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Nick stokes the fire and then checks on Taylor in his bed. He asks how she is doing and what more can he do? She replies he has done enough, bringing her here, making her dinner and then tucking her in. He quips yeah after almost killing her. She tells him she knows he feels responsible, but she was the one who turned off the radio otherwise he would have heard the tanker’s call and moved The Marlin in time. He tells her guess what – he can get another boat, but her he can’t replace. She calls him her Hero! He doesn’t feel very heroic. He relates that when he couldn’t find her in the water, it scared the hell out of him. He kisses her and then hears bells – doorbell, bad timing.

Nick tells Brooke that Stephanie is on the warpath again. Brooke knows; she’s trying to convince Ridge that she’s promoting this involvement with Phoebe. She told him to end it, but he didn’t! And now if Stephanie can prove that she did……and she didn’t, but she does now and she feels she has to be honest about it. It would be better to tell Ridge than for him hearing about it from Stephanie. Rick grouses that he doesn’t want him to hear it at all, at least until they are married. He knows he is putting her in a terrible situation here, but Ridge did threaten to kill him. He knows he won’t do that, but he could make their life a living hell. Brooke reminds him so could Stephanie. And she will. He’s sorry she has to deal with her again, but that’s what she gets when she is involved with Ridge. The same old conflicts, the same old worries. And regardless of what happens with him and Phoebe, that will never change.

Phoebe comes in wearing a super sexy gown and asks if it is too sexy? Ridge answers that he’d rather see it on another model. What does Brooke think? She contends that no, it’s beautiful, but only if Phoebe feels comfortable in it. Ridge asks Rick’s opinion saying he noticed he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Undaunted, Rick says he thinks Phoebe looks hot in the dress….maybe a little too hot. The public is being bombarded with images of sexy, young, spoiled rotten, rich girls flaunting their sexuality to the world. And Phoebe’s not like that. And he doesn’t think that is the image they want to project as a company.

Nick opens the door only to find Stephanie who tells him they need to talk. She waltzes on in. He quips he only talks in the mornings. She shares that seeing him with Taylor in the hospital it’s become very apparent to her that their relationship has changed. He quips that almost getting killed can have that effect. Stephanie retorts that Taylor is not his kind of woman. Brooke is his kind of girl. And she thinks her relationship with Ridge is about to blow up. That catches his attention and he asks if she has anything to do with lighting that fuse? Stephanie remarks that she knows how he feels about her and that he is still in love with her. He chuckles and states she doesn’t care about him or how he feels. This is somehow about her. And she has turned on Brooke, just like he said she would. God, he needs a drink. As he pours, Stephanie offers that she doesn’t think they are going to get married. He says he knew this ‘welcome to the family, Brooke’ routine would never last. Stephanie surmises she brought all of this on herself, as usual. He laughs that Stephanie really borderlines on insanity. Stephanie suggests that when she falls apart, she will need someone to ‘comfort’ her. Doesn’t Nick want to be the one?

The Forrester’s all agree they need to focus and not fool around. There’s a lot at stake here. He asks Rick if he sent out a memo, what does he want to discuss? Rick says is was something he was looking into at International, how about a signature fragrance? Sounds exciting to Felicia – perfume. Rick adds and oil, soaps, even candles. They could launch it with their new openings. Market the perfume as an accessory, a perfect compliment to their new clothing. They’d have to work with a specialist and since there is no men’s line yet, it would just be fragrance for women. Felicia jokes they could call it ‘Phoebe’. Rick actually likes that idea. Ridge says if this will give them the edge over Forrester Creations, he’s all for it. They are not working on something like this, are they? Rick says no, he was working on this all on his own and was going to pitch it to his dad later. Ridge thinks it’s worth looking into. They all wonder if they can get this started in time for the openings? Brooke says she will call some people. Felicia reminds them of a P.R. meeting next week.

Nick pours another drink while saying he thinks Brooke can handle Stephanie. She’s done pretty well over the years. Stephanie contends she hasn’t caused as many problems as Brooke has for herself. That seems to be her modus operandi. He adds and Stephanie’s? That would be playing games with other people’s lives. He tells her it’s late, just leave him alone. She asks if he believes that Brooke and Ridge are meant to be together? Shaking her finger, she adds that you know what they say, don’t let your pride get in the way of your happiness. He jabs that it’s nice to see her so concerned about his happiness. She corrects him – she’s not. She’s concerned about Taylor. She’s just a distraction for him. And if Brooke were available, he’d drop Taylor like a hot potato. He says that is not true. But Stephanie maintains that it is. And she’s had a terrible year. She needs stability. She needs someone she can count on (like your other son, Thorne, Stephanie?) He tells her he agrees with her on that. That’s why he prays she will stay away from Stephanie and her screwy family. Stephanie asks didn’t he just say that to Brooke not long ago? Nick replies it’s too bad she didn’t listen. Stephanie wonders if she has discussed the kid’s relationship with him, since he sees nothing wrong with it. Only Ridge is left in the dark. Nick quips, “not for long, I’m sure, being the ray of sunshine that you are.” She advises that she is not the villain here, nor even him. She knows he would never deliberately hurt Taylor, but it’s going to happen if he doesn’t stop now. He opens the door for her and tells her it’s time to go. Her last parting words are that Taylor doesn’t deserve to be thrown over for Brooke again. Nick slams the door and tells her to please drive safe.

