B&B Tuesday Update 3/20/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/20/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by nz85

Ridge and Taylor catch Phoebe a little too close with Rick in Eric’s office. He bellows for her to get off of him NOW! He’s not really listening when she says she’s doing nothing more than giving him a haircut.

Stephanie is thrilled that Ashley says she is delighted to accept their invitation to create a new fragrance line for Forrester Originals. The Forrester’s made it hard to say no and since she needs a fresh start, it works out quite well. It won’t interfere with Jabot. She’ll take a leave of absence and since she accomplished a lot in Hong Kong she can afford to take a little time for herself. Stephanie tells her she is glad she worked so closely with her family as she will understand the complications that go along with this too. Ashley asks if she is referring to her friendship with Brooke? Stephanie answers that actually she was thinking of Rick working with Phoebe. Her father is not happy with that. And she just hopes that Ashley is not going to have second thoughts over these issues. She assures her she won’t. And she already knew about Rick and Phoebe. She remarks that he’s a lovely guy….and Phoebe adorable. Stephanie adds – and innocent…..and she advises that any woman that would be involved with him would have to know what she was doing. Ashley shyly agrees.

Ridge grouses that he wants to speak to his daughter alone and he wants Rick to get his clothes on and get the hell out of there. Phoebe protests for him to calm down, they weren’t doing anything wrong. He states that giving a haircut in the office is inappropriate. This is an office, not a barbershop. Taylor steps in and tries to get Rick to get out so Ridge can talk to Phoebe. Phoebe insists it was JUST a haircut, so what? Ridge says it was more than that. He told her to back off from Rick and he would give her some space. But, if this is the way she wants to act, then forget about it. They’ll do it his way. She and Rick obviously can’t work together, so as of now, they don’t work together anymore. She asks if he is firing her? She looks to her mother for support. Ridge tells her that the two of them are on the same page here. Taylor explains that she didn’t think it was the wisest decision for Phoebe to take her school year off and hang around here. Phoebe can’t believe this! Rick says she doesn’t have to worry, she’s going nowhere. They are launching a new fragrance and new boutiques and Phoebe is an integral part of that situation. How would it look if he were to bail on her now? Ridge says he doesn’t care how it looks. Rick sneers that maybe he should. Ridge replies that maybe Rick should get it through his thick head that his daughter means more to him than this damn company. Rick wonders if HIS father knows this? Or Stephanie? No? He didn’t think so. He looks at Phoebe and says not to worry, she’s fine. Ridge retorts that his attitude is really starting to bug him. Rick snaps back that he thought they got to that point a long time ago. Phoebe has to step in between as Ridge moves toward Rick. Taylor manages to get Rick out of the room.

Ashley tells Stephanie that she wouldn’t worry. She knows how young girls are. They throw themselves into new relationships and before you know it, they’ve moved on. Stephanie agrees that is usually the way it is. But these two are family and will be in each other’s lives for a long time even if they break up. Ashley says for whatever it is worth, she thinks Stephanie just needs to give it a little time and it will pass. Stephanie asks what was Rick like when they worked in Paris? Did he talk about the women he dated or was interested in? Ashley nods no. Ashley wonders if there is a lot of tension between Ridge and Brooke where Rick is concerned? It won’t affect the launch, will it? Stephanie assures her no. And the wedding is on schedule too. Ashley thinks that is great and the launch will be a perfect time to announce the new fragrance and even have Phoebe be there and start the buzz with the press. She has a great face for the product and the public will love her.

Phoebe argues that her dad can’t fire her. She reminds him that he said if she got all her college applications in, she could take this year off. He snaps that was BEFORE he realized she was going to be spending…..wasting time with Rick. Taylor tries to intercede again and get them to calm down. Phoebe argues she can’t believe he is doing this, keeping her from the opportunity to work with the family all because of a haircut. She says it wasn’t when he replies it looked a lot more than just a haircut. Even Taylor admits the way she was sitting was in a very inappropriate way. He asks what would have happened if her mother and him hadn’t walked in? He doesn’t believe NOTHING would have happened. He points out that she keeps making promises then breaking them. He knows this isn’t like her. She’s changing……and it’s all because of Rick. It’s been a negative influence on her from the first day he came to town. She wheels and asks if her mother feels that way too, and Taylor reluctantly agrees that she does. This isn’t the reason they let her work here. It doesn’t matter if Rick is a good guy or a bad guy. She shouldn’t be there, as an eighteen year old, with an older guy, the door shut, his shirt off – yes, she has a problem with that. Phoebe argues again – it was just a haircut. (give up, Phoebe, while you are ahead!) Taylor offers that if she wants to be treated like an adult, then as her mother she is going to talk like one. Phoebe walks away and says they are NOT having this conversation. Taylor says if this is the way she is going to be misbehaving, then yes they will be having this conversation.

Ashley gets a phone call and it’s sister, Tracey, in New York. She’s checking up on Ashley and wants to know how things are? Ashley assures her it’s fine and how is Colleen? Tracey says her recovery is going really well though she did give them a scare. Ashley says L.A. is a big change but she thinks it will be good for her. And Abby too as she is enrolled in school. Tracey just hopes she is not using this as her way of grieving for their dad. Please call her day or night if she needs to talk, she wants to be there for her. Ashley replies likewise. They laugh over having sushi and ‘going California’ on her.

