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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/23/07


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Overlooking the harbor, Brooke takes a phone call down under from Donna. She assures her everything is great. Everybody is really excited about the launch and she thinks it is going to be spectacular. Donna teases her about bragging to the competition. And she hopes it’s not all meetings, she should have some fun in Sydney. Brooke tells her she will just as soon as Ridge and the kids get there. She thought it’d be a good experience for Rick and Phoebe too. Donna is not sure that is a good idea considering how Ridge feels about Rick. She hates to see her make a big mistake and get sucked back into the Forrester family. And then there is Nick…..he’s never gotten over Brooke. But Brooke says he has, he’s engaged to Taylor. Donna is stunned but Brooke says it’s true and wistfully says whatever they had – it’s over. Donna immediately calls Jackie and leaves a message to meet her at Insomnia.

Ridge eyeballs Phoebe, keeping her distance but looking at Rick in a dreamy way. He warns them they are about to land, go freshen up. He already has and Phoebe admires his new spiffy look. Sarcastically, Rick tells him that he really wasn’t planning on coming on this trip, but now that he has, he’d really like to enjoy himself. He bets Ridge would too, but that is never going to happen if he insists on dogging him the entire trip. And he cautions him that his mother wants him here even if Ridge doesn’t. Phoebe returns and asks if they are still arguing? Ridge tells her of course not, just getting a few things straight. Phoebe begs him not to ruin this trip. Ridge assures her he wouldn’t do that. She says yeah he will if he doesn’t lighten up. They are debuting a fragrance and opening a new store in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the hype will be great, he should be having fun. He tells her it WILL be fun as long as she stays away from Rick. She reminds her dad that if she avoids Rick, people will think something is wrong. Ridge says he will worry about that.

Jackie rushes in and asks Donna to tell her she is making headway with Phoebe. Donna fires off that she and Rick are in Sydney opening a new boutique, but that is not the reason she called her. Why didn’t she tell her about Nick and Taylor? Bridget, who has just walked in, overhears this – that they are engaged. Jackie is dismayed as well – Nicky engaged to Taylor to be married? Donna laments but they aren’t married yet, and neither are Brooke and Ridge. The two of them still have time and with Rick and Phoebe in Australia, that could work in their favor. They are staying in the same hotel, a romantic getaway, thousands of miles away from home. Ridge can not watch them every single second. They find time to be alone and something happens. Jackie comments that Ridge will then come down on Rick. And Brooke won’t stand for it. Donna adds there is one more person that Brooke is more loyal to than Ridge – her son Rick. If Ridge crosses that line again –well they are already on thin ice. Jackie vows that Nicky can not marry Taylor, not now. Donna chimes in not if there is a chance he could be with Brooke….and there is. Jackie scoots away and announces she has to talk with Nicky. Bridget corners Donna and asks what are the two of them up to? Trying to break up her mom and Ridge?

Brooke comes aboard the plane and greets Ridge and the kids. She comments on Rick’s haircut. Phoebe confesses she did it – and before her father walked in. Ridge says don’t ask. Or about the flight either. They want to hear what she’s been doing so far and she says work. She was waiting on the sightseeing when they got here. Ridge extols that it is going to be a business trip, not a lot of free time. Brooke says they can still have fun, she has a schedule in the car. Rick says they are waiting on customs and that will be a little bit yet. And not soon enough for him as fourteen hours on a plane is a long time. He sneers that fourteen hours on a plane with somebody’s eyes boring a hole in the back of your skull is a very long time. Ridge offers it could have been worse. At least no one got tossed into the ocean. Brooke teases that she can see they are all very tired, but they’ll feel better when they shake the cobwebs out and see what all the excitement is about. There is a buzz about Forrester Originals. Ridge likes that and he wants everyone talking about that, and not about Rick and Phoebe. He’s serious, they can’t afford any bad publicity. He warns them he does not want them sneaking off whispering in corners. And if there is a picture taken of the two of them, he wants someone else standing in the middle. Understood?

