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Ridge, Phoebe and Rick are working in Eric’s office on the VIP list, but seems everything Ridge needs is in his office, so reluctantly he leaves the kids behind alone. They reassure him they will be okay. Phoebe asks Rick how long will she be on his VIP list, if she is even still there?

At Nick’s, Jackie and Donna conspire and the question is just how to arrange it. They just want to ‘help’ Rick and Phoebe follow their true feelings. And then engineer a way that Ridge can find them in some intimate situations. And that it will cross Brooke’s line and she will break it off with Ridge. Jackie reminds Donna how Ridge toyed with her and then unceremoniously dumped her. Perhaps she is worried that if Ridge is dropped and Brooke goes back to Nickeeee, that Brooke will come back to his company and Donna will slip down the totem pole. Donna stammers that she is not as selfish as all that, and she refuses to play her sister like some ping-pong ball. Jackie suggests they are just trying to free Brooke to follow her own feelings too. The only reason she ran back to Ridge was because Nickeee disappointed her and now she is trapped. She laments that the most bitter disappointment in Nickeee’s life is losing Brooke and her family. Taylor is a marvelous woman, but she’s just a substitute for what he really wants.

Nick is hard at work when Taylor suddenly shows up, looking more than a distraction. He asks his secretary to hold all his calls. She thinks it feels good to take precedence. He apologizes for his mother interrupting last night by bringing Hope by. She assures him that his commitment to that little girl is one of the things she loves about him. But, one of the things she’d like to change is his mother pining away for him to get back with Brooke. And yet she understands and probably associates her with Stephanie, not her most favorite person in the world.

Slyly, he locks the door and again apologizes for his mother and wants to be given the opportunity to ‘drive’ that point home. They kiss and cling and lay horizontal with clothes disheveled when there is intercom interruptus. He wants to ignore it but she says it might be important. He coos this is sort of important to him too. He forgot an important lunch appointment that just showed up so he must “owe her one, baby.” He tells her that he will dress her and she can dress him. She purrs that is almost like a teenager, racy and fun although she was very serious and shy as a teenager. More so than Phoebe although if she had some hot guy like Rick Forrester, she might also have been crazy and racy. He comments that is not the end of the world and she says check back with her when Hope is eighteen. He thinks about all the stress the kids are going through. His ex, her ex, maybe they should send them thank you cards otherwise if they hadn’t dumped them, all of this wouldn’t be happening. They seal it with a kiss.

Donna says she knows the kids still love each other, they are just hiding their feelings. Jackie advises they have to act now. Brooke is away and the wedding is looming. Donna isn’t so convinced that they need to do anything. Rick and Phoebe see each other, work together all the time, so why not let nature take it’s course? Jackie says perhaps they can, but nothing will be prevented if Ridge doesn’t see that it’s not over. Excuse her for being a pessimist but she doesn’t think they can rely on Mother Nature to take Ridge into her confidence.

Rick wonders if Phoebe is actually saying she is not important to him? She says she knows she was, and she hopes she still is, but how long are they just going to rely on thoughts? He tells her if she thinks because they aren’t ‘making out’ or having sex that he is going to go elsewhere, then she doesn’t know him very well. She thanks him and says she is not thinking of that at all. But sometimes love can die from starvation. She confesses how she was talking just last night to someone who knew her parents were so in love, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. The kids had to knock before they entered their room and now they look at each other like they don’t even know what they once saw in each other. Time does that, and what’s to say it won’t happen to them? And waiting for the right time when they don’t even know if that right time will ever come. He admits that he thinks about her every second of every minute of every single day. What more can he do? She whines that she needs ‘something’, they have nothing to fall back on. She tells him she spends all her time thinking about what he says and if he means that or what she thinks he meant or just what she wanted it to mean. She needs more and not what is watered down. And she assures him she doesn’t need to make out or make love to get something real from him.

