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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/26/07


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Ambling around Sydney, Ridge would like nothing more than to play hooky and play nookie with Brookie, but there is work to be done. She tells him the staff will love him. He remarks if she approves, then he likes them already too. She thinks they will also like Rick and Phoebe. He reminds her there is NO Rick and Phoebe, not if he has anything to say about it.

A knock at Phoebe’s door as she cozies with Rick and she suspects it’s her father. Instead it’s a driver, named Glen, ready to take them over to their meeting at the boutique. And he can’t let them out of his sight, he’s to take Miss Phoebe down, instructions from her father. Before she can leave, Taylor calls to ask how’s Australia? She answers that it is amazing and she is having lots of fun. Taylor just wants to touch base and give her a fast piece of news before someone else does. Phoebe is speechless when Taylor tells her that Nick asked her to marry him and she said yes. Phoebe asks if her dad knows? Taylor says she tried to call but left a message. She’s happy about this and wants Phoebe to be happy for her too. Phoebe mutters she is, congratulations.

Jackie sashays into Nick’s office and asks if there is anything he wants to tell her about his personal life? (hint, hint, very subtle). When he says no, she scolds him that she has just spoken with Donna and she told her of his engagement to Taylor. Why hadn’t HE told her? He chides that he likes torturing her. So is it true, and she said yes? He replies yes. Then Jackie says she is happy if he’s happy. He assures her he is. She repeats then she is, but she’d like to suggest one thing – just wait. Wait to see if Brooke’s marriage to Ridge really, really happens. He sighs.

Brooke leads Ridge to Double Bay, the perfect place for their boutique. He calls it the Beverly Hills Down Under. “I wouldn’t mind being down under you, to tell the truth.” She coyly reminds him this is a business trip. He figures maybe monkey business. She spots Forrester Originals Sydney and drags him in.

Stephanie is about to knock when Taylor heads out the door. Stephanie asks is this a bad time, and Taylor replies that it is. She was on her way out. Stephanie asks if she may please come in? Is she on her way to see Nick? Perturbed, Taylor comes back inside. Stephanie starts that she knows this has been a difficult year for Taylor. She’s been alone…… lonely….things didn’t work out with Thorne. And here she is with Nick, but getting pregnant isn’t going to solve those problems. Taylor wonders how she even knows about this? But assures her she is not jumping into this. She and Nick are engaged. And she holds her hand in front of Stephanie’s face to flash her ring.

Brooke introduces the staff to Ridge and they welcome Mr. Forrester to Australia. Rick and Phoebe are quick to enter and she introduces all to Rick as well. And to Phoebe, Ridge’s daughter. They all proclaim that she is already a big hit there. Rick takes the opportunity to snarl at Ridge for the ‘goon’ he calls a driver who Ridge hired to baby-sit Phoebe. He’s got to be the slowest driver in Sydney. Ridge complies by saying he better get used to it because he’s going to be taking care of Phoebe until they get back to L.A. Rick grouses why doesn’t he just tie a leash around her neck? It would be a lot easier. Ridge starts to call him a snotty little…… until Brooke interrupts and forces them to stop it. Don’t do this here!

Nick tells his mother to read his lips. He doesn’t CARE what happens with Brooke’s marriage to Forrester. Whether it comes off or not, Taylor is the woman he wants to be with. She campaigns again for him to stop and think. Phoebe and Rick are madly in love. And despite everything that Ridge has done to keep them apart, they are still together. He’s not going to accept the relationship so sooner rather than later, that will come between him and Brooke. Nick points out that won’t affect his feelings. He’s marrying Taylor and he’s asked her to have his child.

Taylor reinforces to Stephanie that she is marrying Nick. Stephanie wonders what is the hurry, why now? Taylor says they’ve both been married before, they know what they want. They know what they are looking for and they aren’t getting any younger, so why wait? Stephanie offers but what if she could get her family back? What if she could get Ridge back? Taylor gestures that ship has sailed! Clearly the children were the only thing they had in common when she came back home. Now he wants to get on with his new life with Brooke. Stephanie states that Brooke has been lying to Ridge….lying about the kids and their relationship because she supports it. And that will create turmoil. Brooke is still Brooke…..whatever feels good and to hell with the consequences. Taylor says she is sorry that Stephanie now doesn’t feel that Brooke is right for her son. But if they are friends, then doesn’t she support and respect her choices? And furthermore, she wants her to back off and leave Phoebe alone. Stephanie comes close to accusing her for supporting this relationship with Rick.

Brooke blasts Ridge – what was he thinking? And here he is worried about Rick and Phoebe making a scene! The managers tell them of tomorrow’s champagne reception and think Phoebe and Rick will be a big hit. Their photos are all over the Internet, and they make a handsome couple. The local paparazzi will eat them up. Emphatically, Ridge states they are NOT a couple. Those photos were taken out of context and whatever they heard isn’t true. “I can promise you that, never was, never will be.” Rick glares at him.

