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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/28/07


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Nick turns on the charm and warmly greets Ashley to their meeting. She remarks the Forrester’s are no softies and she wanted to meet the man who would stand up to them. He wastes no time in asking about her new fragrance. He can smell it all the way across the room; heavenly. He chuckles when she quips if he actually invited her over here just to sniff her? He will double the Forrester’s offer. She has to decline.

Jackie anxiously awaits Donna, who proclaims despite all the proclamations and protests, that Phoebe and Rick are closer than ever. The fuse has been lit and the bomb will explode. Brooke and Ridge’s relationship won’t survive the blast! Jackie is nervous. All this time she thought Brooke was the ONLY woman for Nick, but she was wrong. She spoke with Nick, and he’s in love with Taylor.

Rick and Phoebe linger outside the door of the Sydney store. He tells her inside that door is a whole new world for her – fashion and fame….That’s okay she says as long as he is with her. He remarks as much time as the ‘Overseer’ will allow. She reminds him they will have to chill inside, but afterwards she has a surprise for him. He’s not very interested, he states, if it doesn’t mean being alone with her. She says he will be interested. They seal it with a quick kiss and make their entrance to applause and flashbulbs. Ridge gives a rather disapproving look but goes before the group and welcomes them to the little pre-opening get-together. He introduces himself, and Brooke, Rick, then Phoebe. She’s really the guest of honor and he thinks they will be seeing a lot more of her in the coming months. He comments that it is a very special time since he and Brooke will be getting married in a few days and opening a beautiful boutique in their beautiful city. Brooke chimes in that she couldn’t agree more. They are so far from home but feel right at home because of all of them. One of the reporters wants a word from Phoebe. She tells them the city is incredible, she loves it here. There’s a rumor floating around and she’s like to confirm it. Ridge looks disturbingly at Rick and then is relieved when Phoebe mentions the fragrance. There’s a new fragrance that Ashley Abbott from Jabot Cosmetics is creating and it will be called ‘Phoebe’.

Phoebe talks Rick into slipping out the back way early. He’s wary though because he thinks the guard dog chauffeur will only take them back to the hotel. Exactly, that is her plan. It better be foolproof.

Ashley is flattered but tells Nick that she is aware of his recent acquisitions trying to flatten the Forrester’s. Very ruthless, reminds her of someone back home. He hopes she likes that person. She also adds that this is just a rumor but she hears he might also be motivated by revenge because his marriage to Brooke didn’t work out……and now his involvement with Ridge’s ex-wife. He agrees it’s a little messy, but they are engaged. Taylor walks up outside just in time to hear Ashley have doubts if that is a wise thing….to be married to someone who is so involved with the Forrester’s and they have three kids together. He agrees, yeah love is a funny thing.

Ridge answers another reporter’s question. There are two Forrester’s but only one Original. And Nick Marone can’t begin to touch what they have created here. With all their years together and their creativity and passion. Brooke gives him a kiss for the press. Another states they’d like to get a few more pictures of Phoebe, but they can’t find her. Brooke and Ridge look concerned.

Donna remarks that Nick is only with Taylor because he thinks Brooke is lost to him. But, with any luck, that is about to change. Her phone rings and she confirms that Rick and Phoebe have just arrived at the suite. She wants the young lady to send an invoice immediately to Ridge Forrester regarding the booking of the honeymoon suite. She tells Jackie she is trying to make sure that her sister doesn’t make the biggest mistake of her life. Rick and Phoebe are crazy about each other, but Ridge won’t give them a second alone. She brags that is all about to change. She’s booked them the suite and they are on their way right now. And when Ridge goes off on Rick again, then Brooke will see this family is doomed before it even starts. This engagement is over.

Rick is speechless – WOW. Phoebe says she just wanted to spend some time with him alone, but since they are banned from leaving the hotel, this is the next best thing. He’s amazed that she booked the honeymoon suite. She shows him a spa on the deck with an amazing view. And since their parents are at the boutique they will have a couple of hours alone. She flashes her tiny bathing suit and he grins before kissing her.

Ridge and Brooke scout the room but don’t find either Rick or Phoebe. Brooke tells him not to jump to conclusions. His cell rings and it’s an invoice confirmation. He thinks it must be a mistake – for the honeymoon suite?

Nick tells Ashley that using a woman for revenge, that isn’t what he is about. Taylor enters and he introduces them. Both are gracious and Ashley tells her that her daughter, Phoebe, is a beautiful girl. Taylor says she is indeed honored to be working with Ashley. Ashley congratulates them on their engagement and leaves. Taylor says she came to tell him a couple of things. First, that she loves him. And today is the day to make babies, the timing is perfect. He says he thinks he is ready to do his part. He calls his secretary to cancel all his appointments. And tells Taylor there is some place he’d like to take her. She answers that she is all his. And – oh BTW, he loves her too. He plants a kiss on her.

Ridge tells the caller there must be a mistake. But is told Mr. Forrester just checked in. He confides to a shocked Brooke that Rick just took Phoebe to the honeymoon suite. They come in from the spa in their robes. Phoebe unfolds the bed linens and fluffs the pillows and crawls on the bed with Rick following. She says she wants to tell him something. At Big Bear, she wanted him to make love to her, but he’d stopped them. If they had, perhaps they wouldn’t even be together now. And she’s been thinking a lot about what he said about their first time together. It should be special and not forbidden. And she is grateful to him for that. And she knows whenever it does happen, it will be perfect….and worth the wait. And having her dad’s blessing may not be bad either. They giggle and he says well that is never going to happen. Stills he wants them to make a commitment to each other. Meanwhile her cell phone is flashing with messages.

Taylor is surprised when Nick shows her to the inside of a church. She remarks she doesn’t think they will allow them to make babies in here. He’ll probably make her crazy or make her cry, but he also hopes he makes her happy. She says he does make her happy. He says he hopes so because he’s completely committed to this and he wants to do it the right way. If they are lucky enough to bring a child into this world, he wants that child to know that mom and dad are there together… in every way and that they are trying to do their best. So he brought her here tonight as he wants to marry her here….and now.

Phoebe and Rick kiss and she laughs that the favorite part of all of this is their robes. He feigns hurt – what the robes? Yeah, they are so soft. He says yeah, his ego can lose out to a bathrobe, they are so soft. He was thinking about taking one home and giving it to her on her birthday. Soft, but not as soft as this…….kiss. She laments she only wants to stay with him there forever. He calls her an angel, just sent down from Heaven to torment him……only in the best way. She giggles that okay, she admits it. She was just hanging out on a cloud up there. And she heard this singing, but it was a little off, so she had to come check it out. And that’s when she saw him. And an arrow went straight through her heart. It was gross with blood everywhere.

Ridge lets himself into the suite and of course heads straight to the bedroom. He shouts ‘you bastard’ at Rick who starts to jump up but Ridge gets to him first and grabs him by the scruff of the neck collar and punches him right in the face. Phoebe is yelling at him to stop. Both she and Brooke run to Rick and bend down to him. Brooke holds his head and when she removes her hand, it is covered with blood. She glares at Ridge who has a satisfied stoic as a rock look.

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