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At Bridget’s… Stephanie wants an answer about whether Brooke knows the kids are still seeing each other. Brooke told Ridge it was over, and she is going behind his back, helping Rick and Phoebe to still see each other. Ridge has a right to know. Brooke tells Stephanie she has no right to barge into Bridget’s home and throw accusations around. She tells her to just go back and tell Ridge the wedding is off. “I am not signing up for a lifetime of you trying to find me doing something Ridge wouldn’t want me to do, and having my children under surveillance! To hell with that!” Stephanie tells Brooke she is trying to protect Phoebe and, Ridges wishes. She also tells her she is trying to protect the family and the business from any scandal. Rick asks Stephanie if she can ever really enter or leave a room without a fight.

Nick calls Bridget. Brooke is concerned when she realizes it’s Nick calling from the hospital. He tells her about the accident with the Marlin and the tanker. Taylor is on oxygen and warm I.V. fluids. She has hypothermia as well. Bridget asks if Taylor is conscious. Stephanie is concerned now, at the mention of Taylor’s name. Bridget hangs up and says she has to get to the hospital. She tells Brooke, Stephanie and Rick what has happened. Stephanie tells Bridget she will follow her. Rick grabs his coat saying Phoebe will be worried sick, “I have to go too.” Brooke tells him not so fast. Rick tells her she didn’t seem all that calm when she just heard the news about Taylor and her ex-husband.

“What about what happened here?” Excited, Rick says, “I know, you told Stephanie what she needed to hear! I am so proud of you!” Brooke tells him she is now saying the same thing to him. Rick tells his mother, he and Phoebe will do whatever she wants. She says that there cannot be a repeat of what happened earlier. Rick tells Brooke he has thought about what she said before. Maybe Phoebe needed a crush and he was there in the right place at the right time. “If this is going to fade out, then why not let it die a natural death?” He asks her. Phoebe is in love for the very first time, he doesn’t want to make this a miserable experience for her. Brooke tells him there is too much at stake. Rick tells her she wants him to deliberately hurt her, because the man your marrying wants world to live by his rules. “Ridge isn’t like that.” Brooke says. Rick asks Brooke, “What if this is true love? Do you really want to deny me the one thing you have been searching for all of your life?” Brooke tells him, no more close calls. He promises. “Despite what you think, mom, I do care about your happiness too.”

The doctor tells Nick he did a good job clearing Taylor’s lungs after the accident. Taylor mumbles something about someone being out to get him. The doctor tells Nick she will be fine in a bit. Jokingly, Taylor tells Nick he looks terrible. He smiles and apologizes saying he hasn’t had time to freshen up yet. He kisses her. Later, he asks her how many fingers he is holding up. She shakes her head smiling. “Wrong question.” She tells him he is supposed to ask her things like, what’s the date, and who is the president. “That’s it.” He says. “ No more sex for you. It’s one thing to move the earth, but the entire pacific ocean?” He smiles at her.

Stephanie walks in asking Taylor if she is alright. Again, Taylor says, “They are out to get you.” Stephanie asks if Taylor is delirious. Nick says he doesn’t know, she keeps saying that. Taylor says, “Maroni!”

Finally Nick figures it out. He says it back and laughs. Saying out loud that it was a Maroni tanker that hit them. He laughs and asks Taylor, “are you going to call the lawyer first or shall I?” Smiling he tells her he is going to check on Bridget and asks her if she will be alright for a minute. Nodding toward Stephanie, he tells her to keep it short.

Stephanie tells Taylor that Ridge is on his way. “What did you call him for?” Taylor asks, kind of annoyed. Stephanie tells her she is important to Ridge and she always will be. She says, “I guess I don’t have to ask what you were doing out there with Nick.”

“Then don’t.” Taylor tells her. Stephanie tells Taylor not to throw her life away on a bum like Nick.

Ridge is at the office and Phoebe walks in. Ridge tells his daughter that he heard something very disturbing today. Phoebe says,

”I don’t know why it would be so disturbing.”

“You know about it?” Ridges asks. She tells him that she isn’t sure what Brooke told him, exactly. Ridge tells Phoebe it’s about the photo on the internet. She’s surprised. He said that Jarrit from Eye On Fashion brought it to his attention. It was a picture of her and Rick singing at Insomnia. Phoebe explained it was karaoke night and she ran into Rick there. “You knew all about it.” She told her father. Ridge looked at her and asked what it was then, that Brooke would have told him that she didn’t want him to know about. Phoebe tells him Brooke saw her and Rick in a room together at rodeo drive earlier. She tells him it was her idea, not Rick’s. She also says that Rick still thinks it is wrong that they can’t see each other. “The last thing a dad wants, is to see his little girl with a broken heart.” He tells Phoebe. He says he will not back off and let something happen to her.

