B&B Tuesday Update 2/27/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/27/07


Written By Cora
Pictures by nz85

At the Forrester home, Eric wants opinions from everyone on designing the new offices. He wants to use marble, but Stephanie says it would be too expensive to use in every retail store. Eric turns to Pam for her input. Pam tells him marble is very hard to keep clean. He seems more interested in Pam’s opinion than Stephanie’s.

Stephanie asks Ann if she has checked into any of the housing complexes that they mentioned. Ann is annoyed that Stephanie keeps changing the subject to that. Stephanie and Ann leave to go to the guest house to look at brochures.

Eric confides his worries to Pam. He was excited to open these retail stores. He got the approval of the family, and only now is really seeing the magnitude of the business. Pam tells him he is doing the right thing. He seems to be happy with her vote of confidence.

At the guest house Stephanie realizes that Ann hasn’t even looked at the brochures at all. “You have no intention of moving out of here, do you?” Stephanie asks. Ann tells her Eric won’t make her. Ann tells Stephanie for years she has denied her a place in the family, but she has done her penance. She has grandchildren and great grandchildren who like and appreciate her. Stephanie tells Ann she’d better start looking, because there is no room for her to stay on at the Forrester house. Ann tells her she has plenty of room and it’s time that she had some happiness and family support other than Pam. Stephanie accuses Ann of trying to make herself head of the family. Ann tells Stephanie she probably doesn’t lift a finger around there, and that Pam is a better wife to Eric than she is. “You are in no position to judge me as a wife and a mother.” Stephanie says. Ann wants to know what is it Stephanie does do. “All I ever see, is you running off interfering in Eric’s business.” Ann tells her.

Stephanie threatens to send Ann back to Chicago. Ann tells her that Eric should be more firm with her. That he should be more like Stephanie’s father. Stephanie is very angry. She goes back to the main house and tells Eric she hope he isn’t discussing their marriage. Eric doesn’t know what she is talking about. Stephanie tells him that Ann seems to know all about the problems in their marriage. She also tells him she would like to see Ann go back to Chicago. “If Pam decides to go back with her, or stay here, that would be up to her.” Stephanie says.

“Well, that’s not going to happen.” Says Eric. Stephanie is shocked at his response. She tells him her mother is taking advantage of him. She will never be happy with any housing they find for her. Eric suggests that she stay on in the guest house. Stephanie argues that the whole idea of Ann getting a place was so Pam wouldn’t have to look after her. Eric tells Stephanie that Pam is happy. Stephanie tells him she doesn’t want her mother there. “She has a contentious personality, Eric. She’s controlling, she lies. She disagrees with you just for the sake of disagreeing.” Eric snickers a little under his breath. Stephanie says she understands now, that’s what he thinks about her. She reminds him that she has supported his decision about the new retail stores. He tells her with her its about control, not support. Pam is overhearing the argument. “ You want to control this whole thing, it’s not support, its like what you did last night in bed.” Eric says. Eric wants to know why the even employed a minister if they are only going to be business partners. Stephanie says she thought they had a wonderful time in Big Bear. Eric says, “It was like a long cool shower after a long, long drought. Stephanie tells him he should look to himself to find the problem. He tells her he can never win with her. “Ann and Pam are staying here! If that means I have to sleep next to a block of ice for the rest of my life, that’s the way it is!” Eric storms out of the room.

Stephanie is on her way out the door. Eric wants to know where she is going. She tells him everyone else is working. There are decisions that have to be made, one of us has to be there to make the decisions.” Stephanie tells Eric that this is how it is. He builds the castles in the air, and she does the brick and the mortar. She was never a wifey wife, and couldn’t be one. She cant do that and be foreman too. She tells him he is Mr. passive aggressive. That he throws a bunch of balls in the air and expects someone, her…to juggle them for him. She tells him “I can’t turn on a dime and become the sex kitten. Not even Brooke was that fast on her feet.“

In the kitchen, Pam and Ann are at the table. Ann here’s something. “That must be Eric. For goodness sake, go run a comb through your hair.” She tells Pam. Pam tells her it’s Stephanie going to her car.

“She can’t even stay and have dinner with her own husband?” Ann says. Pam says maybe something came up. Ann tells her maybe they had a fight and she’s storming out. Pam tells her either way, it doesn’t concern her. Ann tells Pam that Stephanie doesn’t want her there either because she shows her up, in Eric’s eyes. Pam dismisses the comment. “Maybe we should go back to Chicago.” Says Pam. Ann asks her if that is what she wants, Pam looks said, but doesn’t answer. Ann reminds her of all that Stephanie has. She tells her she feels sorry for Eric who has to live with her. “Stephanie is a damaged person.” She says she loves her dearly and suffered all those years she had to live without her. Then she tells Pam that Eric is a fine man. Pam agrees. Ann says he deserves better. “ He deserves someone more like you.”

Felicia tells Bridget that Donte’ isn’t coming back from Rome. He wants her to pack up Dino and move there, but she won’t do it. “He has made some noise about suing for custody, but you know that won’t happen.” Bridget asks her if she has thought about moving there. Felicia said back when she was dying, but now she has her life back and her career and the family needs her here. Bridget can’t believe that Donte’ would let Felicia go. Felicia reminds her how it was. First Taylor, then Bridget, then her… Felicia tells Bridget she had always thought if Donte’ was to break her heart, it would be over her. Bridget hugs her big sister.

Ridge, Brooke and Rick are discussing the wedding/grand opening. Brooke asks where Phoebe went. Ridge asks Rick to go check on some inventory. Ridge tells Brooke that he thinks Phoebe is finding it hard to be around Rick.

Rick goes to see about the inventory and Phoebe comes up behind him. “Oh boy, I am being attacked by the love crazed maniac.” Rick says.

Phoebe tells him, “don’t you forget it.” They start kissing.

Ridge is ready to get going, Brooke says she wants to say goodbye to Rick first. Ridge reminds her that having Rick and Phoebe break up had to be done. “I guess so.” Says Brooke. He tells Brooke she hopes he’s not getting too carried away with the wedding/opening. He says there was a time when she would have been very excited about all of it. He tells Brooke if she doesn’t want to get married this way, it’s ok. She doesn’t have too. She admitted that she was hoping for something small and quiet, but it’s okay. She says, “What girl wouldn’t want a huge sensational wedding.”

Ridge asks Bridget how she and Rick are getting along. She says fine. She tells him she is surprised he brought it up, since he kicked him out of their mom’s house. Ridge tells her he was worked up, but never told her why. He said he has Rick to thank though, for being a complete gentleman.

Rick and Phoebe are off alone kissing. Rick tells her that this is so wrong. “No, what’s wrong is our parents asking us to do something they have no right to ask us.” Answers Phoebe. Rick tells her there is more involved than just his mom and her dad. “There is a company involved here.” Phoebe wants to know what that has to do with the two of them. He gives her an unbelievable scenario. “Your dad walks in on us the night before, cancels the wedding and we all go bankrupt.” Phoebe smiles. Rick seriously tell her he is walking out of there on the count of 3. As he gets to 2, his face loses all seriousness. He smiles. At three, they are kissing again. Brooke walks in catching them. Shocked to see them together after what Rick had promised, Brooke wants to know what they think they are doing.

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