B&B Thursday Update 2/22/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/22/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by nz85

Ridge doesn’t believe that Phoebe is in love with Rick. He thinks it is just some infatuation. She tells him she is in love with him and continues to argue the point that they are not related. Ridge tries to tell her that he knows what Rick is up too. “I was young once too.” He says Rick is just playing a game. Phoebe maintains that what they share is real, and there is nothing Ridge can do to keep them apart, she won’t let him, nor will she let anyone tell them it is wrong. Ridge tells Phoebe that Rick is a loser. Phoebe doesn’t want to hear anymore and leaves Brookes house.

Brooke overhears Ridge’s last statement. “ My son is not a loser.” She tells him. Ridge apologizes. He is sorry she heard what he said, but he’s not sorry he said it. Ridge tells Brooke that Rick and Phoebe kissed when they were out together. He also tells her that Phoebe thinks she is in love with Rick. He believes Rick is leading her on and he wants it to stop. He reminds Brooke that Phoebe has had to grow up way to fast with all that she has endured these past few months. She doesn’t need to be in any kind of relationship with an older, divorced man, especially one who is nearly her brother.

“They are not related.” Brooke says. Ridge tells Brooke that Rick has done nothing but cause problems for the two of them since he got back in town. Brooke tells him he is just looking out for her, and Ridge throws in, “ and I am looking out for Phoebe.”

Brooke tells Ridge that Rick and Phoebe are adults, they are going to do what they want no matter what. “Rick will probably leave soon anyway.”

Ridge is afraid Phoebe may leave with him if he does go. Ridge reminds Brooke what could happen if the press hears about this. It could ruin the business and the family. Ridge pleads with Brooke to help him. He asks her to talk to Rick, and tell him to back off before a lot of people get hurt.

At Nick’s house, Taylor tells him that it’s one thing to stop wearing the necklace Brooke gave him, but another to stop whatever feelings he has for her. Nick tells Taylor his feelings for Brooke are no different than hers for Ridge. Taylor says he is the father of her children, she will always feel something. They kiss and cuddle on the sofa. Taylor tells Nick she is happy her children are healthy and well adjusted. She has her drinking under control too. She feels her life is almost perfect. She is worried, however, that she cannot compete with all that Nick needs. She knows he wants a child of his own. She tells him he has lost so much already. Losing Nicole was devastating, and losing Hope was too. Nick admits he thinks of Hope as his own child. Taylor understands Nick’s desire to want children. She tells him he will find someone to share that experience with. Nick feels that it’s not in the cards for him. He tells Taylor she is a great mom, and if he had a child there is nothing that he wouldn’t do for that child. Taylor tells him he’s a good catch, but he reminds her Brooke didn’t feel that way. Taylor says, “ If I were in Brooke’s shoes… “

“If you were in Brooke’s shoes, you’d what?”

They kiss again.

Rick goes to Bridget’s house. he asks if it’s okay to crash there for the night. Bridget says it’s fine and wants to know what happened. Rick tells her that Ridge just kicked him out of Brooke’s house. She wants to know why he would do that. Rick says he’s being his usual egotistical self. Bridget tells him he can stay as long as he’d like.

“What is up with you and Ridge ? Is this about what’s happened to the company or is it because mom loves Ridge?”

Rick admits that he is frustrated that Brooke thinks Ridge is the only man in the world for her. Bridget tells him he has to accept it, or be quiet about it. Brooke knocks on the door.

Bridget leaves for the hospital. Rick tells Brooke he doesn’t want to talk to her about Ridge. He’s still upset that he kicked him out. Brooke asks Rick if he kissed Phoebe. He admits that they got caught up in the moment and they did kiss. She wants to know if he has feelings for Phoebe. He tells Brooke that he thinks Phoebe is cool, and they enjoy spending time together. There isn’t anything anyone can do about it if they want to be together, anyway.

Phoebe calls Rick to see where he is. He tells her he’s at Bridget’s. She can’t believe the way Ridge reacted earlier. Rick tells her, “that makes two of us.” He wants to know if Phoebe is okay. She says she is. Rick says he can’t talk right now, but will call her later.

Brooke asks if it was Phoebe, Rick admits it was.

Brooke tells Rick that she understands Ridge’s concerns and whatever is going on between the two of them has to stop now. Rick tells Brooke he is not a threat to Phoebe, but Brooke says things are too complicated, and asks him to think about calling things off now. She then tells Rick if he doesn’t break things off with Phoebe, it will drive a wedge between the family and she will not allow that. The future of the family depends on him breaking up with Phoebe.

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