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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/27/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by nz85

Phoebe rushes to her door and lets Rick in…..well almost. They don’t even close the door until they are in each others arms smothering each other with kisses. She asks if he wants to order something or watch a movie? He chooses the movie; he’s afraid her father is right behind the door, he might hear them. She says he is a sound sleeper and what is crazy is being half way around the world and being able to have a second alone. The phone rings and Rick thinks that is strange Ridge getting a phone call at three in the morning. She reminds him that it is morning back home and the day just starting. And if her dad comes in, Rick can always hide in the bathroom. But, he doesn’t want to act like a criminal for loving her. It’s the lying and sneaking around that makes him ashamed. She vows she will think of something. She won’t let them do this to them. They can’t stop what they have before they even begin. They share one last kiss before saying goodnight.

Ridge lies in bed talking to Stephanie. He asks if she knows what time it is there? She replies yes but she just wanted to let him know that Taylor and Nick have gotten engaged. He says he’s heard and what can he say…..he can’t get involved with Taylor’s life. So she asks, he’s just going to let this happen? He offers he has enough trouble just getting his eighteen year old daughter to listen to him. She says a certain amount of teenage rebellion is expected. She just doesn’t want it to get out of hand with Rick. Ridge tells her the press even brought up Amber and her new Aussie boyfriend-husband. Stephanie says this is just the sort of scandal she feared. Better tell Brooke to get control of her son or ship him home. Ridge states that no one can tell Rick what to do. He could just wring his neck. Stephanie answers just belt him one. That will get his attention. Is Brooke still taking the no harm position? Is this is the way it will be when they are married? He assures her that he is handling them, all right? And another sleepless night is not what he needs. Brooke hears the remark about wringing Rick’s neck and resents it.

Ann sniffs that she will just have toast when offered huevos rancheros. They seemed to have disagreed with her last time and she doesn’t even know what salsa is. Eric offers for Delores to just scramble her some eggs. She tells him not to bother. And to Stephanie she snaps that maybe she thinks she can starve her out if she can’t order her out. Stephanie reminds her that she is a guest in this house. And as such, she would appreciate that she act like a guest. Pamela tries to smooth things by saying she can cook for them in the guest house. Ann asks how much disrespect can she take? Stephanie fires back – how much disrespect did she have to take? “Remember I’m the child you refused to protect.” Ann calls her a hypocrite. Didn’t she hear her on the phone with Ridge telling him to belt someone? Stephanie says for God’s sake, it was just an expression. She slams the glass in her hand down, shattering it while all look on in shock. She gets up to clean up. Eric and Pam ask if she is all right or did she cut herself? And what brought this all on? She answers oh perhaps sixteen years of child abuse and maybe thirty years of neglect. And Ann quips that she will be holding that over her head for the rest of her life. Stephanie snorts that well she has lived with it every day, so she can too! Ann calls her savage and cruel. Stephanie accuses her of making her that way. Ann says she pities her children. Stephanie says at least it’s more than she did for hers! Pam asks what does she want her to do? She can go pack their things. Stephanie starts to say yes, but Eric says no. No one is making any life-altering decisions at this point. Pam says let her go get her mother some breakfast. She is a lot worse when she hasn’t eaten. Stephanie snaps for Pam to stop ‘coddling’ her mother. Pam says she isn’t coddling. Stephanie points out that she is and that’s why she has NO life. As she leaves, Eric says he gets it – she’s angry. She snaps at him, yes she is! He says it has been beaten and bred into her bones by her father. Well, he’s dead….he’s dead and gone. He tells her that even the threat of violence he considers abusive and he will not have it in this home. Not in his family.

Phoebe sits at her laptop and her phone rings. It’s Donna who asks why is she e-mailing her at this hour? Phoebe replies because she is going crazy and she is the only one she doesn’t hate right now. She says well she doesn’t hate anyone, but it’s just so hard. Her dad snaps at Rick every half hour and they can’t leave the hotel or go to a play or go to the beach, nothing. She tells Donna that Rick just left her room. The place is so gorgeous and romantic. They just wanted to be alone and watch a movie. Phoebe gushes for her to click on the accommodations – the honeymoon suite. How amazing that would be…to spend the night there with room service and an hour in that spa, just her and Rick with candles. Rick would be a gentleman as always. Donna encourages her. So what is stopping her? Just call down to the desk and book it. Phoebe says she couldn’t do that. She does have the company credit card, but they’d know it was her and have to run it past her father. Donna even suggests another plan – Molly who made the original plans. Perhaps SHE could call and reserve it.

Ridge reveals to Brooke that people say things like that all the time. It doesn’t make them homicidal maniacs. Brooke adds that she knows he doesn’t want Rick and Phoebe to get romantically involved. Well, neither does she. But, face it, it’s happening right before their eyes. And yes it is upsetting but what is more upsetting is the way he is handling it. Threats, yelling, saying things like ‘killing’ and ‘wringing your neck’. She asks if he knows who that comes from? Who he sounds like? She is sure SHE isn’t too thrilled with Nick and Taylor getting married. He’s shocked that she is saying he is acting like his mother now. She explains that his mother has a very violent impulse. And don’t try to defend her because she has been on the receiving end too many times. But what is scaring her even more is she is now beginning to see that in him. He tells her she knows as much as anyone being a good parents means when to draw the line. That is all he is doing with Phoebe now. She points out that is all Stephanie thought she was doing with them all these years. Maybe that is what her father told himself too. Now he really knows he doesn’t like where this conversation is going. Simply she says she doesn’t like it either, so they can just go back to bed.

