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At Bridget’s, Rick still cannot believe that Brooke is asking him to end his interactions with Phoebe. Though they are not blood related, Ridge feels very strongly about this, Brooke tells him. “I feel strongly about Phoebe!” Rick shouts. Brooke asks him to think about what this could do to the family. The tension it would put between Phoebe and Ridge, and between Phoebe and Stephanie. She loves her family. A relationship with her would not work. She admits that she is worried about disrupting Hope and R.J’s home life. “They need their father. I need him.“ Rick says she is only saying what Ridge wants her to say. He’s the one with the problem. As Brooke argues Ridge’s position, she inadvertently compares Rick and Phoebe’s situation, to that of Rick and Amber. Rick is angry.

He tells Brooke there is no comparison between the two. Amber seduced him, he has not done anything of the kind with Phoebe. Rick reminds Brooke of all the times Ridge has hurt her. He tells her maybe he should be asking her to call things off with Ridge. Brooke tells Rick if he really wants Phoebe to be happy, he has to end things with her. It’s the only way.

At Brooke’s house, neither Ridge or Phoebe want to argue anymore. Ridge tells Phoebe that as her father, if he sees her making bad decisions he is going to step in. Phoebe tells him there is nothing wrong with the kiss she shared with Rick or with the way they connect. She tells Ridge she feels she is falling in love with Rick. Ridge tells her Brooke is over at Bridget’s talking to Rick, telling him he has to end it. Phoebe is shocked to hear that Brooke is now siding with her dad.

Ridge says Brooke was okay with them hanging out when she thought it was just a crush, but now she knows it’s serious and it can’t continue. Phoebe tells her father that it’s not going to change the way she and Rick feel for each other, that she is not going to walk away from her feelings for Rick.

Phoebe calls Rick while Brooke is still there. She asks if Brooke is there. Rick tells her his mom is upset because Ridge has her stressed. “She’s worried about Hope and R.J.” Phoebe is angry to hear that. Rick tells Phoebe He never meant to hurt her, but they just can’t do this anymore. Phoebe hangs up on Rick and runs upstairs.

Rick tells his mother she got what she wanted, she could leave now. “I want to be alone.”

Brooke gets home where Ridge is waiting. Brooke tells Ridge she talked to Rick. Ridge tells her he knows that Rick ended it. “Phoebe is not talking to me.” Brooke tells him Rick isn’t speaking to her either. Ridge adds that they will get over it soon. “It wont hurt for long. They will be okay.” Ridge says that someday, Rick and Phoebe will thank them for it.

In the bedroom, Ridge tells Brooke that Rick made the right choice. Phoebe is far too young to be involved with someone like Rick. Brooke says, “Rick did this for me.” Ridge tells her that she and Rick did the right thing. He said he respects Rick for the decision he made and he will tell him that. Brooke tells Ridge they could have lost each other, questioning the strength of their relationship. She feels she could have lost her chance with Ridge because of the kids. They are both grateful for the sacrifice Rick has made.

Phoebe pounds persistently on Bridget’s door. Rick answers finally. Phoebe wants to know why he really dumped her. She thinks it's only because Brooke told him to do so. Phoebe tells him that she told her dad earlier that she is falling in love with him. She says she knows that Rick has feelings for her. Rick tells her his mom is afraid of losing Ridge over this. “It’s not about them. It’s about us.” She says. She tells him that their kiss was not bad or wrong, it was amazing. She announces she will never forget it and she doesn’t feel he will either. As they start to get closer, Rick backs away. Phoebe appears hurt. She cannot believe he is giving in to their parents. He explains to her that making a life with Ridge, means everything to Brooke. Phoebe is hurt. “What about making one with me? That doesn’t mean anything?” She asks. Phoebe is so upset that Rick is breaking it off for his mother. She tells him she knows she loves him, and what they share is something special. Rick will not tell her she is right. He tells her he is sorry.

Phoebe runs out and drops to her knees in the sand, crying. Rick’s hand touches her shoulder, she looks at him. He helps her to her feet. As they stand there in the rain, they embrace and kiss each other.

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