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Ashley touches Rick’s hair and remarks that she sees he didn’t cut it. Europe was a good fit for him. He’s surprised to see her as his mother didn’t tell him she was the one they were meeting today, the mystery woman on the phone. He says there is a pretty good reason he didn’t recognize her voice. The last time they spoke she was whispering in his ear – something in French. She explains that was an aberration, usually she doesn’t mix business with pleasure. He quips but what good is business if you can’t take pleasure from it? Forrester Creations is now Forrester Originals. They agree it’s very complex and she says she understands family complexities. He asks her about Hong Kong. She reveals it was not what she was looking for, so she might take a break and do her own thing. Back here in L.A. and she is sorry that he didn’t know she was coming. She quickly adds that Paris was Paris and she has no regrets, but if it makes him uncomfortable she can certainly back out. He tells her she is the best and that is the reason he originally involved her in developing a fragrance. And he is still thrilled that his mother called her to consult with them. She laments that she thought he would have told his mother about their meeting in Paris, but she didn’t mention it and assumed that he had moved on. Is there anybody special in his life? He says yeah and she’s happy, he’s too good a guy to be alone. He says like everything else around here, it’s sort of complicated. Maybe even dangerous….at least a lot of people think it’s a bad idea. His phone rings and he reminds Ashley that it’s time for the meeting. She admits to him that Paris was great, but she has no expectations. This is just a possible job, that’s all. He thanks her – for not being complicated.

Storm reads outloud from a magazine asking is this about fashion or a personal battle between two men? Half brothers for the heart of Brooke Logan. Will Ridge and Brooke have their Rodeo Drive wedding? Jackie wonders if Jarrett knows something they don’t. She mentions the kids, Brooke supports it and Ridge is against it. Donna says Stephanie also is putting the worst face possible on it. Jackie offers there is trouble in Paradise and Nick snides that there’s never been Paradise and never will be.

Ridge tells Phoebe that Rick is not going anywhere, but she quotes him that he said guys like Rick don’t stay single very long. He admits that was just wishful thinking. As much as he hates to admit it, Rick is crazy about her. But, he’s not appropriate, he’s ten years older. So what, big deal, she says. When she’s thirty, he’ll be forty. He reminds her she is NOT thirty, she is only eighteen. And it’s not like he is grounding her from dating. It’s just this time with Rick, she has to give it time. He advises her to go hang out with her friends from school. She offers that she is not at school and that’s not the real world at all. She is an adult when she is with Rick. He says that is what scares him. Boys her own age is scary enough. She tells him he doesn’t have to be nervous. He says he wishes it were that easy. Will she at least try to understand his point of view? For her old dad? She tells him he is NOT old, but if Rick stops thinking about her, Ridge is in serious trouble. He exclaims that he fell in love with her the moment she was born. He was the first man to look into those beautiful eyes of hers. And trust him, there isn’t a woman in the world who could ever compete with her.

Storm tells the group that he just got off the phone with Brooke and she told him that Rick and Phoebe met up at Big Bear and Ridge went ballistic. Brooke is not happy about this, but she doesn’t want to make waves. She wants to support Rick, but she knows the family needs this launch to go off without a hitch. Sarcastically, Jackie says that a wedding on Rodeo Drive to coincide with their new stores is the absolute height of bad taste. Not to mention a personal slap to Nicky. And she advises him that she knows this bothers him, what Brooke is going through. He should do something about it. He asks what? He has warned her over and over. Jackie suggests he go to her. Nick reminds her that he has found something with Taylor. Is his mother telling him that he should run off and protect Brooke again? Yes, she needs his help. But, he says she doesn’t WANT his help. Jackie reveals that Brooke wants HIM. Is he going to stand by and let that family hurt her again?

Eric and Stephanie also are discussing the magazine piece and show Ridge. Once again she advises against having his wedding right now. She’s very concerned about the two kids. They are a powder keg ready to go off. Eric asks Ridge if he didn’t try to defuse that situation? Ridge says yes, they are done. Stephanie is skeptical and she bets Brooke made him the bad guy. He admits he was out of line when he grabbed him. Stephanie remarks if he hadn’t, she would have slapped him silly herself. Brooke walks in and says over her dead body. Stephanie quips “don’t tempt me.” Brooke advises her to behave. Ashley Abbott is going to walk in there any minute. And it’s a coup that she is even interested. If she walks into this hornet’s nest, she’ll never come aboard.

