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Taylor glances through a baby book as Stephanie stops by, only to lay her little pearls of wisdom on her and tell her to be careful of that son of a bitch, Nick. And Phoebe, she’s worried about her hormones running wild. Taylor says she has been doing this for a while, she is pretty sure she can appeal to her good senses. Stephanie remarks that hell, she is only a teenager and she can’t think straight when it comes to Rick. And Ridge can’t stand him or trust him. Taylor opines they will work it out. Stephanie offers that Brooke and Ridge’s relationship is pretty fragile right now. Taylor wonders if she thinks it means it is doomed? Stephanie replies if she wants to be melodramatic, then yes. Taylor thinks they have survived worse. Stephanie asks if she isn’t worried either about Phoebe? Taylor tells her she keeps circling right back to Phoebe, but it’s not about her, it has everything to do with Stephanie. So stop spinning, just get to the point and spit it out! Stephanie imparts okay; the simple truth is she wants her to be part of the family again. And Phoebe wants her parents back together….she needs them together. Taylor tells her to stop. She has given her relationship with Ridge and with Stephanie every chance in the world, and it’s just over. It’s too late. The fact is, she’s through with THIS family; she is in love with Nick.

In his office, Nick is holding onto a salvaged piece of The Marlin, remembering that frightening night when he almost lost Taylor to the murky waters. He sounds very fatalistic when Jackie comes in and he tells her it was the last piece left found by Chuck. And he’s just sort of been thinking about the last few years….one long blur of activity….really life-changing events and he wonders if he might have missed something. She assures him things will calm down. She touches his tie and tells him he looks awfully dapper. Chuckling, he says Taylor called and she has something special planned. Actually they both do. She asks with everything going on, doesn’t he think it would be wise to take things with Taylor a little more slowly? He thinks he has, but she says he hasn’t. She wants him to be happy, but just look at the situation with Rick and Phoebe. He can’t imagine what that has to do with anything. She says everything. The relationship is already causing tension between Brooke and Ridge. If Rick and Phoebe choose to follow their feelings, then Brooke’s marriage to Ridge could be over before it starts. He asks, and what if that happens? She smiles, then Brooke would be available again. When he scoffs, she snaps that Brooke was everything he ever wanted. Brooke AND Hope were everything he ever wanted. The Marlin may be gone, but Brooke, she could be his again.

With a look of disdain, Stephanie repeats – Taylor is in love with Nick? What is she talking about? She’s been a big help to him along the way. She’s been a wonderful guide for him, but Taylor is not the love of his life. Taylor reminds her that it wasn’t that long ago that she stood there and told her she had accepted that Brooke and Ridge belonged together. Stephanie admits she was wrong. Taylor is shocked – Stephanie actually saying those three little words, just rolling off her tongue, reversing her position. Stephanie tells her that Nick is wrong for her. Taylor points out there was a time she highly respected him. Stephanie quips, “yeah, well, I respect that a shark can clear a beach of swimmers.” She tells Taylor that she has convinced herself that Nick has put Brooke behind him, but he hasn’t. He simply looks down the road and sees they are going to get married. He swallows his pride and tries to move on, but he hasn’t and he won’t. Taylor states that they aren’t a couple of kids just rushing into something with wild abandon. Stephanie thinks they are. Taylor blathers that they have been friends for a long time. They’ve grown together because of trust, of compassion, because of support. They are very happy and she doesn’t see why Stephanie can’t accept that. Stephanie tries to tell her that when Brooke comes back to him, and she will……he’s just going to toss Taylor aside and there won’t be anybody there to save her. She urges her don’t trust Nick. She reminds her that she told Phoebe to take her time where Rick is concerned. Why can’t she take her own advice? Brooke and Ridge are NOT going to get married, and he will want Taylor. He will need her. And she doesn’t want Nick to interfere with her finally being happy again. Taylor turns and politely says she has to go, Nick is expecting her.

