn’t exactly have the chance, and to Taylor he says he can explain.  Taylor tells him no explanation is necessary, as she knows Brooke.  She wants to know from Brooke if she’s there for a last roll in the hay with her ex before she gets married tomorrow.  Brooke informs Taylor that she’s through with Ridge and the wedding is off.  Taylor seems surprised to hear this news. 

In the office, Ridge asks Ashley if she heard what happened in Sydney.  She answers that she saw Rick and heard his side of the story.  Ridge wants to know if she thinks he was out of line.  While she doesn’t condone violence or think it solves anything, she does know that people sometimes do things in the heat of the moment that they regret.  Ridge says he doesn’t regret anything.  He did what he had to do since apparently his warnings to Rick went unheeded.  She understands where he’s coming from as a parent.  She would do anything to keep her daughter, Abby, safe.  He wishes that Brooke felt the same way she did.  Ashley thinks that if he just gives Brooke time she’ll come around.  Ridge tells her that he doesn’t know what he’ll do if he looses Brooke for good. 

Taylor asks Brooke why she called off the wedding and if it had anything to do with Rick and Phoebe.  Brooke tries to give her a short answer and have Phoebe fill her in on the details.  Taylor persists.  She wants to know what happened now.  Brooke gives a condensed version of what happened and long story short, the wedding is off.  Taylor tells her she’s sorry that things didn’t work out, but that doesn’t give her the right to come here and “molest” Nick.  Brooke doesn’t want to talk about it right now and suggests they have this conversation another time.  No we won’t, replies Taylor.  She wants Brooke to get it through her head that she and Nick are getting married.  She can’t just end it with Ridge and come back to Nick and try to pick up things were she left them.  On a roll, Taylor tells Brooke she thinks she’s narcissistic, histrionic and borderline.  When Brooke asks if that’s her professional opinion, Taylor tells her that’s a diagnosis.   Brooke tells Taylor she just thought Nick should know what was going on.  Nick is standing there during the whole conversation looking mighty uncomfortable.  Taylor adds that she should know that they almost got married last night.  Brooke looks shocked and asks Nick if this is true.  Since they didn’t get married, Brooke says, then it’s not too late.  Taylor cannot believe it.  She lets Brooke know that she and Nick are also trying to have a baby together.  In fact, she might even be pregnant at that moment.  Brooke does not look pleased to hear this information. 

Ashley and Ridge continue their talk.  She tells him that good fathers should protect their daughters.  That is what they’re supposed to do.  They talk for a while about Ashley’s father, John, and what a good man and father he was.  Ashley shares that she misses her father everyday and that Ridge should be lucky he has Eric.  Don’t take him for granted, as each day is a gift.  She gets a little self-conscious, but Ridge tells her not to apologize.  She tells him she started out trying to make him feel better and now she’s brought him down.  Ridge, who is looking more cheerful by the minute, says it’s okay and thanks her for listening.  He thinks that perhaps she should talk to Brooke.  She could use some of Ashley’s common sense and that she seems to be only listening to her son these days.  Stephanie chimes in from the doorway that they all know where Rick stands.  After greeting Ashley warmly, she asks if she’s interrupting anything.  Ashley tells her she has to get back to work.  When she leaves, Stephanie asks Ridge if he’s heard from Brooke.  When he answers no, she tells him they’ll have to talk eventually as they share a child.  Ridge tells his mother that his kids will always be his number one priority.  Stephanie says that hers are too.  She tells him that he’ll figure out there is life after Brooke.  Ridge just stares at her. 

Back in the bedroom, Brooke can’t believe they want to have a baby together.  She asks Taylor if she really wants a baby – at her age.  Ouch!  Insulted, Taylor tells her she is rude and that she can still have children.  Brooke reminds her that she already has children.  Taylor shoots back that Brooke, of all people, should know how much having a child means to Nick. Adding insult to injury, “After all, you WERE married to him.”  Brooke says she doesn’t know what to say and Taylor suggests good bye.  Nick tells Brooke that he’ll walk her out.  Before leaving, Taylor thanks Brooke.  She continues that she and Nick were just talking about the insanity they both left behind.  Thank you for reminding us of that.  Brooke gives her the evil eye before leaving.  Taylor just shakes her head in disbelief.   

Back at the office, another round of “she’s no good for you…we belong together…no you don’t” between Ridge and Stephanie.   Stephanie tells her son that he and Brooke had their time in the sun.  She thinks he just goes to her because she’s familiar to him.  It’s just not meant to be.  Ridge asks her if she thinks it’s that easy to just cut his losses.  She tells him it won’t be easy but he’ll have the support of family and friends.  Ridge even thinks that the launch will be a disaster.  Stephanie says that’s nonsense and they can handle whatever happens.  Showing real concern, she asks Ridge whether there is anything she can do.  He tells her that she can warn Logan about Nick.  She won’t listen to him anymore.  When she reminds Ridge that Nick is engaged, he says the best line of the day “Popeye would drop Taylor in a New York Minute if he could have Brooke.”  How funny!  It wouldn’t even surprise him if Nick were making his move on Brooke right at this moment.  Stephanie doesn’t think that will happen, as she knows that Taylor and Nick are trying to have a baby together.  Ridge seems shocked to hear this news.  Stephanie wonders with Brooke on the loose, what’ll happen to Taylor. 

