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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/13/07


Written By Wanda
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Phoebe glances at the wedding invitation for Brooke and Ridge and starts to call Rick. Ridge comes in and remarks that he hopes she is not calling Rick. Dejectedly, she says she’s not calling anyone. She has no one to call. He suggests just because she can’t see Rick doesn’t mean she can’t see her other friends. She doesn’t feel like it. He laments that he knows she doesn’t understand now, but in the long run she will see this is for the best. Glumly, she says she doesn’t believe that, but she can see why he does. At least he’s been clear from the beginning, but it’s Brooke who did a 180 on her. She says he hasn’t hesitated to tell him how he feels about Rick, so she wants to tell him exactly how she feels about Brooke.

Jackie and Donna are having coffee at Insomnia and having a grand time dishing about the situation with Rick and Phoebe. How the Forrester’s don’t care how the kids really feel, only how it looks or will affect them. They realize Brooke was happy at first but then Ridge put his foot down. Donna thinks it’s crazy to make Brooke choose between her fiancée or her son. Jackie snarks that it is typical Ridge and they both know where he learned that – from the master, his mother. It’s her legacy, the whole ugly pattern starting all over again. Donna says yes, she sees it, but Brooke doesn’t. Jackie offers, take it from her, the bigger the mistake, the harder it is to admit, especially to yourself. Donna says she saw it when she was with Nick. Ridge promised her the world and Stephanie gave her half the company. They swore things would be better. Donna says she believed it, but Brooke didn’t. And then Nick let her down and everything changed. They both agree they were happy together and Jackie comments that if Brooke and Ridge were to split up, she thinks Brooke and Nick could still be happy.

Stephanie cruises in and meows, “well, here’s to the ladies that prowl. How’s the single life, girls?” Donna asks what does she want? Stephanie replies that it’s nice to see Donna too. She really just came in for coffee, but now that she sees the clientele that’s here, she may never come back. Jackie snorts good, why doesn’t she leave, starting NOW? That doesn’t deter Stephanie. She asks if they have heard the latest newsflash? Jackie’s darling Nick might get his precious Brooke back. How about that?

Rick and Ashley are both dining in the same restaurant and he spies her and goes over, lugging a bottle of champagne that he has confiscated along the way. She laughs and remarks that she sees he is still making friends everywhere he goes. She wonders if he is there to eat or make a sale’s pitch to her? She says she really doesn’t need that, but she could use the company so will he join her? He says he’d love to.

Ridge doesn’t need Phoebe to tell him that she is upset with Brooke. She says her point is that people don’t approve of his relationship with Brooke either. Look at the problems they have had, and yet they are still getting married. And Phoebe says she has supported that because it made him happy. Why can’t he do the same for her? He tells her it’s not the same. She asks why not? Look at the way he is acting. It’s the same way Grandma acted with him and Brooke. And she gets that he is worried about the store’s opening and the wedding. He says again that he’s just worried about her. Rick is not right for her. And he’s sorry but there’s really nothing that either of them can say to change his mind. She jumps up and says she is going to Insomnia, maybe she can find someone to listen to her.

Rick thanks Ashley for her invitation to join her. It was such a nice surprise. She asks isn’t that why he came over? He knows she hates to eat alone. He replies actually he was curious. How did she like the contract? She remarks she is definitely considering it. There’s been a lot of changes in her life lately. With Jabot, moving to Hong Kong, she and Abby have hardly had a chance to get settled. He reminds her about her dad passing and that he sent flowers. She didn’t know as he didn’t leave his name on the card, but he sent flowers like the ones they had that night in Paris when they dined in the Latin Quarter after Delphines – stargazers and white roses. He says he remembers that night so well, walking back to her hotel and she spoke of her father the whole way. It was obvious what he meant to her. He takes her hand and she’s touched.

Stephanie pulls out a chair and plops down between Donna and Jackie and comments that they all want the same thing. Jackie says no they don’t. Stephanie asks doesn’t she want Nick back with Brooke? Jackie tells her that Stephanie doesn’t want Brooke back with Nick. Oh yes, she wants her away from Ridge but after that, she doesn’t give a damn what happens to her. And conversation – why Stephanie never had a conversation with anyone in her life. She just opens her mouth and it’s manipulation. Nicky knows it and so does she. And now Brooke does too. Donna laments that she turned on her sister and that concerns her, it concerns her a lot. And if Ridge feels so betrayed, why hasn’t he called off the wedding? Brooke wouldn’t have to keep anything from him if he was able to have a mature discussion about this. As Stephanie gets up to leave, she says she doesn’t think this relationship is going to continue so there’s really nothing to discuss. Brooke can’t seem to see that and because of that, she doesn’t think the relationship with Ridge is going to last. Bye!