Stephanie demands to know what Taylor means if she is not sure how she feels about the relationship. Taylor confesses she is not comfortable with their age difference, or Rick’s life experiences. She doesn’t want Phoebe to get in over her head. Stephanie says she agrees with her, and her father does as well. Taylor laments that she is not thrilled about this, but she’s not a little girl. She’s eighteen and they are going to do what they want anyway. And other than advise them there is nothing the two of them or anyone else can do to stop them. Stephanie admits she really is worried about Ridge, what he might do. Taylor can’t worry about that either. Ridge is not her problem anymore. Her life is with Nick. They are going to get married and settle down. And God willing, starting a family together.

In their suite, Ridge pours champagne before an elegant dinner while Brooke checks in at the office and says everything is okay. She tells them they won’t believe who got married – Amber. Some bartender named Cane. They met in Genoa City but he’s Australian. Rick scoffs that he probably doesn’t know what he’s got himself into. Brooke wants to make a toast before dinner – to their smashing success in their Sydney boutique and all the other locations around the world. Phoebe adds and to Brooke for arranging this fabulous dinner. Brooke returns the favor by saying everybody is real excited about her. Phoebe blushes that she hopes she won’t do anything stupid tomorrow and embarrass herself. Ridge tells her she won’t, just be herself. She says at least she will have Rick there for support. Yes, Ridge declares, he will just love that.

Phoebe tells him that he can pretend that nothing is going on between them, but that is not going to change anything. It’s her life. She’s not telling him that he can’t marry Brooke. Nor her mom that she can’t marry Nick. Ridge’s ears perk up. What did she say? She repeats her mom is marrying Nick. She just called earlier. He looks to Brooke and asks if she knew about this. She admits she did. He asks why didn’t she tell him?

Jackie returns and says she didn’t want to leave the way things were. She didn’t want to be at odds with Nicky. She confesses that yes she wants him to be with Brooke, but they can’t always get what they want. What’s important is that he is happy. She knows how much he has always wanted to be a father, and if he thinks that Taylor is the right woman for him……She almost chokes but finally gets it out, then she supports him 100%. Taylor walks in at this point and he tells her they were discussing their engagement. Jackie assures her she is ecstatic and congratulates her with a big hug. Taylor accepts it and says that means a lot. Jackie says she knows they have a lot to talk about so she will dash off and get together with Taylor later.

Taylor asks Nick if that was for real? He thinks so. He’d told her that Taylor was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and she’d better get used to it. Taylor asks if he told her that they wanted to have a baby? He says yeah, that’s probably what did it. She knows how important it is for him to be a father and that he wanted Taylor to have his child. She says about getting pregnant – there is no time like right now to get started. Their lips lock.

Phoebe tells Ridge not to be angry at Brooke. Her mom wanted to tell him herself and she had left a message that he hadn’t returned. He nods and says that who he or her mother marries has nothing to do with her and Rick, two separate issues. Angrily, she says no they are not. He has the right to be involved with whomever he wants, just as she does. If someone told him to stop loving Brooke, could he? He recommends they talk about something else. She declares that she and Rick love each other. He tells her to stop this. She asks if Brooke can support them, then why can’t he? He answers that he doesn’t expect her to really understand where he is coming from. Some day when she is older and has kids of her own, she will get it. Rick sneers why does he hate him so much?

He mouths that Rick thought he could take advantage of his daughter. He thought she’d just be another notch on his belt, didn’t he? But, that’s not going to happen. He will NEVER allow him to take advantage of her. Brooke gets up to calm Ridge. Rick rises as well and asks so what is he going to do? His daughter is eighteen years old. Is he going to lock her in her room for the rest of her life. Ridge bristles, “if that is what it takes, you damn right, I will.” Phoebe jumps up and cries for him to stop it, she can’t take this anymore. He is suffocating her! Ridge tries to stop her but she rushes out. Rick follows, telling Ridge doesn’t he get it? She doesn’t want to be anywhere near him.

Brooke tries to make him see what he is doing. They just wanted to go to the beach together. He remarks that is only asking for trouble. What if somebody recognizes them and takes a picture and it will be all over the Internet. She asks if that really would be the end of the world? He puts his foot down and says he doesn’t want to argue with her about this. He really feels bad that they are even having this conversation. He is NEVER going to accept Phoebe and Rick as a couple. Not ever! He slams his napkin down and walks off.

Phoebe rushes to her room and dabs a Kleenex at her eyes and nose. Rick knocks on the door and wants to be let in. She tells him he should not be here. He doesn’t give a damn about her dad. He just wants to make sure she is okay. They will make this work. He tells her listen, he doesn’t care what her dad says or what he does. It doesn’t change how he feels about her. He loves her. She tells him she loves him too. They start to kiss when Ridge calls out to her. They quickly kiss and then part, he dashes off but she follows for one last quick kiss in the hallway. One too many, Ridge rounds the corner and looks disapprovingly.

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