As Nick walks Brooke to the door, she wants to know if he and Taylor are really trying to have a baby.  When he answers yes, she wants to know when he decided to do this.  She shares that she made a mistake, a huge mistake, leaving him.  Nick tries to tell her that she doesn’t mean what she’s saying.  He feels she’s just emotional and upset with Ridge.  Tears welling in her eyes, she adamantly says that she does mean it.  He gently tells her to go home.  She continues to try to convince Nick that her feelings for Ridge are gone.  She is completely over him.  She wouldn’t be here now if she weren’t 100% sure.  Brooke asks Nick if he will go somewhere with her alone so they can talk.  No, Nick tells her.  Brooke tells him she’s sorry she hurt him – sorry about so many things.  She knows in her soul that they belong together and that he feels that way too.  Nick just says I’m sorry.  With tears running down her face she turns and walks out the door.  Nick closes the door and looks sad and confused. 

Rick tells Stephanie that as much as he doesn’t want Taylor and Nick together, Taylor has made it clear that she doesn’t want them interfering in her life.  Stephanie disregards what Ridge just said and announces that she’s going to call Taylor and warn her that Brooke’s on the loose.  When Taylor answers the phone she tells her that the wedding is off and to be prepared.  Taylor tells Stephanie that Brooke was already at Nick’s and she found her straddling Nick in the bed.  Stephanie laughs in disbelief while Taylor continues that she can’t believe Brooke thinks Nick would drop her.  “Classic Brooke” is Stephanie’s response to that.  Ridge’s interest has peaked and he’s asking if Taylor’s seen Brooke.  Taylor tells Stephanie that Nick is escorting her out the door right now and she won’t let Brooke ruin her relationship with Nick like she did with Ridge.  When they hang up Ridge asks if they saw Brooke.  Stephanie confirms it and he is upset that she went to Nick’s house.  He can’t believe she went straight to Nick and not home or to her kids first.  When Stephanie tells him that is what Taylor told her, Nick wants to know what else Taylor said.  Stephanie says that he doesn’t want to know – but yes he does. 

Ridge is furious about Brooke, but at least he knows what she is up to now.  Stephanie says she is sorry and Ridge questions her sincerity about that.  She tells him that although she didn’t want him with Brooke, she certainly didn’t want him to be hurt. She just wanted him to see who Brooke really was.  Ridge is saying that he can’t believe it’s over.  It must be though, he says, as she wants Nick.  Stephanie thinks that Brooke never was over Nick in the first place.  Ridge tells his mother that he just can’t believe it really is over.  He feels so alone.  Stephanie hugs him and tells him he’s not alone. 

Nick is in his leaving room after Brooke leaves.  He replays in his mind Brooke telling him tonight to say that he loves her.  He then has a flashback of he and Brooke together.  He is kissing her and telling her that he’s not letting her go…ever.  She’s the love of his life.  Nick is sitting, lost deep in thought and memories, when Taylor comes down the steps and calls his name.   She asks if he’s okay. He tells her he thinks Brooke isn’t herself and she isn’t thinking clearly.  Taylor is a little taken aback and asks if he’s making excuses for her.  He says no; Brooke was wrong.  Taylor tells Nick that she’s known Brooke for a long time.  When she’s like this, she won’t stop until she gets what she wants.  And what she wants is you, Nick.   

Brooke is on the phone leaving a message for Eric about tomorrow and how they will handle things.  Stephanie comes through the door.  Ever the comedian, she tells Brooke that she’s in a “Pickle”.  Usually when she sees her, she wants to poke her in the eye.  Today for some reason she just wants to give her a big kiss.  Sarcastically Brooke replies that she assumes from that reaction that Stephanie has heard.  Stephanie tells her that good news travels fast.  When Brooke replies that of course she’d feel that way about the news, Stephanie asks is there any other way to see it?  Do you know why this is happening - what Ridge did asks Brooke?  Stephanie agrees what Ridge did was wrong, but didn’t he ask her countless times to keep her son away from Phoebe?  She then asks her (thanks, I was thinking that too) how Brooke could fly straight from Australia and Ridge, hours before her wedding, straight to Nick’s bed.  “Honey, that takes the cake.” 

Nick is holding Taylor’s hands and again says that he thinks she’s wrong about Brooke.  He says that Brooke is just emotional about the situation with Ridge.  Brooke just “thinks” she wants him back.  Taylor asks Nick to come sit with her so they can talk.  She tells him that she’s generally not insecure and her feelings certainly have not changed.  She doesn’t think his have either. But (always a but), although she thinks she knows, she needs to hear it from him.  She needs to know where he stands now.  Cut to Nick looking unsure and uncomfortable. 

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