She sits on his lap and starts to unbutton his shirt. He asks what is she doing? She says everyone is so concerned about protecting her innocence….she can do that for herself, thank you very much. Meanwhile, Ridge is pacing the floor, looking at his watch, about to climb the walls……wanting to go back into the office yet not daring as it will prove he doesn’t trust them. Taylor shows up and wants to take Phoebe to lunch. He convinces her to just wait as they will think he sent her to check up on them. She says he’s making some progress but they raised their kids and he surely must know at some point you have to stand back and hope you have instilled some values in them and trust them to make the best choices in their life as adults. He remarks that he likes it when she talks dirty like that. She is impressed that he is putting principles before impulse so if he thinks she should not go in there, she won’t. He says if she’d like to perhaps she can just ever so quietly slip over and check to see if they locked the door. She offers that now he is backsliding. He asks if he can ask her a question? Why is it that she looks like she just got out of bed? She glances down and sees her blouse disheveled, buttoned unevenly, hem hanging out. He smirks when she remarks that just about anything can happen in an office in the broad daylight even with the door locked!

Donna tells Jackie she may be underestimating Phoebe. She’s ready to defy her father already. Jackie agrees, but the wedding is close too. It’s coming to a showdown, so better to happen now. And it’s doubly urgent because if Brooke comes to her senses and wants her son back, she’ll find that door closed very shortly….he’s going to be committed elsewhere. Donna caves in and says alright. Jackie says okay, now can they please stop trying to prove what well-intentioned people they are and get their hands a little dirty…… if they have to?

Nick walks in on them and they exchange guilty glances. Jackie makes excuses for it being noisy at work so that is why she is talking to Donna at home. Nick says he really doesn’t want to hear that, have Clarke fix it and while she is at it, tell him he is overpaid for what he does. As Donna leaves, Jackie tries but he blocks her way. He says he has been hunting her down for a reason. She wonders what she has done now? He quips that she is the one with the extended vocabulary. Is there a word more polite that means the same as ‘sabotage’?

Both Ridge and Taylor sit outside Eric’s office, tapping their fingers, exchanging glances and itching to open the door. He chides her for letting go of her search for principles and Phoebe making her own choices. Inside, Phoebe admires Rick’s nice chest and his sexy hair, but bemoans that it has to go. He wonders what she was up to with taking his clothes off. She says he is such a good boy, why would she even be interested? He says he has a secret for her, he’s not that good! But okay. She asks if he really is going to let her cut his hair? He says he trusts her, but do him one favor….lose the scissors if her father comes in. He doesn’t need those plunged into his heart. Does she know what she is doing? Never mind, hair always grows back and he could shave his head. She says over her dead body. He quips if her father comes in, there will be two dead bodies in here. With scissors in hand, she says it’s just a haircut, perfectly innocent. With his head nestled almost in her bosom, he says what she is doing right now is NOT perfectly innocent. She is so close. She remarks that perhaps he should close his eyes. He does and grimaces and she starts to snip and snip and snip…….

Jackie feigns innocence that there was any sabotage in bringing Hope by to see him last night. She didn’t think he or Taylor would mind. He accuses her of other opportunities she has taken to make it clear she wants him back with Brooke. He says Taylor is not complaining, but this is serious between the two of them and he wants his mother to understand that. She asks but what if Brooke were available again? He sighs – but she isn’t. She asks him to humor her. What if the marriage were to self-destruct? Not in a couple of years, but next week? Come on, be honest, wouldn’t that interest him? He answers honestly, he would be thrilled – for Brooke that she is finally rid of his pompous ass and his twisted family. But…..it would make no difference to him personally. She says she is sorry but she doesn’t believe him. He counters with there is ‘available’ and then there is available. And the whole time they were together, he was sharing her with Forrester. Does she really think he would put himself in that position again? She grins, but what if it were finally really, really over? He will believe that when he sees it.

Ridge and Taylor lean their ears against the door; they realize it is not locked, but hear this loud Italian opera music blaring. Nothing could be going on in there, but then they sure as hell aren’t working either. They barge in and are stunned. What the hell?

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