While waiting, Taylor remembers the poker night and Nick taking off his St. Christopher medal from Brooke. It made more of a statement than taking off his pants. Nick comes back and tells her it was Stephanie downstairs. She wonders if she knew she was there? He says are you kidding? If she had of known that, she would have drug her by her hair and gotten her out of there. Taylor agrees she would as she is not happy with them seeing each other. He guesses she has something new to put in her pipe to smoke. A problem with Brooke. Taylor wonders what that has to do with him? Nothing really except she thinks the relationship will fall apart and Brooke will come running back to Nick.

Felicia and Ridge agree that Phoebe is a real trooper, but he still doesn’t want her spending too much time alone with Rick. Felicia reminds him that she thinks Rick got that message when he kicked him out of the house. Ridge says yes, but his mother still hasn’t gotten the message. She still thinks they are involved and that Brooke is supporting it. Ouch, says Felicia. Sounds like the honeymoon is over between Stephanie and Brooke and he isn’t even married yet. Ridge laments that he’s made it very clear to her that he won’t tolerate her abusing Brooke. Rick and Phoebe’s relationship is the last hurdle before their wedding. Now they are over that, that’s it, no more.

Brooke reiterates to Rick that this is wrong. She can’t lie to her fiancée just weeks before the wedding. He and Phoebe did just fine today and she appreciates that, but one slip……one secret look…..He assures her they know what is at stake. She spells it out again, then just keep their distance until after the wedding. He tells her that a few weeks is like an eternity to an eighteen year old. Besides she might dump him first. Brooke hopes not and if the two are going to see each other, just be very careful. It’s not just Ridge who is watching, but now Stephanie as well. He promises her they won’t get caught.

Stephanie drags Phoebe into their office and invents some excuse for Rick to check on the neckline of the gown. She slips around and punches the intercom button and then finagles Brooke out of the office, saying it’s okay to leave them alone as Brooke had given her word they weren’t involved now. As soon as they disappear, Phoebe touches Rick and says finally she has him alone all to herself. He gives her a peck on her forehead.

Taylor doesn’t seem concerned as Ridge told her that the kids weren’t seeing each other any more. Yet, Nick says Stephanie thinks they are and that Brooke knows about it. Nick says all he knows is that this woman is nuts and she hates Brooke. Taylor asks what is going to happen to them? Do they allow Stephanie and the Forrester’s drama to affect their lives? She knows she is through with that, how about him? And does Stephanie think that if Brooke does leave Ridge that she will coming running back to Nick?

Stephanie ushers Brooke into Ridge’s office. Brooke asks what does she want now? Stephanie opines how about the truth? Ridge deserves to know what is going on and she is keeping it from him. She’s lying to him because the two are still involved. Why can’t she just be honest? Do the right thing, and tell him herself! Brooke spits that she doesn’t need her to tell her what is right for her family. Stephanie offers that perhaps she does because she has mishandled this whole situation. Ridge had told her from the beginning she was nothing but an innocent teenager and yet Brooke has done nothing to rein in her son. Brooke answers that is because she does not bully her children the way Stephanie does. Stephanie badgers her – so it’s okay if they have sex? Brooke answers she didn’t say that. Stephanie points out that Phoebe is a good girl, she’s not a liar. Brooke could keep a secret like that, but that little girl will never be able to get that secret. Brooke bellows for her to stop it…..my God, Stephanie is right. Phoebe is a good girl and Rick is a good man. And she doesn’t give a damn what Stephanie thinks. He would never take advantage of Phoebe or any other woman for that matter. “So just keep your mouth shut and leave my son alone!” Stay the hell out of it, she tells Stephanie and storms off.

Stephanie listens in on the intercom. Phoebe steers Rick to the couch and even wants to lock the door. He reminds her how bad that would look, it would really set her dad off. And it’s not just her dad when she insists, but her grandma too; she suspects. He knows for the sake of his mom who is not telling Ridge, they have to be careful and not risk getting caught. She comes up with a plan, let them go somewhere where no one will walk in on them. She’ll tell her dad that she is going to the beach with Madison. And they will meet at Big Bear, in separate cars.

Stephanie listens intently as she hears kissing noises, rolls her eyes as Rick says there is more where that comes from. She doesn’t know if she can get Ridge to listen to her, but she’s got to try. He has got to see this for himself. They need to get to Big Bear.

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