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Brooke rushes into the cabin and admonishes Ridge to let go of her son. Stephanie is cheerleader on the sidelines and harkens that if he wants to be mad at anyone, make that Brooke as she has known about this and lied to him about it the whole time.

Laying in Nick’s bed, Taylor tries to call Phoebe but Nick assures her all will be alright. He advises her to just forget about Stephanie, that old windbag. Phoebe takes after her mother and she will be okay. He hand feeds her some hot, spicy soup. He offers to get her something else, but she declines and pulls him closer and says all she needs is him, just him. Can he say the same about her?

Ridge is incredulous that Brooke knew about this. Stephanie is still speaking for the peanut gallery with her snide comments. He quizzes Brooke if she really knew about this when Rick says she didn’t know they were coming to Big Bear. She admits she did, but that she tried to tell him that Rick was no threat, and he isn’t. Stephanie keeps saying she should have stopped it and Brooke assures her she tried. Ridge feels betrayed and can’t believe that Brooke lied to him about something so important. She vows that she loves Phoebe very much, just as if she was her own daughter, but he simply can not force them not to feel what they are feeling. So she gave them time. He remarks that she had no right to do that with HIS daughter. And he just wishes she had respected his feelings the same way she respected the kids’feelings. And she lashes back that he had no right to threaten to hit or kill her son. She growls at Stephanie that she shouldn’t even try to understand all of this. And Stephanie hands it back that she shouldn’t try to blame other people for her lack of judgment. Brooke insists on speaking to Rick alone. Stephanie says even if she intervenes, it is too little, too late. She warns Ridge that Brooke has lied to him the whole time. And you do not base a marriage, a good marriage (like she would know!) on lies.

Rick admits to Brooke that he is sorry, he never meant for this to blow up in their face. She berates him for saying he was going to be careful. He confesses he knows, and he thought coming up to the cabin would be safe. How did he know that “battle-axe” and Ridge would find them up here? She says what matters is that it did happen and now Stephanie is determined to turn it into something ugly which it isn’t. Rick knows that Stephanie is just trying to break her and Ridge up, like him and Phoebe. Brooke agrees that Ridge has no right to physically attack him but he thought they weren’t seeing each other any more, then finds out they are and that Brooke knew about it! How’s he supposed to react? And she doesn’t care whose idea it was to come up there, he’s the mature person here and should be held responsible. Now, she’s going to tell him what she told him before. Break it off with Phoebe now before it spirals out of control and things get worse than they already are.

Stephanie tells Phoebe that she owes her father an apology. Phoebe does – she tells her dad that she asked him to treat her like an adult yet she was lying and sneaking around behind his back. She was wrong and she’s sorry. Ridge accepts this and tells her that he is not exactly blameless in this, he could have handled it better. She sets him straight that Rick wasn’t the one who dragged her up here, she wanted to be with him. And even though part of her will always be her daddy’s little girl, he’s wrong about Rick. He remarks they will talk more about it on the way home, but she relays she is not leaving. Brooke agrees, they should let them talk alone. Ridge can’t believe she is suggesting he leave his daughter up here alone with Rick after what he walked in on. Brooke says she is not ASKING him. Rick has some things to say to Phoebe, and they are letting him! Stephanie asks if that is an ultimatum? She chides Ridge that if he is going to let Brooke turn the tables on him like that? Especially after she has lied about this whole situation.

Playing lovey-dovey, Nick tells Taylor all they have to do is put some duct tape over Stephanie’s mouth. And whatever happens to Forrester and Brooke and their relationship has got nothing to do with him and it will not shake his world at all. Because he hasn’t been this happy, he can’t remember when. Because of her and what they’ve found together ……there’s no games, no agenda. When he looks into her eyes, he likes what he sees. He likes her mind and her heart and the way he feels when he touches her…..when he kisses her.

Phoebe confesses that maybe this is a good thing. She hated lying to her father and she knows Brooke did too. Now that it is out in the open, it’s a huge relief. They don’t have to hide their feelings anymore. Rick is silent and sullen and she begs him to talk to her.

On the way home, Ridge wants to turn the car around and go back and get Phoebe. Brooke is emphatic NO. They need this time alone and they are going to give it to them. She says Rick knows what he has to do. Damn it, that doesn’t seem to ease his mind. Why didn’t she tell him sooner? She tells him to pull over, they are going to settle this once and for all.

After their love-making, Taylor asks Nick what is he thinking about? With a big old grin on his face, he replies nothing at all. Taylor says it is okay to admit it, if he was thinking about ‘her’. The other love of his life, The Marlin. He says ahh yes, she will be missed, but she is gone. It won’t be easy, but that is part of his past. She hopes they are still talking about the boat. He assures her one more time – Brooke is his past just like the boat. And don’t think that Taylor is out of the woods yet either. Stephanie will be coming after her and wanting her to hook back up with Ridge. Taylor laments that no, that will never happen. Ridge blew it and she is happy right where she wants to be. He asks if she wants to talk about this, otherwise shut up and kiss him again.

Ridge questions Brooke’s tone. She said it was bad enough but there were things she didn’t say in front of Stephanie and the others. She was aghast when she walked in, the look in Ridge’s eyes when he looked like he wanted to hit her son. She NEVER wants to see that again. He reminds her that SHE was the one who lied to him, and now he’s the bad guy? Is that what it has come to? She warns him that she will NOT tolerate him striking Rick. If he is angry with him, work it out in words, but she never ever wants to see him attempt to hit her son, ever. Is that clear? He says okay, but he wants to make her aware of something too. What does it seem to say about themselves? That the only thing she could do is lie to him?

Slowly, Rick begins to open up and talk to Phoebe. He shares they put his mom in an impossible situation. And even though her dad now knows about it, doesn’t mean he will change his mind about them. Phoebe thinks he will, he will eventually come around. She knows it’s complicated, but it isn’t about her grandmother or her father. These are their feelings, their lives. And she predicts his mother will not lose her father over this. They’ve been through worse and they’ll get through this too. So forget the guilt trip, whatever his mom said, and her dad. They have to stop worrying and thinking about what everybody else is saying. She loves him and begs him to just love her.

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