B&B Monday Update 2/26/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/26/07


Written By Cora
Pictures by nz85

At Jackie M, Brooke wanders in and starts checking out the clothes. Nick sees her and asks if she is lost. Brooke tells him she was in the neighborhood. Nick says he had heard about the possibility of Forrester Originals moving in down the street. He makes a snide comment about how they can afford the new space. “ Forrester Original’s is a sure bet.” Brooke tells him. She says that they should have opened a long time ago to prevent him from torpedoing them the way he did. Nick reminds her that nothing is a sure bet anymore.

Brooke tells Nick she’s there for another reason as well, their divorce. It has been weeks since they signed papers, and she had expected to hear something by now. Nick tells her he thinks that’s just an excuse to see him. He thinks she is more curious about his personal life than she wants him to know. Brooke claims she hasn’t had time to think about anything but her own life lately. She tells him that she talked to Rick and asked him to stop seeing Phoebe. Nick was under the impression that Brooke was on the kids side. She said she was until she found out they had kissed. Nick tells her she should know better than to think it’s over. He tells her the attraction won’t stop because other people want it too. Brooke tells Nick that she asked Rick to do this for Hope and R.J. Nick tells her, “That’s crap. You would never tell your son not to follow his heart. You did this for Ridge.”

Brooke tries to argue Ridge’s point. That he is looking out for his daughter. “How would you feel if it were your daughter? How would you feel if it were Hope?” Brooke asks Nick. They both get very quiet. Nick looks hurt. Brooke apologizes and leaves.

At Brooke’s house, Ridge has told Taylor about the situation between Phoebe and Rick. Informing her that the two had actually kissed, but it is no longer a problem. The relationship has ended because Brooke had a talk with Rick. Brooke asked him to end things with Phoebe.

Taylor is not as sure about the finality of the situation considering it was Brooke who asked Rick to break it off. She explains to Ridge that because someone asks or tells you to stop a relationship, that doesn’t mean the feelings just disappear. Taylor knows better. It’s not going to be that easy. Ridge is confident that its over, and tells Taylor they will just have to keep a cautious eye on Phoebe for a while. Taylor says she can take care of Phoebe and herself if Phoebe decides she doesn’t want to stay with Ridge anymore due to his interference in her relationship with Rick. Ridge wants to know where Taylor was last night while he searched for Phoebe. “Were you with Nick?” He asks. Taylor tells Ridge again, that she can take care of Phoebe. Ridge tells her he knows Taylor is still hurting from her break up with Thorne. She says she misses Thorne and Allie, but she is not on the rebound. Ridge questions that. Taylor says, “Lets just say, I am finally starting to understand what Brooke saw in Nick, because now, I see it too.” Ridge looks surprised.

Eric and Stephanie go check out office space in a building down the street from Jackie M. Eric is somewhat nervous about this new venture. There are a lot of risks involved. Stephanie tells him to stop second guessing himself. The media will be all over them for a while. Staying confident and determined is necessary or everything could fall apart.

At Forrest, Phoebe is in the middle of a fashion shoot and her mind keeps wandering back to her kiss in the rain with Rick. The photographer tries to get Phoebe’s attention back on track. Saying anything she can think of to make her smile. Rick appears in the doorway and Phoebe is suddenly back on track and does a fabulous job with her photos. Even blowing kisses Rick’s way.

After the photographer leaves, Phoebe walks to Rick and goes in for a quick kiss. “Not here, someone might see.” Rick tells her. They hurry off to a more secluded location. They kiss each other passionately. Rick tells Phoebe He doesn’t like sneaking around and lying. Phoebe really believes that it’s not a big deal. If they can keep their secret until after Ridge and Brooke’s wedding, then they can let everyone know that they are still together. Kissing again, Rick wants to stop, but Phoebe says, “we are just kissing. We aren’t doing anything dangerous.”

The kissing continues.

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