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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/2/07


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We get a replay of Brooke hugging Nick and telling him she’s back and she’s his.  Nick is just standing there with his hands down by his side looking shell shocked. 

At the office, Ridge tells Stephanie about what happened in Australia between he and Rick.  She tells him that his actions were understandable as he explains that he was defending his daughter.  He tells her that Rick was all over Phoebe so he had to do something about it.  Something that Brooke can’t forgive.  Stephanie feels that his actions were justified.  He tells his mother that Brooke called off the wedding.  Stephanie tells him that he should be so lucky to which she earns an eye roll from Ridge.  He says that he needs to talk to Brooke.  Stephanie hopes it is not to apologize.  He reminds her that they were supposed to get married tomorrow.  Stephanie says that Eric can help with the press if that’s what he’s worried about.  He snaps that he’s not worried about the press at all.  Angrily he says that this wasn’t a publicity stunt – it’s his life.  Stephanie tells him that Brooke is overreacting and frankly, so is he.  He doesn’t think he’s overreacting and for proof, he takes out the returned engagement ring and shows it to his mother.  

Rick stops by the office to say hi to Ashley.  “Ouch”!  She wants to know what happened to his eye and he says Ridge happened to it.    He said some people bring back tee shirts from vacation – he brought back this.  She hopes it wasn’t in front of the press at the Sydney store.  He explains it was in the honeymoon suite.  She’s looking a little stunned and he tells her it’s not what she thinks.  He and Phoebe were just hanging out in the suite with the flat screen TV, hot tub and great view.  Ashley tells him that he seems like he got was he deserved.  Rick doesn’t look too pleased with her statement. 

Back at Nick’s house, Jackie and Taylor are coming into the living after having made some coffee.  Jackie is saying that she doesn’t blame Taylor for being surprised about her attitude.  Taylor knows Jackie’s history with and fondness for Brooke.  Taylor tells her that she’s just happy that Jackie accepts her and that her approval means a lot. Handing Taylor a cup of coffee, Jackie tells her that since she and Nicky are engaged and trying to have a baby, it’s time she came around.  Taylor asks her is this only because she’s trying to have a baby?   Jackie tells her that she’s happy because Taylor has made her son happy again and throwing a baby into the mix, well that’s great.  Taylor tells her that Nick makes her very happy.  Jackie says the two of them are a perfect match.  When Taylor brings up that she didn’t always feel like that, Jackie agrees.  She never thought anyone could top the love and passion that Brooke and Nick shared.  She smiles warmly at Taylor and says “but you have”.  Taylor is looking very pleased to hear that. 

In the bedroom portion of the house, Brooke is now kissing Nick’s neck.  He grimaces and tells her not to do that.  She wants to know why not and he tells her that he’s engaged.  Undaunted Brooke says that she knows this. Whoa…wait a minute…not so fast.  Trying to slow Brooke down, Nick wants to know when this assault with Rick and Ridge happened.  She tells him yesterday.  So you hopped on a plane and came straight here he asks?  Looking rather pleased with herself she says yes.  Calmly and holding her hands in his, Nick tells her to go home.  He continues that she’s exhausted, had a long flight; and needs sleep.  She’s just mad at Ridge and tomorrow things will look completely different to her.  While looking into his eyes she tells him that she’s not leaving and that she needs him back.  Poor Nick, he is standing there trying to take all of this in. 

Rick explains to Ashley that he and Phoebe were only in the honeymoon suite to spend some quality time together – alone.  He had no idea that Ridge would find them up there.  Ashley asks exactly in what state did he find them in?  Rick tells her that nothing was going on between he and Phoebe as they both agreed they’re not ready for the next step and both have agreed to wait.  A little skeptical, Ashley asked if Ridge knows that piece of information.  Rick tells her that he got “clocked” by Ridge before they had a chance to explain.  He probably wouldn’t have believed him anyway.  Ashley says that she’s also having a little trouble believing him.  Ashley continues to probe Rick.  He said that they’re going to wait but for how long - until Phoebe graduates from school?  Moves out of her parent’s house?  Five years?  Ten years?  Rick, sounding a little exasperated, tells her he hasn’t really given it that much thought so he doesn’t know.  Hmm, Ashley replies, she didn’t think so. 