At the hospital, Stephanie is still in with Taylor when Ridge and Phoebe show up. They go into the room as well. Nick asks Bridget if she can help him get rid of some of the people. Bridget goes into Taylor’s room.

Brooke walks up to Nick and asks if Taylor is alright. She asks about the Marlin. She tells Nick he looks terrible. “So I’ve heard.” He says. “I have to get back in there.” He tells Brooke, and walks away.

Taylor is telling everyone that she wasn’t in a coma and she didn’t have any brain damage. She also didn’t feel like talking right now. Bridget tells them she needs her rest. Phoebe asks Taylor not to be angry that they are worried about her. She isn’t. Ridge and Phoebe go back out to the waiting area. Bridget looks at Stephanie. “Stephanie,” she says.

“Oh, we were talking about something important.” She tells Bridget.

“Something important to HER.” Says Taylor. Stephanie walks out the door, saying, “I’ll be back.”

“Nobody ever doubts that.” Says Nick. Bridget follows Stephanie out of the room.

Alone again with Taylor, Nick apologizes for all the people showing up. Taylor tells him the accident was all her fault. Joking with her, he says they both agree it was all her fault. Then Nick adds, “I lost one lady, but I gained another.”

Back in the hospital waiting area, Ridge and Brooke are talking privately, Stephanie is lurking around. Rick takes a cup of tea over to Phoebe. He tells her to take it and pretend it’s her favorite tea. He tells her that his mother hasn’t talked to Ridge about finding the two of them together. “I know. I almost screwed up and told him myself.” Says Phoebe. Rick tells her that Brooke is okay with this as long as they keep it quiet and don’t say anything. Phoebe is surprised and wants to know how he talked her into that. “I told her you would probably get tired of me.” He said smiling.

“Is that what you think of me?” Phoebe asks, a little worried.

Rick tells her it is what he thinks of himself. He tells her they have to play it cool, and not tell Ridge. He asks her if she is okay. “Except for being crazy in love.” She says. He tells her to go sit down and drink her tea. She walks away to sir with Ridge.

Brooke is watching Nick with Taylor through the window in her door. She appears jealous. Stephanie walk around the corner to where Brooke is standing. Behind her, is another window that Stephanie is watching Rick and Phoebe through. She tells Brooke to look at them and how obvious they are, not even looking at each other. Brooke tells Stephanie she warned her what would happen if she keeps this up.

“What? Your going to leave Ridge? Oh, please.” She says sarcastically.

Ridge appears and wants to know what’s up with the two of them.

“Stephanie is having a flashback of her old self.” Brooke says. Stephanie tells Ridge to look through the window at the kids.

“They haven’t stopped seeing each other.” She tells him.

“Why, because Rick brought her some tea?” He asks. Just look, Stephanie tells him. Ridge tells his mother that this is not easy for Phoebe either, and to leave her alone. He then tells her to stop accusing Brooke of things. “If you can’t treat her with the respect she deserves, then don’t even come to the wedding.” He also tells her not to come to their house or to expect them to come to hers. Stephanie gives Brooke one of her, this is not over, looks, and walks away.

Brooke tells Ridge she has no intentions of getting back on that merry-go-round again. She looks through Taylor’s window again. She is still upset to see Nick and Taylor together.

Taylor tells Nick she thinks the oxygen is making her dizzy and she takes it off. He jokes with her saying it must be his presence. Holding her hand, he tells her he should also take Bridget’s advice, and let her get some rest. Taylor tells him it is not cool to sleep with a woman and not stay the night. Nick tells her he will if she will let him. “Why should I let you?” Taylor asks Nick.

“I think I am falling for you.” Nick tells her. “I never thought I would hear those words come out of my mouth.” He added.

“Your secret is safe with me.” Taylor says.

Phoebe glances at Rick over the top of a magazine she is looking at. He sees her look and walks to a trash can. Throwing away his cup, he drops a note on the floor, making sure she saw him. He walks away, and Phoebe goes to the trash to throw away her cup. Casually, she picks up the note, and walks back to her seat where she reads it.

“What you said is making you crazy, that’s how it is for me too.” The note reads. She looks at him, and they both try to hide their feelings.

Stephanie is watching them. Phoebe leaves with a nurse. Something about Taylor’s discharge papers. Rick tells Brooke he is going back to Bridget’s house, and he leaves.

Brooke sits down and Stephanie come over to sit too.

“What’s this they say about a leopard changing his spots?” Stephanie asks Brooke.

“You’ve been just about as successful.” Brooke tells her. Stephanie asks why it is that she is the only one who can see Brooke for what she really is. She tells her she knows she is helping the kids stay together. “What about when Ridge finds out?”

“He wont listen to you.” Brooke tells her. Brooke says there is no harm in what is going on. Stephanie tells Brooke she slept her way through the family, and she is not going to sit back and watch Rick do the same thing.

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