That woman! Both she and her son are cut from the same cloth, says Jackie. But, how can they prove that to Brooke? She won’t listen. Jackie thinks she might have an idea. They have to make Brooke realize this for herself. Donna says she knows what Ridge is like. They’ve been at this dance for as long as she can remember. Jackie adds but now Ridge is giving Rick orders. And no matter how strong her feelings are for Ridge, a mother’s love for her son is stronger. They spot Phoebe, checking her phone messages, she doesn’t look happy. They surmise she is heartbroken. Phoebe calls Rick and leaves a message for him to call her, she misses him.

The busybodies see her leave a message and guess that it is probably to Rick. They only agreed to cool it to prove to their parents they could behave themselves. Jackie says it wasn’t their decision. She heard her parents talking before she left for Australia and it was quite clear who called the shots. And Brooke was not particularly happy about it. But she bets she would stand up to him if she were forced to defend her son. Donna adds that Ridge wouldn’t like that at all. …….now if they could just arrange something to get Phoebe and Rick together. Ridge would go crazy and it might open Brooke’s eyes. And that would benefit everyone. Donna answers only if Ridge found out about it. Jackie snickers she thinks they can arrange that too.

Stephanie tells Ridge that he seems to be handling Brooke’s absence pretty well, but then the way they have been arguing lately, maybe it’s a relief. Does he need her to talk to Phoebe? He says she’s not here, she went out for coffee and hopefully to see some friends. Stephanie hopes it’s not Rick. He reminds her they aren’t seeing each other any more. She quips as far as he knows! He tells her they have dealt with it. There is no more sneaking around, no more deception……. by anybody. He knows he came down hard on Rick and Phoebe….and on Brooke. They all know what they did was wrong and it won’t happen again. Rick and Phoebe are OVER!

Ashley is surprised that Rick doesn’t have plans with Phoebe. She comments she seems like a lovely young girl. Ironic, that he’d be with a ‘younger’ woman. Rick laughs and says she is very special to him. Ashley says she is sure she is and sharing something special with someone at the right time of your life might be just what you need…fun and exciting. He asks is that how she sees Paris, fun and exciting? She replies very much, doesn’t he? He confesses Paris is amazing, while L.A. is……she says a little too shiny. But he says this is home and its great except his relationship with Ridge. He says he knows Ashley has had her fair share of family squabbles and the last thing she wants to do is end up in the middle of his. So just erase that thought. He and Ridge have their differences but they both want the company to succeed. And this issue with him and Phoebe is a non-issue. It will not affect business.

Donna falls for Jackie’s bait. She says they went behind Ridge’s back one time but they may not do it again……unless she gives them a little nudge in the right direction. Jackie says poor Phoebe, she must feel like the entire world is against her right now. She may be very relieved to know somebody is on her side. Jackie leaves her to go pick up Hope. She leans down and whispers to Donna if she wants Brooke to see what Ridge truly is – Rick and Phoebe are the answer. Get them together and it will drive Brooke and Ridge apart. “You’re a smart girl, Donna, go to bat. Do it for your sister!”

Donna doesn’t waste a breath, she walks over to Phoebe’s table and sits down, commenting on that she hasn’t stopped looking at her phone since she’s gotten there. Is she waiting for a call? Must be tough to give up a guy you like so much. Phoebe says she doesn’t want to be rude, but if she’s trying to give her another lecture, she really doesn’t feel like hearing it right now. Donna says her father may not think she is grown up, but isn’t that for her to decide? Donna says her dad wasn’t around much. Phoebe says she understands if Donna is trying to tell her how lucky she is to have a dad who cares. Donna says the contrary, she’d be frustrated as hell. And Brooke too when she was that age, forget it. Donna says she knows Brooke told her to break up with Rick, she had to say that. But, the Brooke that she knows would never ask anyone to walk away from love. That is what she feels for him, isn’t it? If she thinks Rick is the one, then how can you let him go?

Donna tells Phoebe that she heard they agreed to cool it. Phoebe says for now, not forever. Donna confides in her that as someone who has been single all her life, she might not get another shot at true love if she doesn’t take a stand. It happens all the time. Mr. Right slips away. Trust her, she knows. She’s spent a lot of lonely nights, thinking ‘what if?’ Rick is a wonderful guy. Does she want to see him slip right through her fingers? She claims Phoebe is a good kid…..a rule follower, but sometimes in life you have to break the rules. And that time for her is NOW. “Take Rick and make him yours. Before you end up alone, like me.”

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