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Rick and Phoebe kiss and she doesn’t want him to ever stop. She pressures him to make love to her. It’s just not fair their parents dictating what they can do, and this is NOT wrong.

Nick is delighted as he watches the DVD that Brooke brought over from Hope. Jackie realizes he misses her terribly. She’s happy to hear him say that the wedding between Ridge and Brooke might not take place…..at least according to Stephanie. She wonders what Brooke has done this time to fall out of Stephanie’s favor. He tells her Phoebe and Rick have a thing for each other, and Brooke supports it and Ridge doesn’t, so there is friction there.

Brooke and Ridge continue to discuss the matter and he laments it would be a lot easier to trust if he hadn’t been lied to. He still can’t believe that the kids didn’t break it off and Brooke didn’t tell him. Now they have all this tension, but it will be nothing compared to what it will be if Rick doesn’t call it off with Phoebe right now tonight.

Jackie jumps at the chance to suggest to Nick that if this turns out like Stephanie believes, this will give him a second chance at Brooke. He doesn’t want to go there. He asserts that Brooke is gone and what they had is gone. There is no bringing it back, even if he wanted to and he doesn’t. He tells her he loves her and her beautiful speech, but those are memories, that’s all they are. She’s totally embarrassed when she turns around and spots Taylor standing there.

Ridge expounds to Brooke that she didn’t walk in on what he did. She relays that Rick would never hurt any woman, especially one as young and innocent and sweet as Phoebe. Ridge says his point exactly. Phoebe has just begun to live her life. Rick’s already been married, divorced, been abroad, had all these adult experiences. To Phoebe, he’s an experienced older man, exciting, enticing, maybe even a little forbidden since they are related. She reminds him not by blood. But he remarks they are very much family. This is her first love and that’s why he’s drawing the line.

Despite Phoebe putting more pressure on Rick, he puts on the brakes. He says she deserves better than this. She deserves a perfect moment. If she was any other girl, this would be so easy, but she’s not just any other girl. She’s special to him. He says he loves her. And he wants her perfect moment, her perfect situation to be as special and wonderful as she is.

There’s an awkward silence as Jackie excuses herself. Before she can go, Taylor tells her she knows she always had a special fondness for Brooke and she understands she still feels that Brooke is the one who can make Nick happy. She tells Nick that she is a big girl and she realizes in Jackie’s eyes, she will never be as important to him as Brooke.

Ridge tells Brooke that it is a crazy, crazy world out there. Kids are growing up too fast and he’s just trying to protect his daughter from a lot of the mistakes that girls her age will make. She knows because he is a loving and caring father. But, he can’t be there for her all the time. She knows, she went through the same thing with Rick and Bridget. They had their teenage angst years, but they made it through it. And now she couldn’t be more proud of them. She begs him if he loves her, then he must love her son. She doesn’t want to perpetuate a dysfunctional family the way Stephanie did. He doesn’t have to agree with the relationship between Phoebe and Rick, but he does have to accept his son. Can he do that, for her, for “us”?

Rick wants to go, leave the cabin, but Phoebe doesn’t. He says they are in an impossible situation. Everywhere they turn is someone in the family telling them not to be together. He thinks they should just cool down for the family’s sake. He assures her they will be fine. He won’t let anything happen to them. And he points out that sneaking around behind her father’s back was wrong and it sent Ridge the wrong message. Like he didn’t respect Phoebe. So they need to show him they are adults in this situation. Even if that means they can’t be together. She doesn’t know how they can do that. He knows it will be hard. And he doesn’t know what they will do if her dad doesn’t come around. But he vows no matter what, he won’t let her go, ever! Reluctantly, he leaves and she says she will wait a minute and then follow.

Taylor tells Nick she has a feeling something is happening with Phoebe and she needs to go home, it’s a mother thing. And it has nothing to do with what Jackie said.

Ridge expresses to Brooke that they have a different parenting styles, but he doesn’t want that to put more stress on their relationship than it already has. She agrees and wishes she did not have to go to Australia for the opening of their new store. Rick and Phoebe are going to need their support, especially after tonight. Her phone rings and it’s Rick saying he is leaving Big Bear. He and Phoebe had a long talk and they both know how it has to be. She tells him she is sorry, she wishes it could be different. Ridge asks if it is over and she replies yes. They are fine, but it is going to be difficult. He thanks her, he’s grateful that she talked Rick into backing off.

With agony on her young face, Phoebe states that no matter what her dad says, she and Rick are NOT over.

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