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Knocked out, Rick lies on the floor with both Phoebe and Brooke kneeling beside him. Brooke has blood on her hands from the gash on Rick’s lower forehead around his eye.

Taylor is surprised; Nick wants to get married right now? He says call him old fashioned, but if they are going to try to conceive tonight, he thought they’d do this in the right order. He quips that he has the minister on his speed dial, but if she has her heart set on a big wedding, they can wait. Simply she says she wanted her children to be part of the wedding, can he understand that? Certainly, he replies. And he doesn’t mind waiting as long as she doesn’t mind skipping the “I Do’s” and going straight to the honeymoon. She replies that she is good with that.

Phoebe is afraid Rick might have a concussion. Brooke wants her to call the Hotel Manager and get a doctor right away. Rick comes around and nixes that, no doctor. Phoebe wants to get towels, ice or something and even Ridge offers to help get him up. Vehemently, Brooke tells him not to bother, do not touch her son again. He promised and look what happened. Ridge argues this never would have happened if Rick would have stayed the hell away from his daughter. He was plying her with champagne. He knows where this was heading. Rick tells him that he was wrong again. Ridge reminds him he was on the bed, half naked, and his hands were all over her. Phoebe screams at him to quit trying to make this into something horrible. It wasn’t; he didn’t lure her in there to try to seduce her. They were in the hot tub and she shows him she had on a bathing suit. Rick tells her to stop. Ridge is going to believe what he wants to. And Ridge grouses that Rick is a divorced man taking advantage of a vulnerable teenager. Both Brooke and Phoebe are telling Ridge to stop it but he continues. He looks down with disdain at Rick and tells him it is OVER. From this moment on he is NOT to go near his daughter again. Does he understand? He’s not to see her nor put his hands on her in any way whatsoever. Phoebe begs him to stop this, but he declares that he is sorry but if Rick won’t stop, then he has to and he’s doing it right now. She runs from the room despite his trying to stop her. While Ridge is away, Rick too jumps up and runs out with both hollering after him to stop. Brooke holds her bloody hands out and asks Ridge how could he do this? Her son’s blood. What kind of man is he?

Clad only in his pajama bottoms, Nick stokes the fire waiting for Taylor. She appears in her black teddy and he tells her she looks beautiful and asks if she is ready for this? She replies that is the big question. She knows how much he wants a child. And because they have found each other, they’ve fallen in love, the thought of them raising a child, she hasn’t had this joy in her heart in a long while. She feels like she has something to look forward to. That’s what she needed – him to want her to be the mother of his child. She feels so blessed. That’s what he is – a blessing. She’s so lucky. They’re both lucky. They kiss and he picks her up and gently lays her on the bed.

Phoebe flies out of the hotel dashing down the street. Rick is about a hundred yards behind. Brooke laments again that her son’s blood is on her hands. Is Ridge filled with that much hate? Ridge answers no he doesn’t hate her son, but he does hate what he’s doing with his daughter. She tells him she warned him. He knows, he’s sorry. She reminds him that he assaulted her son. She can not forgive THAT. He makes a move toward her and she tells him don’t. How can they ever become a family? If she can’t trust her son with him, how can she marry him? She can’t.

Afterwards, Nick pants that did it. That must have been a homerun, out of the ballpark. Taylor coos that it is a little early to tell. But the doctor tells her she has to keep trying. She has to be a little more diligent than when she was twenty. She sighs, she thinks she is up to that challenge. “And my goodness, I think you are too!” He chirps he’s going to have to start packing them vitamins to keep up with her. She tells him that is what he does to her. So yeah, he’s going to need his stamina. He offers that swimmers have a good sense of direction. Not that he’s feeling any pressure, but since he is a sailor, he’s sort of a born navigator. So he thinks they are okay. He tells her he is actually going to go out on a limb and predict that at about nine months from tonight they will be walking through with their baby son and putting him in the corner in a nice little carriage. She reminds him it could be a little girl. That too, but probably a boy. And his son will know that he has a loving, caring, beautiful mother….stamina and a good sense of humor. She tells him to shut up and just do what he’s good at. He complies.

Ridge tells Brooke that she doesn’t mean that. He never expected to walk in and see what he saw. So, she asks, Rick drove him to this? He’s blaming her son? He points out that he found his teenager daughter in bed, in the honeymoon suite, with a guy ten years older, who’s been married and divorced and no matter what he says won’t back off, so yeah, he’s as frustrated as hell. And not just with Rick, but with her as well. He’d asked her over and over to keep her son away from his daughter. Only to find out that she knew all along they were seeing each other and didn’t tell him. She dares him to put this on her! And she says she always thought he was the answer to her dreams. But, now she looks at him and wonders if he is that same man. He has so much anger inside of him. Their love has been tested time and time again. But, this! He can’t say he loves her and then strike her son in the next breath. She glances down at her ring and slowly removes it and holds it up. He’s surprised as she cries, “I don’t want to be your wife, Ridge. I CAN’T be your wife, not after this.”

Now completely spent, Nick tells Taylor that “damn, girl, you’re going to wear me out.” She replies no, he’s wearing her out. He thinks that just about ought to do it, yes? She grabs him again and replies not even close.

Ridge looks at Brooke and says this is not happening. He loves her. They’ve waited a lifetime to be together. They have a son together. R.J. needs them. She hesitates and her voice crackles, but finally she says she can’t. She treasures it, everything they have had. And the joy that he has brought into her life. But, that joy – that joy is all dried up. She holds up her bloodied hand. Slowly she reaches out to one of his hands and puts the ring it in and folds his fingers around it, tears streaming down her face. She runs out with him asking her to come back.

Rick continues to chase Phoebe throughout the city, through the parks, the gardens, along the harbor calling her name until she finally stops. She tells him to find someone else. He tells her to listen to him, it’s okay, it doesn’t matter. She cries all she wanted to do was spend time with him, and she hates her father. Gritting his teeth, he says she doesn’t hate her father, just what he did. But, this is not the end of them, not at all. He’s not going to let that be; he loves her. He kisses her tears away. She tells him she loves him too. He vows they will come back here, just the two of them, no parents, no tears, just them. “This is not the end of us, bright eyes. It’s just the beginning.” They cover each other with kisses.

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