Ridge wearily tells his mother that if she’s going to do hand springs, please go in the hallway to do them.  She can see that he’s distressed about this and promises not to make matters worse.  He tells her things can’t get worse.  She assures him then that things can only get better. He throws out to her that he doesn’t want any pep talks either.  Ridge is not in a good mood.  Stephanie reminds Ridge that he repeatedly asked Brooke to keep Rick away from Phoebe.  She tells him this just shows how he and Brooke react differently to moral situations.  Stephanie thinks he did the right thing to protect his daughter and Ridge agrees.   He just hopes that Brooke will see things like that when she calms down.  Stephanie, playing the devil’s advocate, asks what if she doesn’t see things your way?  Frustrated, he says he first needs to find her.  He wonders why she hasn’t called him back yet.  The light bulb goes on and he wonders if she’s with Nick. 

Taylor and Jackie are still enjoying their coffee in the living room.  Taylor wants to know if Jackie was holding out hope that Nick and Brooke would reunite.  Happily Jackie tells her that she’s not anymore.  Taylor says that it doesn’t hurt that Brooke and Ridge are supposed to get married tomorrow.  Jackie says she assumes Taylor and Nick will be next.  Taylor tells her that Nick wanted them to get married last night but she wanted to wait until their families were around them.    Jackie has the “I hope you don’t regret that decision” look on her face. 

Brooke tells Nick that she probably shouldn’t be there but he has to hear what she has to say.  She had convinced herself that Ridge was her destiny and her soul mate.  She put up with a lot of troubles because of that conviction.  But what happened in Australia was “appalling”, and it made her open her eyes.  Nick replies that he’s glad for her.  She reminds him that he told her when she got back with Ridge it would mean heartache.  Ridge would let her down and Stephanie would turn on her.  Well, she’s taken the long flight home and straight there to tell him he was right.  Teary eyed she says that she finally sees Ridge and his family for who they are.  But, she also sees other things more clearly now too.  She and Ridge will not be getting married.  It will never happen.    Looking sympathetic Nick tells her then that’s good for her.  Brooke tells him that it’s good for her - good for him.  It’s good for the both of them.  As she tries to hug him again, Nick (trying to keep it on a friends-only basis) tells her that she knows he would do anything for her and if she needs anything, he’ll do it.  To try to erase any misunderstanding on his part, she tells him that she made a mistake.  She should’ve never walked out on him and what they had; she is there for him.  Nick looks more conflicted then ever as Brooke is caressing his face. 

Jackie tells Taylor that she’s surprised that the two of them didn’t elope last night since everything in their relationship seems to be happening so fast.  Has anything changed – anything wrong?  Taylor tells her they just want to enjoy the ride.  Jackie tells her that since the two of them are obviously so committed there’s no need for a ceremony to celebrate that.  Taylor assures her that they will get married when the time is right.  Jackie commends her for taking her time with this.  Taylor ends the girls’ talk telling Jackie that she better go upstairs since Nick is probably wondering what she’s up to.    

Ashley questions Rick about his sincerity in waiting with Phoebe.  She asks is he secretly waiting for Phoebe to change her mind?   Maybe they’ll get closer and Ridge will let up on the pressure?  Rick tells her that he’s sure that Ridge will never let up.  Ashley says she wouldn’t either if it was her daughter, Abby, in Phoebe’s shoes.   Rick accuses her of taking Ridge’s side.  Ashley tells him she’s not taking sides.  She just doesn’t understand what he’s doing.  Rick’s confused that she doesn’t understand how two people can have a relationship and not have it be sexual?  Ashley quips, is that what he’s having?  He’s having a relationship with an 18 year old?  He tries to laugh off the tension, but she continues.  She tells him they’re sneaking around behind the backs of disapproving parents.  He shoots back that she sounds like she doesn’t approve either.  Ashley tells Rick not to worry about what she thinks but about the tension he’s causing people.  How is he supposed to work with Ridge and how will it affect his mother’s marriage?  Rick brazenly tells hers not to worry about that.  The wedding is off.  His mother left Ridge because of what he did to him.  Ashley is stunned to learn that Brooke left Ridge.  Snidely Rick says that it’s for the best.  When she asks if he’s happy about it, he tells her not to worry.  They’ll figure out a way to deal with the store and they may get more press attention then planned.  After all, nothing sells more papers than an ugly celebrity break up.  Astonished, Ashley stares at Rick for a moment before leaving with the parting shot “nice”.   

