B&B Wednesday Update 2/28/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/28/07


Written By Wanda
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Brook is shocked to find Phoebe and Rick huddling and kissing behind some inventory boxes. They start to explain and she remarks she doesn’t need that, she can see perfectly well what they are doing. She chides Rick as he had told her he was breaking it off with Phoebe and it’s clear he hasn’t.

With eyes closed, Nick is led onto The Marlin by Taylor. He knows it’s his boat, just not why they are there. When he’s allowed to open his eyes, he spies the picnic basket she has brought. She remarks that he has to eat, right? So she thought they’d have dinner together. He quips that he runs the fashion business; he doesn’t have time to eat. She conveys that is boring. When is the last time he took the boat out on the water? Again he quips that he traded his boats for blouses. She jokes okay, as long as he doesn’t start wearing them. And then goes on that she has lived in L.A. a long time and has never been out on the water on a boat. And never, never at night….and never, never, never with an experienced sea captain. And in her best sea pirate’s voice she tells him to pull up the anchor on this barge, he’s taking her for a ride. He answers, “aye, aye, baby.”

Stephanie tells Davis that she likes the changes he made and she’ll be expecting the final numbers by the end of the week. Ridge joins in by handing him a wedding announcement and asks if he will hand that to graphics for him. He’d like the mock-up within the hour. Stephanie wonders what is the hurry? He replies that he’s given Jarrett an exclusive when he comes over and he thought the announcement would be a nice touch. She questions whether he is going to tell him the whole thing about wanting to get married on Rodeo Drive at the very time they are opening up their new stores. He sees no reason not to, it’s not a secret. She only wants him to be sure this is what he wants. They are opening up a chain of new stores around the world. Isn’t that enough of a challenge or does he want the wedding of the year too? Isn’t that a little much to take on? He informs her they can do this. They HAVE to do it to sink Marone. If she has more to say, bring it on. She implores that she loves him, she wants him to be happy. She has just one question for him, but it’s an important one. Is Brooke really the woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with?

Brooke leads the kids out of the shadows. Phoebe asks if they really have to do this now? Brooke reminds her what could have happened if it had been Ridge instead of her that found them, how he would have re-acted. Rick has a pretty good idea! Then she wonders why are they doing this, especially after promising her that he would stop seeing Phoebe. Does he remember that? And why didn’t he? He stutters that he did, but then he thought about it and he doesn’t think what they are doing is wrong. What Ridge is doing – that is wrong, trying to keep them apart. And he knows she is really on their side. Why is she letting Ridge have his way? She gives him the old family mantra, this is for his own good, this wedding….everything is riding on it and if Ridge finds out they have been sneaking around and she knew about it, it’ll be a complete nightmare. Phoebe offers to talk to him again. Brooke tells her that won’t do any good. It’ll be a complete waste of time. He is NEVER going to accept this relationship….not ever.

Nick gives instructions to the harbormaster. Taylor flatters him by saying he looks pretty good at the wheel. He extols that he hasn’t taken her out in a while and the tide can be a little tricky at night. She tells him she is not worried; she knows she with the best sailor in the Seven Seas. How many sailors does she know, he asks? And he could teach her to do this, it’s not that tough. She remarks that’s fine, but for now she is enjoying just watching him do “your thing’. He turns around and gives her a kiss while saying just watch him do ‘my thing’. Suddenly the lights go out and he jokes that she short-circuited the boat.

Stephanie just wants to make sure Ridge realizes he can not go back to what he once had. They aren’t just marrying for habit? Frustrated, he says he knows that it’s going o be different, but that’s alright. He doesn’t care. Brooke is the woman he loves and it’s really annoying him that Stephanie is trying to meddle in all of this again. She declares that she’s really not. It’s just the two of them have had their ups and downs, and she’s just asking him if this is 100% what he really wants? He proclaims, yes, 150% certain! And is this something Brooke wants? After all, marriage does not erase feelings that one might have for a third party. He points out that Brooke has no more feelings for Marone; that is over and done with. Things couldn’t be better, except for one thing – Rick and Phoebe. Stephanie is concerned. They haven’t gone too far, have they? Ridge answers no, but they did kiss so he threw Rick out of the house. He’s happy Stephanie is on his side since Brooke isn’t. Well, she is now, but she wasn’t initially.

