B&B Thursday Update 3/22/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/22/07


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Brooke strolls the scenic Sydney harbor overlooking the Opera House and thinks how much Ridge will love this.

Still down on one knee, Nick tells a stunned Taylor he loves her and wants a life with her. He’s asking her to be his wife. Tears streaming, she awaits him to put the ring on her finger and he declares it a perfect fit. She laughs when he says his knees are starting to hurt; she helps him up and they hug and kiss.

In his office, Ridge is finishing up with packing when Brooke calls. She tells him she thinks it would be a missed opportunity if he didn’t bring Phoebe with him. The new fragrance is all abuzz and they want to meet the young lady. He’s sold on that since he wasn’t too keen on leaving her here alone with Rick. But he’s aghast when she wants him to bring Rick too since he’s a genius on international marketing. He grouses that being on the plane with him for fourteen hours, that’s a recipe for disaster. She tells him how important this is to her, and it should be important to him too. She reminds him they ought to be bringing their families together, so please just do this for her. Rick walks in and Ridge brings up the new plans. Rick sees this as an opportunity for Ridge to put an ocean between him and Phoebe. Ridge states that the plane leaves in an hour. Be there or not, but he’s not leaving Phoebe here.

Taylor tells Nick she never expected this, but she’s not going anywhere. He won’t lose her. And oh, by the way, he laments, he wants her to have his child.

Rick quickly shares the joy with Phoebe and suggests she act surprised when Ridge tells her. Ridge asks how fast can she pack? Brooke called and they want to meet the girl behind the inspiration for the new fragrance. She has to remind him one more time that she is NOT a girl, she is a woman. He declares they can use this time then to re-connect as father and daughter, with better communication the way they used to have before Rick came into the picture. She wishes he could try to understand Rick. Is this why Ridge wants to take her and keep them separated? No, he answers, Brooke wants him to come too. He tells her to go home and pack and he’ll pick her up in an hour. She and Rick are euphoric that it’s really happening.

Brooke reflects that – her family – they NEED to come together. She sees flashbacks of Rick telling her that Ridge wanted to kill him and her reminding him that Ridge will be fine. And then her telling Ridge if he laid his hands on Rick again, he’d lose her.

Taylor scoffs, he wants her to have a baby? He quips yeah now that they have been engaged for a few minutes, he was thinking about it. No pressure, but he would like an answer as soon as possible. She thinks he is going to drive this shrink crazy, isn’t he? She just never pictured herself pregnant again. For that matter, she never thought she’d fall in love again…..and with a sea captain-turned-fashion mogul….and now he’s asked her to marry him…..and wants her to have his child…..and has admitted he is going to drive her crazy….yeah, she can go to a doctor…..and get a checkup……oh wait, she has already done that. She sits on his lap and says she already went because she wanted to be sure it was still possible, and she knew how much he wanted his own child. She confesses that having a baby is the most amazing thing you can do in your life and she wants him to experience that. “It would be my honor and my pleasure to have your baby.”

Ridge buckles up and maintains that Australia, here we come! Rick has to wave from the tarmac and be let aboard and apologizes for being late. Suddenly Phoebe is all smiles. Rick sneers that fourteen hours on the plane, just the three of them, it doesn’t get any better than that! Ridge gives him a lame whoopee sign.

Ridge finally sacks out and Phoebe wants to get a little amorous. Rick reminds her that Ridge has fire in his eyes, if he makes one wrong move…..She states he wouldn’t dare, he knows he would lose Brooke if he laid a hand on Rick again. He wouldn’t risk it. She says he can’t follow them the entire trip, so they will have some alone time. In the meantime, she leans over for a kiss when Ridge stirs and they let out a sigh of relief that they didn’t get caught.

Getting out of bed in his cute little black shorts, Nick grabs Taylor on the behind as she wears his pj top and is cutting some apples and cheese. He’s going to take a shower, when the phone rings. She answers it as it might be an emergency. It’s Brooke, surprised at hearing Taylor’s voice, but wanting to talk to Nick about picking up Hope. Taylor explains that he is indisposed at the moment…..they are on the Marlin…..the new Marlin, the one she bought him. Brooke seems unnerved by this – Taylor bought him a boat? Yeah, and he is on Cloud 9 about that among other things. Brooke asks what ‘other things?’ Taylor thinks that should come from him, but finally confesses that he proposed tonight; they are getting married. Now Brooke is really stunned.

Taylor hands off the phone to Nick when he returns. Brooke congratulates him, but she really didn’t put much feelings in it, she didn’t expect it. He tells her that she moved on, isn’t it time that he did too? Sadly they both say goodbye. She looks out across the harbor and thinks happily of their wedding day, sailing the waters, having picnics on the beach, him playing the guitar and singing. He has similar memories of proposing, romantic moments, making love.

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