B&B Thursday Update 3/1/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/1/07


Written By Cora
Pictures by nz85

Ridge is convinced that Brooke telling Rick to stay away from Phoebe, was the right thing to do. He just wants to protect his little girl, that’s all he’s worried about. Brooke tells him he has to learn to trust Phoebe’s decisions. He tells her he will work on that, just keep Rick away from her, he will not negotiate on that one. Stephanie and Jarrit,( Eye On Fashion, Magazine) walk in. Jarrit was invited for an exclusive, Ridge reads off the wedding/opening invitations that have just arrived. He tells Jarrit that it is only fitting that he and Brooke get married at the gala, since they fell in love in the fashion business. Jarrit thought maybe all the hype was over Phoebe. Since she is all everyone has been talking about, being Forrester‘s hottest new model. He also wants to know if Rick will be part of her future as well. Ridge doesn’t quite understand the comment. Jarrit explains that his editorial assistant informed him about the performance Rick and Phoebe put on at Insomnia. They were in perfect harmony and had plenty of chemistry, he tells them. “It’s all over the internet.” Ridge looked stunned. Brooke looked a little nervous. Brooke defended the kids saying that they enjoy singing together. Jarrit adds that technically Ridge is a Maroni, and the kids are not related. Ridge tells him they are family. Stephanie tells Jarrit that non of the Forrester family members need to be seen in any kind of scandal, she threatens him to keep it quiet, or his days at covering any Forrest exclusives, would be numbered. Jarrit leaves. Stephanie is mad that the press has gotten wind of Rick’s attraction to Phoebe. “They are attracted to each other.” Brooke says. Stephanie points out that two teens having a crush is one thing, but Rick is a grown man, and that this is inappropriate.

Ridge tells Stephanie that its been handled. She is skeptical. She reminds them that Jarrit knows a sex scandal when he sees one. Stephanie knows that Jarrit would give up all exclusives if he thought he could expose a story between Rick and Phoebe. Ridge tells her again, Brooke has handled it. Stephanie tells them, sarcastically that she will trust that there is nothing to worry about, and leaves.

Ridge tells Brooke that he believes in their marriage, and that they will get it right this time. Brooke smiles at him, but as he hugs her, she looks very unsettled.

Bridget walks in to her house to see Rick packing his clothes. She tells him he’s only been there for one night, and he is welcome to stay on. He tells his sister that a storm is brewing in his life and she isn’t going to want to be any part of it. He then tells her about he and Phoebe, and how he can’t stay away from here. He tells her they are taking things slow and that Brooke knows about it and is okay with it. Bridget tells him Ridge can’t possibly be okay with it though. “Who made Ridge king?” Rick asks. He tells her Ridge has no right to tell them that their relationship is wrong. Bridget tells Rick she understands where Ridge is coming from. Phoebe is his daughter, she is only 18. She tells Rick nobody knows about what kind of life he had in Paris. He tells Bridget that he and Phoebe were only kissing. She reminds him how worldly he is, and what about later? What about a real intimacy? Rick tells her he in not going to cross that line. He already told Brooke that too. Bridget tells Rick that Brooke siding with him and Phoebe would cause problems for her and Ridge. Rick tells her that if Ridge can’t handle it, they shouldn’t be married.

Brooke walks in. She can tell that Rick has told her. Rick tells his mom she looks stressed. Brooke tells them about Jarrit and what he has said to her, Ridge and Stephanie. That there is a photo of Rick and Phoebe on the internet. Rick asks if he should pack up and leave. “ How is Ridge?” He asks her. She says he is fine. She couldn’t tell him. Rick tells her this is why he and Phoebe wanted to keep this a secret. Brooke tells him she doesn’t want there to be any secrets between her and Ridge. After all, they are getting married.

“Don’t let me interrupt.” Stephanie says, as she closes the door behind her. Rick tells Stephanie that this is none of her business. She reminds him that she, Brooke and Ridge have all told him to stay away from Phoebe. Brooke tells Stephanie that she can handle it.

“We bet the farm, we cannot have a scandal. This situation is wrong.”

Brooke tells her it is not a problem. “You promised Ridge that it was over. Were you lying?” She asks Brooke. She looks at Rick with the same questioned look. “ You are a lying s.o.b.” She looks at Brooke and tells her she knew about it. She tells them all that this will be a big mistake, especially once Ridge finds out.

On the Shady Marlin, Nick and Taylor are in bed together. Taylor tells Nick she wants to stay there and never leave. She feels at that moment, everything is going to be okay. She thanks Nick. The kiss and roll around under the covers. Later, she tells him that he is probably the most complicated man she knows. One minute he is in jeans and a tee shirt and hanging out with the guys at Chuck’s, and the next, he is in a thousand dollar suit making business deals.

Nick tells Taylor about how he went off to sea at a young age looking for adventure. He realized later that all he was doing was running. Now he really wants to belong somewhere, to someone. “You do.” She tells him. They kiss.

Nick wakes up beside Taylor who is lying there asleep. The boat is rocking out of control. He can hear a loud noise close by. He yells to Taylor to wake up. “Wake up, Taylor! We’ve got to get off the boat! It’s a tanker!” He shouts.

Taylor screams as the boat appears to roll over. Nick is in the water yelling for Taylor, debris from the Marlin scattered about all around him. He yells again. He goes underwater and sees her floating. Nick grabs Taylor and they surface. He gets her to a large piece of the boat that is floating in the water. Nick drags Taylor onto the piece of wood. She is unconscious. He immediately starts resuscitation on her. She starts to come around a little. As Nick is still trying to keep her up out of the water, a helicopter flies over them shining a spot light. Nick yells for help.

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