Phoebe walks in, followed closely by Rick who has Ashley in tow. The Forrester’s greet her and thank her for coming to meet with them. Brooke makes mention that she sees she met her son on the way in. Rick admits they had met before….in Paris. She was the one he had consulted with for a new fragrance…..before they lost the company to Nick. Phoebe seems to pick up on some vibes. Innocently, Brooke says well Ashley is tops in her field so if all goes well, perhaps they can continue where they left off.

They all sit around sniffing Ashley’s samples. She knows they are of a broad spectrum, but it will help her find out what they are looking for, how they want to project themselves to the world. Sort of the spirit of Forrester Originals. Eric and Rick remark that a quick profit and return on their investment will help offset the money they are sinking into their new stores. Stephanie offers that doing something worthwhile is never easy. Ashley asks if they really are thinking of calling it “Phoebe”? Rick says yes. She says okay, Phoebe is younger so they are probably thinking floral, but she would suggest they use a little maturity to catch a broader demographic. They all think that makes sense and Rick reminds her they want oils, lotions, soaps and things like that. Ridge points out to remember they are a fashion house, not a gift shop. Brooke tells Ashley they are all in agreement about going ahead with the fragrance. The question is – will she join their team? Eric promises her they will provide her with a state of the art lab, everything she can possibly need. Ashley remarks they certainly are going all out, she admires them for taking this risk. Eric tells her they will draw up a proposal and send it to her at the hotel ASAP. All agree they’d love to have her come aboard.

Nick grouses that he can’t believe they would use this wedding as a marketing gimmick. Jackie knows he is not worried about the marketing….and he says he is happy with Taylor, but he could have so much more with Brooke. He reminds her he’s done that and look how it ended. She argues that time has passed, and Brooke knows how he feels….what kind of man he is now. How can he sit by and watch her marry Ridge again? He barks NO. He doesn’t want the wedding happening. It kills him every time he thinks about it. Is that the admission that she wants? “It’s over, Mother. Let it be over!”

Ridge holds Brooke and tells her she smells good. And God he’s going to miss her. She asks him to come to Australia with her. He’d like to, but with the launch and all……She tells him he will have to trust Rick and Phoebe. He says he does, sort of. But, he can’t help this feeling that the only thing keeping those two apart is them thinking they are watching them. Brooke says then she is staying. She can’t, he says, she must go help with the store in Sydney. She vows she will not leave L.A. if she thinks there is going to be a problem.

Ashley stops by Rick’s office and tells him that Eric showed her around – very impressive. He asks where is she staying, he needs to know where to send the proposal. She tells him The Chateau, but before she can even think about that she needs to know that he is okay with her being there? What happened in Paris was fun, it was…it was exciting, but she expects nothing from him. Phoebe interrupts not even noticing Ashley until he tells her he was just finishing up the proposal. When she leaves, Ashley surmises that was his complicated involvement? She is beautiful, a very young ‘girl’. She hopes it works out for him. He thanks her, she’s one of a few. She realizes his family doesn’t approve. He explains especially Ridge. So that accounts for the tension, she says. Rick admits Ridge drives him nuts. And he’s marrying his mother and now forbidding him from seeing Phoebe. Ashley asks what is he going to do? All he can do is cool it for now.

Brooke explains to Ridge that Rick and Phoebe’s feelings aren’t going to go away overnight. He says he is counting on Rick to be responsible. She says they have to give them a little space. They can’t control their minds and their hearts. Now if things happen while she is gone, she doesn’t want him to overreact. He promises that Rick is her son, part of the family, so he won’t do anything stupid. She brings up what happened in the cabin. Jackie approaches the door and stops to listen. Ridge says she had every right to be angry. Rick just needs to stay away from his daughter. She says he can’t just grab him the way he did at the cabin….no, he can’t lay his hands on him again. That is the ONE thing that could come between them and their marriage before it even happens. Jackie perks up. Brooke maintains, “I mean it, Ridge, lay your hands on Rick again and you lose me…..forever.”

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