Nick and Jackie continue back and forth how happy he was with Brooke, but he says that is over. She argues that it is not. Brooke will never put up with Ridge the way he treats Rick. And she knows how much he likes Rick and is like a father to Hope. She knows how much HE has to offer. She will come back to him. Jackie wants him to allow himself to be there for Brooke! The phone rings before she can say more. Taylor asks if he is ready for their special evening? He tells her how much and should he pick her up at her place? Coyly, she says she has made other arrangements. A knock produces a driver ready to escort him. Taylor says good, he knows exactly where to bring Nick and she will be there waiting. He tells her okay and he excuses himself to his mother – his chariot awaits. She grabs him by the arm to stop him and cautions him to please not rush with Taylor because Brooke will become available again. He replies, “well, then another man will have to pick up those pieces. I am no longer interested in being the default guy, Mother.” She interjects that he was never that. He tells her that he wants a life, something REAL. He wants something and someone he can count on. If she really loves him, she will try to remember that.

Stephanie picks up the book that Taylor had been looking at – Pregnancy after Forty. Oh my God, she wouldn’t be considering something like that? She dashes off and finds Jackie. She laughs and says that as much as she hates to admit it, and believe her, she does hate to admit it, but at last they have something they can agree upon. Jackie sneers that agreeing with her is like taking a bite out of the forbidden fruit, says the serpent’s tongue. Stephanie pulls no punches, she asks where is Jackie’s little boy? She retorts she had rather tell the Grim Reaper. Stephanie says look, she knows he’s with Taylor. She needs to know where they are before it is too late. Jackie quips oh, she is there to save the day? Stephanie tells her she just refuses to see the downside of what they are doing. Jackie answers that she just sees an ordinary woman in love with her son. Stephanie asks again if she will please tell her where they are. She’s worried they will do something they will regret. They might move along a little too quickly. And he will lose his last best chance to be with Brooke, the woman they both know he is really in love with. Jackie regales she is not sure she likes this dynamic – “you and I wanting the same thing.” Stephanie hands her the book and says it belongs to Taylor. That raises Jackie’s eyebrows. Stephanie says yes, so she had better tell her where they are before it is too late.

Taylor manages to lead Nick with his eyes closed down into the boat. He takes a deep breath and remarks that he smells fresh paint, some varnish and some brass polish. She takes his hands and turns him around and places them on the wheel. He jokes that he’s driving, he HAS to open his eyes. Finally she tells him that he can. Slowly he takes it all in and is dumbstruck – how did she do all of this? She explains that apparently The Marlin was dear to more than just him. His friend, Corky, showed her how they could get another boat just like it, same year, same make. Nick even recognizes the same drapes. She remarks that he had pictures and then they got a small crew of men and recreated everything that was lost. He looks in all the nooks and crannies and grins, grabbing her and kissing her while thanking her profusely. He says he likes it, he really likes it and he really likes her. She tells him that he saved her life, it’s the least she could do. And it made her realize how much a part of her life he had become.

The two mothers discuss Nick and Taylor having a baby. Stephanie thinks it would be a huge mistake. Jackie just knows he’s always wanted a baby. Stephanie says it can’t be with Taylor. Jackie wants to know why not? She’s obviously capable. Stephanie points out why not – he’s in love with Brooke. So don’t stand there and get all wishy-washy sentimental over some fantasy baby. Brooke has to make a decision here. She’s eventually going to have to choose between Ridge and her son. And Stephanie knows her, she will choose her son….and that means she will be available. Jackie says simply that Nicky loves Taylor. Stephanie recoils, please! He’s deceiving himself. And what’s more, he’d deceiving Taylor into thinking he’s ready to make a commitment to her. And she knows Taylor. She is not the kind of woman to put the cart before the horse. If she is actually thinking about having a baby, that means she is thinking of actually marrying Jackie’s son. So better not let Nick go off and do something they’ll regret. Don’t stand by and let him do that, don’t let him hurt Taylor. Jackie crumbles and tells her that Taylor sent a car for him, a special surprise, but she doesn’t know where they have gone.

After more kisses, Nick says wow - she sure knows how to make a guy feel loved. She says he is. He confesses that he loves boats. When the Marlin went down, she took a lot of memories, some he thinks needed to be put to rest. He takes her hands and says and now tonight she is giving him this boat as a sign of love and compassion that he knows she feels for him. So tonight he would also like to show her the love and compassion that he feels for her. He motions for her to take a seat, timing is everything.

He bends down to one knee and fishes into his pocket. He pulls out a little black velvet jewelry box and slowly opens it to a huge rock that he presents to her. He says he’d like to ask her to spend the rest of her life with him….to fill each other’s loneliness with joy, to share memories that bring a smile along with a tear. “I’m asking you to be my wife.”

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