Stephanie says that if Brooke is with that SOB (or Nick as we know him), then she doesn’t deserve an apology.  Ridge is sure that if he could just talk to Brooke they can work things out, although maybe not in time for the wedding.  He starts to worry about making a statement to the press when Stephanie tells him Eric will do that.  She wants him to go home and get some sleep.  He won’t do that until he can find Brooke and see where things stand with them.  Stephanie tries to comfort Ridge by telling him she knows how disappointed he is and how hard he worked on that relationship.  He snaps at her not talk about it in the past tense.  When she tries to explain he cuts her off and tells her that if she can’t be supportive of him, to just leave him alone.  With a shake of her head, and the raising of her eyebrows, Stephanie says “okay” and out the door she goes.   

Nick tells Brooke that he’s moved on with his life.  Brooke tells him that she knows it’s inappropriate and Taylor could get hurt, but she doesn’t care and she doesn’t think he cares either.  Nick hesitates for a moment before he reminds her again that he’s engaged.  He continues that he loves Taylor and they’re going to have a family.  Not to be stopped, Brooke tells him that he had a family with kids that loved him and she’s sorry for taking that away.  Upset, Nick tells her he’s not doing this with her again.  He says it’s too late!  Brooke is persistent.  It’s not too late and she grabs him again.  She wants him back and she stares into his eyes. 

Ridge is on the phone, fiddling with the engagement ring, leaving Brooke a message to call him so they can work things out.  Ashley is at the door way and waits until he finishes with the message before she comes into his office.  He asks if she’s seen Brooke and looks sad when she tells him that she hasn’t.  He puts the ring on the desk and she tells him that it’ll be okay. 

Jackie apologizes to Taylor for keeping her so long and that Nicky must be so lonely without her.  Uh oh! 

Brooke tells Nick to look her in the eyes.  She knows that he misses what they had, but they could have it again.  Nick says no.  Brooke, not missing a beat, tells him that he still wants her.  He valiantly tries denying it, but she doesn’t believe him.  She continues that the fantasy life she had with Ridge and his family is done.  She belongs there with Nick.   Nick hesitates and looks torn before he pushes Brooke aside and tells her angrily that he’s heard all of that before.  A little shocked Brooke tells him that he doesn’t have to hear any of it again since that is it.  He is the one for her!  He disbelievingly tells her that she finally realized all of this on her long flight home - that he’s the one?  Not to be discouraged, she tells him that deep down she’s known it all along.  Nick is not having any of it.  He tells her that Ridge will come after her.  It will all happen over again and again.  Brooke swears that she’s through with Ridge, but Nick tells her that he has heard it all before.  She tells him only three words matter and as she walks slowly towards him.  She says, “I… love… you”.  When she reaches out to touch him he pushes her hand away and tells her to stop.  He tells her that she can’t do this to him.  He starts to get angry and asks does he have stupid written on his forehead, making all those promises to him?  Well then, Brooke tells him, no more words, no more promises.  She takes his robe off while he protests.  She continues to touch him and tell him she loves him while he tries to tell her to stop.  She tells him she’ll love him forever and ever and she pushes him down on the bed and straddles him.  He calls out her name in protest.  At the moment Taylor walks in and also calls out her name in protest.  She demands to know what Brooke is doing.     Both Brooke and Nick have the deer-in-the-headlight look, as Taylor is none too pleased.

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