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Flying home on the corporate jet, Brooke and Rick are both in somber moods.   While looking at the huge black eye her son is sporting, Brooke tells him that he’ll need to get someone to look at his eye as soon as they land.  He assures her he’s fine and that he’s worried about how she is holding up.  Numb is how Brooke describes her feelings.  She’s supposed to be getting married tomorrow with the whole world invited and now she’s not.  Telling Rick she’s sorry about how hard he worked and how much he sacrificed for the company, but she just can’t marry Ridge.  Not only can’t she - she won’t. 

On a commercial flight, father and daughter sit in tensioned filled silence in their seats.  Ridge asks Phoebe, who by the way is perfecting her pout, if she’s going to remain silent the whole trip back to LA.  What can he do to make her talk again?  She tells him he needs to apologize.  He starts to apologize for what is happening to the family and she tells him no – apologize to Rick.  She reminds him, before turning away again to face the window, that he punched Brooke’s son. 

Jackie comes rushing over the house to meet with Donna.  She’s anxious to know if she’s heard anything about the four-some in Australia.  Donna explains that she hasn’t heard anything but that she’s left messages for Brooke and Phoebe.    Jackie is almost relieved as she says that maybe that’s good that there’s no news and that maybe nothing happened at all.  Huh?  Donna wants to know why Jackie seems to be changing her mind about their scheme to break up Brooke and Ridge. After all, it was Jackie’s idea in the first place to get Phoebe and Rick together so that their parents would break up before the wedding took place.  Jackie nervously tells her that “is” her plan.  No, that “was” her plan before she found out that Nick and Taylor are together and trying to have a baby. 

Nick is sleeping with his head on Taylor’s stomach while she is playing with his hair.  After tugging on it he wakes up and asks her jokingly if she always looks so beautiful so early in the morning.  She tells him yes and that she always will.  Some cute moments where he says hello to her stomach to their maybe baby.  Even if she’s not pregnant, since they just started trying, Nick tells her “if at first you don’t succeed….”  Let the kissing resume. 

Back on the plane, Phoebe tells her dad that he should be embarrassed and ashamed for hitting Rick.  Stunned, Ridge says that she is the one that should be embarrassed throwing in “the honeymoon suite?”  Again she tells him that nothing happened between her and Rick.  They’re saving themselves until after they’re engaged.  Ridge scoffs at this telling her that she and Rick will never last and that she’s living in a fantasy world.  He thinks she’s going to be hurt and he’s not about to let that happen.  Phoebe shoots back that the only one who got hurt was Rick and that the only person angrier than she is about the whole situation is his fiancée, Brooke.   

Brooke sadly tells Rick that although she’s loved Ridge her whole life, every bit of love drained out of her when she stood with his blood on her hands.  All her warnings to Ridge about his temper and attitude were for nothing.  He couldn’t control himself.  He is like his mother, Stephanie, and she never thought she’d see that side of him.  With tears welling in her eyes she tell Rick that she doesn’t want that aggression in her life.  Rick reminds his mother of all the good times she shared with Nick and how happy she was with him even if it wasn’t perfect.  Brooke points out that even if she wanted to get back with Nick, he’s engaged to Taylor now.  Her son tells her there’s no way Nick would stay with Taylor if he knew he had a chance again with her. Brooke seems to contemplate this as she stares at Rick. 

Brooke is looking a little more cheerful.  Would she go back to Nick?  How would he react?  Rick keeps urging her to go to him and tell him she still cares.  He eggs her on.  This is the news that Nick has been waiting for. Go to him and tell him as soon as we land. 

The lovebirds are still in bed.  After Taylor jokingly asks him if he needs to be at work, Nick tells her he is at work – at home – working on their special project.  In fact he’s cleared his schedule, as nothing is more important to him than having a baby with her. 

Back at the house, Jackie apologizes to Donna for her change of mind.  Donna tries to get her to play again by asking what if Brooke and Ridge broke up?  Jackie tells her that if Brooke and Ridge break up then at least Brooke will know that Ridge is a bully – just like his mother.   

A pensive Ridge tells Phoebe he did what he had to do and would do it all over again to protect her.  Pulling Brooke’s engagement ring from his pocket, he sits looking at it, deep in thought.  Phoebe looks over and asks if that’s Brookes.  Ridge tells her that Brooke will have a long time on the flight home to clear her head and basically that she will come to her senses and everything will be all right.  Aren’t you afraid that you’ve lost her Phoebe asks?  “That’s not how our story ends” Ridge says stonily. 

Brooke is being driven home from the airport.  She calls Nick at his office and finds out that he’s home for the day working on a special project (if she only knew).  Brooke tells that driver there’s a change of plans and to now go to 68210 Rose Briar Place in Bel Air.  Brooke is talking to herself in the back seat about how she’s almost there Nick.  Still talking; still out loud to herself, ”Maybe it’ll make a difference – maybe it won’t, but you have to know my future is not with Ridge”.  I think the driver must be saying, “I hope her meds kick in soon”. 

Taylor’s pager on the table goes off and she tells Nick to start recharging his batteries as she has patients to call back.  He tells her jokingly that she just loves ‘em and leaves ‘em.  Just keep recharging is her response. 

Ridge barges in the house and asks Donna where’s Brooke.  After telling him that she hasn’t seen Brooke or Rick, she asks if something went wrong.  Before storming out he tells her yes and to pass on to Brooke that he came by.

Taylor is in her robe in Nick’s living room on her cell phone when Jackie comes in.  Jackie wants to talk to Taylor since they haven’t had a chance since the engagement had been announced.  Taylor starts to say that she knows how Jackie feels about Brooke, but Jackie stops her and says that she will always like Brooke.  She’s a marvelous woman, but she knows that Nick’s future is with Taylor.  Jackie seems genuinely happy and she hugs Taylor  (who looks a little taken aback by all this sincerity).  After sharing the hug, both women walk together into the kitchen to make some coffee and chat. 

No sooner do they round the corner for the kitchen; Brooke comes through the door.  She calls out for Nick and then heads right up the stairs.  Right for the bedroom.  Nick is sprawled out still asleep on the bed with no clue that his life is about to change.  Brooke stands at the closed bedroom door and has flashbacks of Rick’s blood on her hands.  She opens the bedroom door and slips inside.  Without opening his eyes, Nick stretches and says that he’s recharged.  When he sits up – WOW – surprise – it’s Brooke, not Taylor, standing in his bedroom. 

While struggling to put on his robe, Brooke fills him in on what happened between Rick and Ridge in Australia.  She tells him that she won’t be marrying Ridge.  When he hears the wedding is off he asks her why is she there and why is she telling him this?  She steps closer to him, staring into his eyes; she puts her arms on his neck and starts caressing him.  She tells him that she’s back and she’s his.  As she puts her lips next to his ear she whispers “I mean it this time…. I’m yours Nick”.  Cut to Nick’s face – full of confusion.

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