Brooke says she doesn’t think that is necessary. He repeats he thinks it is very necessary. Phoebe and Rick need to know what is expected of them. She cautions now that he has laid the law down, she wants him to know what is expected of him. Rick wants to go and Phoebe can’t wait to take a shower and a nap. Brooke says they are going nowhere until they hear what she has to say. They didn’t come half way around the world to argue about the same things they do at home. This could be a really great experience for all of them. And she is not going to handle bickering. She points out to Rick and Phoebe, they need to behave. And to Ridge – relax. And maybe they can all co-exist and have a great time. Sydney is a wonderful city with so many things to do. There’s no people any friendlier than the Australians. So let them do as the Aussies do and be nice to each other.

Rick wants to save the sightseeing for later; they need a little space. She remarks that a car is picking up him and Phoebe while she and Ridge will have another car. Ridge is dubious of those plans, not going all together. She tells him they have dinner plans around seven so they’ll see each other then. The kids rush off and he starts to follow. No, this isn’t right. She restrains him and tells him to let it go. They promised to be good so they have to trust them. That’s the point, he doesn’t trust them. She convinces him that he has to. It’s been a long trip….he’s tired and he’s tense and she knows just what to do to get him out of this mood. She goes into her usual Logan liplock.

Bridget tells Donna that she heard her talking to Jackie and she knows she is trying to derail her mother’s wedding. Donna says she is only looking out for her sister. By plotting against her, says Bridget. Donna explains that relationship is unhealthy. Bridget knows what life will be like with battling Stephanie and bowing to Ridge. And this conflict with Rick and Phoebe is just beginning. Bridget thinks that her mom and Ridge have handled that. Donna disagrees. Ridge handled it and forced Brooke to accept his decision. Bridget thinks the kids have ended their relationship anyway. Donna states they haven’t. She has spoken with Phoebe and they are still very much in love. Sooner or later they are going to act on their feelings. And when they do, her sister will be caught in the middle of a minefield. Bridget really doesn’t see how this is any of Donna’s business. Her mom and Ridge have handled everything else that has come their way. She is sure they can handle this too. Donna maintains they have never faced something like this. They are talking about their kids. Brooke has made mistakes, she has admitted that, but there is one she does not want to repeat – choosing a man over her own children. But, if she is forced to pick a side, there is no question, she will pick Rick.

Strolling arm in arm, Brooke coos to Ridge isn’t he glad they didn’t go straight back to the hotel? He admits he is kind of anxious to get there. She wonders because he wants to be alone with her, or doesn’t want Phoebe and Rick to be alone together? If he wants them to act responsibly, then he has to give them a chance to be responsible. Constantly looking over their shoulder will only make them rebel. She remarks they will make it through this, just like they always do. As long as they have each other, that is all that matters, right? They stop and share a kiss.

At the Stamford Plaza, Rick opens Phoebe’s suite and she rushes in and flops on the bed, remarking that all she wants to do is stay in bed all day. When he lifts his eyebrows, she adds “sleeping” because she is really tired. She hopes the whole trip isn’t going to be like this, she hates being watched. He comments that no one is watching them now. As he tries to sneak a little kiss, her cell phone goes off. He quips her dad must have the room bugged. She says no but she is sure that door connects to Brooke and Ridge’s room. It’s Donna, making sure they made it to Sydney. She hears Rick’s voice in the background, are they alone? Better make the most of it. They might not get another opportunity on this trip. She chirps to her that she’s in one of the most romantic cities in the world with an incredible guy. Don’t act like she is doomed…..a little jet-lagged, but not doomed. They will have an amazing time, but they just have to make it happen. If there is anything that she can do……..

Rick yanks Phoebe off the bed and tells her it’s time to cheer up. They have Sydney right outside the window and her dad is nowhere in sight. It’s time they make the most of it and they drift into each other’s arms with a sweet kiss.

Brooke points out points of interest but Ridge is not even looking. He proclaims he is looking at everything he wants to see. How is it she is even more beautiful in the Southern Hemisphere? She can see she sure got him out of his mood. He answers yes and into another one! Hmmmmm. It’s turned out to be a very good day. She teaches him how to say g’day and they laugh over other colorful local expressions. He doesn’t know what the heck she said, but she’s really something. “My Logan, forever and ever.”

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