Stephanie snaps at Eric – violence? Why, because she doesn’t want her mother there? And she even told him that the day he brought her here. He thinks she antagonizes Ann. She had Delores to make her a breakfast that she knew Ann would not eat. She pounds her fist. She does NOT want her mother here. Why won’t he listen to her? He tells her why doesn’t she drive her mother around to these open houses and continue doing it until she relents and move into one? Stephanie brays why the hell doesn’t he drive her around? He asks why doesn’t she stop yelling at everybody?........him, Pam, her mother. It doesn’t solve the problem, it BECOMES the problem. She replies to let her explain. Forgiveness is not a one-time thing like at Christmas. It’s something that you get up with every single morning and try to do OVER and OVER and OVER again. She grits her teeth and says, but there are some days when she just can not do it! Eric tells her what she is doing is becoming intolerable. She’s not just the victim here, she is making everyone the victim. She asks if she has ever raised a hand to their children? He asks about Jackie? And Brooke? He accuses her of being pretty selective about her targets….like her father. She lets out a groan, how DARE he compare her to him! Ridge says and oh Ridge, it’s clear that he is emulating her in the way he is treating Rick. She spits he’s just the father of an innocent eighteen year old girl that he doesn’t want fooling around with a man that has already been married and divorced....and older than she is. He finds that unacceptable and she agrees with him. Eric says he might agree too. But, after they express their opinion here, once they say how they feel, that is pretty much all they can do about it. She says Ridge doesn’t take that position. Of course, he replies. The position he takes is the one she does – the Enforcer. “I say no, I mean no, and I am going to mean no the rest of my life!” Does she know how it makes him feel to hear one son tell another, to threaten him by saying he is going to kill him? She reminds him that it is just blown way out of proportion. Eric says Ridge is badgering and bullying. And he got that message loud and clear from her. And now if he keeps pushing like this, pushing and pushing, he’s going to break something that he doesn’t mean to break. Like the glass on the table this morning, and it’s going to be Stephanie’s fault. He eschews that she blames her mother for not defending her when she was abused as a child. Well, there are those who turn their back and then there are those who stir the pot. He jabs his finger at her and says he wants her to stop that!

Brooke has fits of nightmares, hearing Ridge threatening to kill her son, Stephanie doing the same to her, calling her the whore of Beverly Hills, Ridge wanting her like a $2 hooker. Ridge wakes her and assures her it’s all right, she was just having a bad dream.

Phoebe waits a few minutes and asks Donna if it worked? Donna says she never liked the name Donna, she could get used to Molly. Yes, she booked the suite. Now she has to do promise her something. That she is not setting up something that she will regret. That she and Rick are serious about not crossing that line sexually. Phoebe promises they won’t. They just want to be alone. Donna warns her the bill will go to the accounting office so her father could still hear about it. Phoebe says she knows and she doesn’t care. She won’t do anything she is ashamed of. And she thanks Donna for being a friend when she needed one.

Phoebe dials Rick and asks if she woke him? He grumbles no, he couldn’t sleep. She tells him she has done something when he wasn’t looking. He asks if he should dare ask? She brags they are going to be alone, at last, just “you and me”. He asks how that is even possible since her father’s watchdog won’t even let them leave the hotel? She teases he will just have to wait and find out. She told him she would make it happen, and it did – tomorrow!

Brooke understands the nightmares but tells Ridge she is afraid of what may be happening to them and where it could be leading. The way Stephanie lashes out at her….and the look in her eye before it happens. He thinks that is all behind them now. She says no, she saw that look in his eye up at Big Bear and again tonight at dinner. Ridge asks what about the look in Rick’s eyes? The way he looks at his little girl. They’ve welcomed him into their lives, welcomed him into their home. There was only ONE thing forbidden for him and yet he can’t stay away from that. She asks and what if they are supposed to be together? What if there is nothing they can do to stop them? How far will he go then? He tells her that he promised he would never lay his hands on him again. She asks is that a promise he can keep? Because Stephanie made a lot of promises too. He asks her if she is saying that whatever his mother has become that he is also destined to become? Come on, he doesn’t believe that at all. That’s not his destiny. His destiny is Logan. Her love is what makes him wake up every day. He’d rather cut off his own arm than to do something he thought she would never forgive him for. He really doesn’t want to hurt Rick. He just wants to make sure that nothing hurts his daughter. She says she is sorry. He says that is okay. He thinks it is better they tell each other what they are afraid of. Something that he is most afraid of is losing her.

She goes into his arms and vows she just wants to be with him. She has waited so long for that to happen. She just didn’t want it to be this hard. He tells her after the wedding it won’t be, she’ll see. Even Rick will be able to see that. It’ll get better. And he’s only going to love her more and more. She asks him if he promises. He says yes, hang in there. They are almost there!

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