Phoebe tells Brooke she is making this sound so simple, but they can’t just turn off their feelings so easily. Brooke asks if they have even tried? Phoebe begs for her not to be angry at just Rick. He had told her they had to stop seeing each other, but they both now realize even if they wanted to, they can’t be apart. Rick advises they don’t want to be sneaking around, but it’s Ridge’s fault, he put them in this position. She wants to know how long were they planning on keeping this secret? Until they were married, he replies. And the new stores launched. They hoped Ridge would come around. Phoebe refuses to believe something that feels like this is so wrong. She knows her dad thinks she is too young to know what love is and she hasn’t made a lot of great decisions lately. But Brooke knows her son and he’s not going to take advantage of her. He’s kind and sweet….and she has absolutely no idea where this is going, but she knows she will be safe. Rick chimes in, that Phoebe is right, he would never hurt her. And the last thing he expected was to feel this way, but here they are. And he would think she of all people, would know how they felt. He knows she and Ridge have a right to live their lives the way they want, but he and Phoebe should be allowed that same right.

Nick groans as he checks the fuel, they are okay, and the engine looks alright, so he doesn’t know what’s the problem. He says he will call for a tow. Taylor smiles and asks if he has to? She is enjoying it out here in the middle of the night, just the two of them with the stars, the waves lapping up against the boat. He replies well, since she put it that way, he wishes the old boat had broken down more often.

Stephanie agrees with Ridge that it is inappropriate for Rick and Phoebe to be interested in each other. She is surprised that Brooke can’t see that, but that’s always been the difference in the two of them. He sees things as they are and Brooke as she wants to see them. She catches herself and says she is not saying that Brooke can’t change. He’s pleased that she is accepting Brooke now. So don’t start backsliding or they will have problems.

Brooke reminds them they are not talking about her and Ridge now. For the sake of argument, if they were to stay together, how would this work out? Rick replies they are not living in a dream fantasy world here, they will figure it out. It’s complicated, there are concerns. Phoebe is only eighteen with a whole world ahead of her and he doesn’t want to take that away. But he confesses that he cares for her deeply. He’s tried to shut those feelings out, but he can’t. And if he felt it was wrong, he’d end it immediately. But as a matter of fact, he thinks it is something worth fighting for. She resigns that they wouldn’t be the first couple to raise a few eyebrows……and it probably wouldn’t last anyway. She’s just saying that when you start a relationship, everything is so magical, and it seems it will always be that way. But, sooner or later, reality sets in and as quickly as it started, it will end. So she is saying she doesn’t really see the harm in them exploring their relationship. They both thank her. But, there is one thing – Ridge must know. They can’t believe she is advocating that; they all know how Ridge will react. And Brooke was the one who said she didn’t want to jeopardize the wedding or the opening of the new stores. Brooke realizes he might not take it well, but lying to him would be worse down the road. How about if she talks to him again? Rick still doesn’t think he will accept it. She says maybe not, but she has to try.

Snuggling by candlelight, Nick says that is what he likes about being out on the water. It’s like nothing else exists. She whispers that she wishes it could be this way all the time. She confesses it wasn’t that long ago that her life was so empty. She was so alone. It just feels like a whole new life for her. They kiss and simply she asks him to make love to her.

Stephanie tells Ridge to calm down. But, he remarks that she has made a career out of interfering with his relationship, so just stop it. He and Brooke are getting married, as planned! He points his finger at her and warns her that if she makes any trouble, it won’t be Brooke out of his life, but her. She considers herself warned. He says good, because he means it. He drew the line, just the way he did with Phoebe and Rick. And it’s one they better not cross. Brooke walks in and says she didn’t mean to interrupt, but she needs to talk to him alone. Stephanie wonders if that is her cue to leave? Ridge says yes, that would be her cue. Stephanie obliges saying they are getting married soon and all is right with the world. So what could possibly be upsetting Brooke? Ridge babbles on about giving Jarrett the exclusive, so he’ll probably want some special photo shoot if that is okay with her….she’ll be so beautiful, and nothing is going to ruin this now. He realizes she is not focused on this as he. What’s going on?

She comments he knows how much she loves him. And they usually are in sync about certain things….love and family. But this time they aren’t. And they really need to be before they continue on. It’s Rick and Phoebe…….and he’s not going to like it.

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