Rick walks in and Ashley’s first words is that he cut his hair. He is afraid she doesn’t like it. She admits she liked it better long, but…….it will grow on her. Actually, it will grow on him. She tells him he does look really handsome. And she’s excited, she told his dad that she is taking the job. He gives her a hug. She tells him she’s very excited and can’t wait to dive in and create some new fragrances. And she can’t wait to work with Phoebe. He declares – if she is still working there. Her parents walked in while she was straddled him and giving him a haircut. Ashley says it’s becoming all the more clear to her now. Rick says it is Ridge that has a problem with it and is being unreasonable, not he and Phoebe. He figures he should have never done what his mom wanted him to do; he should have just hung in there and not caved in. Advice wise, she says he was just feeling pressured and trying to keep peace in the family, but she is not surprised that it is not working. She offers that he’s a very passionate person, and he has his needs. And while she doesn’t know Phoebe, perhaps she doesn’t understand that.

Phoebe blurts out that she knows about sex. Taylor asks if she is sleeping with Rick; she replies no. Taylor adds that they have talked about sex and the longer she can wait, the more special it can be. And she knows that is not easy. Ridge adds but she is worth it. Taylor admits she is not a little girl anymore, she’s a young woman who can make her own decisions, but they just don’t want her to get hurt. Phoebe tells them that first of all Rick would never hurt her and secondly how can she ever grow up if she can’t experience life for herself? That’s what being an adult is all about. Ridge admits that he wants her to experience all the life she wants, but just not with Rick! Phoebe grimaces that she might as well give up, it’s like talking to a brick wall. Does she have a job here or not? Ridge says no, Taylor says yes. She turns to Ridge and says they need to talk about making a better decision about this. Giving in, he tells Phoebe she can stay for now.

Stephanie is almost bowled over as Phoebe heads out the door as Stephanie is coming in. Ridge gives it to her that she was right, nothing has changed between Rick and Phoebe so does she just want to say ‘I told you so?’ Glibly, she says okay, “I told you so.” And adds that this whole thing would have been nipped in the bud if Brooke hadn’t lied to him. That’s why this wedding shouldn’t happen. Taylor adds her two cents – that is absurd. Ridge wants to be with Brooke so why should they put their future on hold? Ridge says she may as well forget it, he has told his mother that and she still doesn’t listen. Right now they just need to focus their attention on keeping Rick and Phoebe apart, that’s what they need to do. Taylor points out that she doesn’t know what the answer is, but she can tell him that if he pushes too hard it will only damage his relationship with Phoebe….and she can guarantee him that she will never stop seeing Rick.

Rick confides in Ashley that he used to think Phoebe was too young for him…..not so much in years, but experience since he had been married and was head of his own division. But, he hadn’t meant to fall for her like he did. It was just one of those things that sneaks up on you and he was drawn to her. She says she understands. Sometimes on paper, it makes no sense at all, but there is this spark. And when you are around each other, you feel it. So she thinks he needs to ask himself the question. “Rick, obviously you care for Phoebe and enjoy yourself with her, but if there is no future in it, then what’s the point?” He declares she must be taking their side. She says no, she is not taking anybody’s side. But objectively, she can see this is not just about him and Phoebe. Whatever decisions he makes, the more people will be involved, like Ridge, his mother, the company. He confesses that he doesn’t want to break up with her, he can’t break up with her. She says okay, then he just needs to be careful….she thinks he knows what she is saying. He laughs, is she talking about sex? Don’t worry about it, it’s not happening. She asks him pointblank – they aren’t? He says no, and it’s torture, killing him. Does she have any idea how long it’s been? She admits no, not really. She’s taken aback when he says he thinks she does.

Nervously she laughs and says that knowing him, this surprises her. But, she thinks he is very smart to wait especially since he doesn’t know where this is going. Right now they are all caught up in each other, but it could all pass. Phoebe barges in, apologizes but wonders if she could talk to Rick privately? Rick asks Ashley if that is okay and she gives her approval.

Stephanie advises Ridge that perhaps he should cancel this trip to Sydney. He’ll only go down there and get pre-occupied with Brooke and ignore what’s going on with the kids and come back to a bigger mess than it is now. And does he think he should be this far away from his daughter? He says he needs to go. Brooke needs him and the company needs him there. Stephanie will have to keep an eye out on the kids, he needs her to do that. She scoffs they are just kids and she can’t keep her eyes on them twenty four hours a day. He begs her just to do the best she can, please! He just needs Phoebe to get through this phase…..to realize that Rick is not right for her. And he does not want to come back from Sydney and find out she’s in even deeper with this guy. He had a hard enough time restraining himself today. If anything happens between them, so help him God, he will tear Rick apart!

Phoebe pulls Rick into a secluded spot and delights in telling him that she still works there. Her mother at least tried to understand, her dad probably won’t ever come around. He’s not open-minded at all, so why should they bother? He tells her he knows this is hard. It’s one of the hardest things he has ever had to do, but that is why they have to work through this. Because when they do, it’s really going to be amazing. Better than they ever thought. She presses, she wants to see him tonight, her dad will be on his way to Australia. He’s not sure, her dad may have someone watching them. She says they will be careful. She NEEDS to be with him. If they let her dad scare him off, then he will have won. He gives in again, and says okay, they will make it happen. She proclaims that it means so much to her. She doesn’t care what anybody else says – they belong together. They exchange a sweet kiss.

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